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How Much Is an Electric Bicycle?

Updated On: January 7, 2024

How Much is an E Bike? Everyone Wants to Know

Owning an electric bicycle is a little different than having a traditional bike. Electric bikes require a bigger initial investment and have additional maintenance and charging costs. Despite the extra cost, riding an eBike is a great way to explore the outdoors or your local bike trail. Here are some more details about the costs of owning and operating an electric bike.

Average Costs

The average price to buy an electric bike is between $600 and $2,500. There are also many eBike models that are much more expensive than $1,000, with some costing as much as $8,000. The typical eBike rider will pay around $1,500 for their ride. There are also extra costs for eBike owners, such as maintenance and charging. The price you choose to pay for an electric bike will determine the quality, specs and also design of the electric bike you choose to purchase.

Electric Bike Types & Price Ranges

There are different types of electric bikes on the market, and the price you pay for your bike may be dependent on the style and purpose. But most importantly is the type of motor you buy, size of motor, size of battery and also style of bicycle. These elements are what will determine the price of the electric bike you purchase. The category of bike, like mountain, road, cruiser, or hybrid, aren't really the main factors that dictate the price of an ebike, it's the material the bike is made out of and also the specs. Here is a broad range of how you can expect to pay for an e bike.

Mountain E Bike - $1,000 - $15,000: This is a very broad range but there are cheap electric mountain bikes and very expensive mountain e bikes. Usually the brand of bike will have a major impact on the price. But there are mountain ebikes that have very large, powerful motors, 1,000 to 2,000 watts. Since mountain ebikes can be ridden off road, the specs don't have to comply with regulations for the streets and bike paths. This is why the motor sizes can be so much bigger. Also, mid drive mountain ebikes will be much more expensive than a rear hub motor ebike.

Road E Bike -$1,000 - $6,000: Most Road Ebikes will use a mid drive motor. When we talk about road e bikes we are talking racing style frames. A similar style bike that riders would ride in a road race. These style of ebikes tend to have a mid drive motor since it is more streamlined and has better weight distribution for a road bike. This makes them more expensive. Also, many have the battery integrated into the frame driving up the cost as well.

Cruiser E Bike - $700 - $3,000: Cruiser E Bikes will typically have a rear hub motor. The rear hub motor is perfect for riding on streets and trails and it's more affordable. For a typical cruiser electric bike you don't need to pay more than $1,500 on average. But there are some features that drive up the price. Like fat tires and beefer frames.

Electric Trike - $1,000 - $5,000: E trikes can feature either a mid drive motor or a front hub or rear hub motor. The price depends on the motor, battery size, but also the design. There are many shapes and sizes of electric tricycles. Fat tire trikes tend to be more expensive, cruiser e trikes tend to be more affordable. There are also folding e trikes as well. An average price of an electric tricycle would be approximately $1,600.

Expensive vs Cheap eBikes

The cost of your electric bike can be higher based on a few factors. The motor size, battery size, quality of the materials to build an eBike determine some of the pricing. Bike frames made from carbon or titanium will end up costing more due to their lightweight durability. Battery size is one of the biggest drivers of the cost of an electric bike. The bigger the bike the more expensive the battery. An ebike battery can actually cost anywhere from $300 - $1,500 depending on the size and type of cells on the inside. Samsung and LG are two name brand companies that make cells for electric bike batteries. Any batteries with these type cells will cost more than a brand without a name brand.

The motor size and brand will also impact the cost of an electric bike. Smaller motors will be less expensive and larger motors will be more expensive. But this isn't always the case, the brand of the motor will have a large impact. If the motor is made by Shimano or Bosch it will be much more expensive compared to a motor made by Bafang or any other off brand. It isn't necessary to buy a Shimano or Bosch motor, there are plenty of good ebike motors that don't have recognizable name brands. It really depends on the type of riding you plan to do.

The location of the motor can also impact cost. A mid drive motor, which is located in the middle of the bike will be more costly than a rear hub motor which is mounted on the rear wheel inside the hub. Mid drive motors produce more torque, making them more ideal for mountain bikes intended to climb hills. Rear hub motors are great for around town riding and climbing any hill on a road or path. If you don't need the extra torque to climb serious mountains then it is best to choose a rear hub motor. You'll save money and have more than enough power for your rides.

Maintenance & Electric Bike Charging Cost

Electric bike owners also have to figure in the cost of maintenance for their bicycles and charging. It’s recommended to get a tune-up every six months or 500 miles, which can cost about $75 to $120. New tires are around $30 apiece. The battery for an electric bike must also be replaced every 700 to 1,000 charges. This ranges in cost from $350 to more than $800. Charging costs for electricity also must be considered. For every 1,000 miles, charging may run from $1.28 to $4.28. 

It is recommended that owners of ebikes start to gain knowledge of how to do maintenance themselves. Electric bike brakes will require maintenance more frequently than a standard bike. Because riders travel at higher speeds on average than standard bike riders the brakes will wear down much quicker when engaged. As a result the brake pads may need to be replaced much more frequently. It is a simple task that can be done easily at home. Break pads are also very inexpensive and can be purchased online from many different online suppliers.

Electric Bike Warranties

One way you can lower your repair and maintenance costs throughout the life of your eBike is to purchase a model that has a strong manufacturer’s warranty. Some models come with a solid warranty that will cover the costs of replacing the vital components of the bike. Generally, most eBike companies offer a one to two-year comprehensive warranty for the bike’s components. Battery warranties may give you from one to three years of comprehensive coverage if the battery fails, and the motor may also come with a two-year warranty. It's important to choose a brand that offers a good warranty, it shows that they stand behind their product. Also, many ebike companies use proprietary components that only can be used on their ebike. As a result if something were to occur with your ebike down the road you may not be able to repair unless you go to the company you bought it from. It's important to check with the brand you are interested in buying your ebike from about their warranty.

Key Takeaways

If you want to invest in an electric bike, it’s best to go with a model that fits within your budget. Higher-priced bikes may have better quality, so if you can afford to pay a little more, it may be worth it to get consistency. Avoid buying the cheapest eBike on the market if you plan to use your electric bike on a regular basis.

Make plenty of room in your budget if you want to buy an eBike. Pay for the best bike you can afford and be sure to leave room in your wallet for charging and maintenance costs so your bike can continue to take you where you want to go.


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