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How Electric Bikes Are Changing Active Travel

Updated On: June 7, 2023

More e-bikes are appearing on American roadways as they gain popularity. This allows a wider audience to access the active travel trend. Here we'll explore how the two industries can complement each other.

What Is Active Travel?

Active travel is moving from place to place under your own steam with actions such as pedaling, walking, running, or rowing. The trip may be commuting, running errands, or for pleasure. Many people tout the benefits of active travel, which include increased physical activity and lower carbon emissions.

Riding An Ebike Vs. Active Travel

Technically, riding an electric bike is not active travel since a battery at least partly powers it. Let's look at a few of the characteristics of each to better compare them:

Riding an Ebike

  • Uses pedaling and a battery-powered motor
  • Does not rely on a combustion engine
  • Requires access to a charger, especially for longer trips
  • Ideal for short trips and errands
  • Allows you access to areas a car cannot go
  • You can travel at relatively high speeds

Active Travel

  • Human-powered — does not use a motor
  • Encourages physical activity
  • Provides access to places not possible with a vehicle
  • No worrying about stopping for gas or charging
  • Travel can take longer than with other means

Why Is Riding An Ebike Best For Commuting?

Ebikes can travel up to about 30 miles per hour, so you can get to work quickly. That time decreases when you consider that you can use routes that might be too narrow or congested for a traditional vehicle. In addition, travel distance increases when you use pedal-assist, so you can extend your range by exercising on your way to and from the office.

Another benefit of e-bikes is that they are relatively light compared to other modes of transportation. This increases portability, so you can carry your bike into the office and ensure it is charged for the ride home.

Benefits Of Trading Active Travel For An Ebike

Active travel is an excellent industry. It encourages people to be more physically active, which promotes better fitness and health levels, while also assisting the environment. However, active travel is not for everyone. An electric bike is an excellent solution for individuals who cannot participate in the trend.

Like modes of active travel, e-bikes encourage physical activity. They also have a much lower carbon footprint than traditional modes of transportation. Charing is more accessible and does not require an expensive fast-charging station. A few benefits of choosing an e-bike over active travel include:

  • Faster travel times
  • Motor assistance for challenging areas or long (i.e., tiring) rides
  • Makes "active" travel accessible to more people

How Far Can You Travel On An Ebike?

E-bikes have to balance battery longevity with portability. As a result, many can only go limited distances on their own. However, pedaling increases your travel range by taking some of the strain off the motor. With our commuter bikes, you can realistically expect to go between 20 and 40 miles using pedal assist and about 20 miles on full power.

What is The Future of the Active Travel Business?

Active travel appears to be a long-term trend. Many local governments have encouraged active travel by widening pathways and designating bicycle lanes. Some places are even implementing projects to create car-free zones and reclaim streets for pedestrian plazas.

What Is The Future Of Ebikes?

Electric bikes are a newer feature in the active and eco-friendly travel category. They provide an excellent blend of physical activity and green power without compromising speed or maneuverability. A look at countries where they represent a large share of transportation provides myriad examples of how electric bikes can be incorporated into the American transportation system.

E-bikes combine many benefits of active travel with advantages like increased speed and battery motor assistance to improve accessibility. Explore e-bike options to find your perfect fit today.


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