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How Fast Can Fat Tire Bikes Go?

Updated On: May 1, 2023

There are many advantages to choosing a fat tire bike — a bike with tires twice as thick as standard tires. These bikes may be associated with off-roading and riding on snow and sand, but their stability and reliability make them great commuter bikes and eBikes as well. Here is a quick FAQ on these innovative and eye-catching bikes.

Do Fat Tire Bikes Go Faster Than Other Bikes?

Fat tire bikes are heavier because of the extra tire weight, but that doesn't always translate to less speed. The increased traction from more wheel space can make them faster uphill, and of course, they're much faster than other bikes on uneven terrain. You may have to pedal 10% harder on a manual fat tire bike, but you will make up for that in strength, torque and stability.

Fastest SixThreeZero Fat Tire eBikes

A motor negates the extra effort involved in powering a fat tire bike. These ebikes have great traction and can handle the bumps and pebbles of any commute, or even a detour through the park.

The fastest fat tire bikes in SixThreeZero's lineup are the two EVRYjourney 500W Fat Tire eBikes: unisex and women's. The women's bike is every bit as high-quality and fast as the unisex bike, but has ergonomic comfort features like a wider, more supported seat and a shorter frame.

The EVRYjourney is a great choice for those who want an electric bike but also want to traverse difficult terrain. It's also for you if you want to try commuting with an eBike but aren't sure about your bike riding skills, as the fat tires give a wider margin for error (literally).

The Three eBike Classifications

Curious about eBikes? Here are the three major classifications for eBike motors:

  1. Front Hub motors, where the motor is installed over the front wheel
  2. Mid-hub motors, installed in the middle of the bike
  3. Rear Hub motors, which are located over the back wheel

Mid-hub motors are more expensive and provide extra torque, but they may be too intense for an eBike beginner. Front hub motors are easy to control and spread the motor's power through the whole bike for less wear and tear on the frame. Rear hub motors give more power and traction.

How Do Fat Tire Bikes Go Fast?

Fat tire bikes go fast by having more wheel rubber in contact with the road. This friction powers the bike more quickly and with more stability than a standard bike, at the cost of extra pedaling or motor power.

Can a Fat Tire eBike Go As Fast as a Car?

Fat tire eBikes won't get you to highway speeds, but they can go as fast as a car cruising through a neighborhood. These bikes reach top speeds of 20-28 mph.

Is a Fat Tire eBike the Fastest Type of Bike?

In terms of raw speed, a standard tire eBike might be able to edge out a fat tire eBike because of its lighter overall weight. However, fat tire eBikes factor in durability and traction. Their tires are less likely to become damaged and they have more torque on hills, so over the long run and on multiple terrains, they may prove faster.

Does a Fat Tire eBike Go Fast Enough To Commute to Work?

A fat tire eBike is a great fit for a variety of commutes. One charge of the battery can power you over 20 miles with no pedaling at all or up to 40 miles with pedaling. Since an accepted American commuting distance is up to 50 miles, this puts one charge of an eBike squarely in range if it's recharged at work. Commuting on an eBike is also a better choice for your physical and mental health.

Fat tire bikes can achieve serious speed with extra utility and accessibility. Whether electric or manual, choose these sturdy and innovative bikes from SixThreeZero to revitalize the way you get around.


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