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How Does sixthreezero Compare to Other Leading Brands?

In 2005, the sixthreezero team took their passion for bicycling and bicycles to the professional level. Once a hobby, and now a nearly two-decade-old venture for this Southern California company, sixthreezero had a vision of combining their love of bicycles and the beach culture of Hermosa Beach, California.

How did they do this? They focused on cruiser bicycles that made it easy to get exercise, run errands and enjoy the low-key atmosphere of their home area on boardwalks and other beachfront areas. As soon as they focused on this aspect of cycling culture, reveling in their youthful joys, they knew they had their brand approach.

The team knew people far beyond Southern California would love having a little taste of the culture in their garage or on their back porch.

The pop culture and romantic notes of sixthreezero bike culture has been well-received up and down the West Coast and across the country to the East Coast, as the team has used their bicycles to represent the fun and friendly cruiser culture. They didn't stop at run-of-the-mill cruiser bikes that just got the job done. They offered style, panache and designs cyclists hadn't seen before, and sixthreezero had a hunch they would love them.

The team wanted customers to wake up elated at the thought of hopping on their bicycles, plastering smiles on their faces, like the experience did for them every time.

Sixthreezero sounds like a lot of fun, but does the brand compare to other leading bicycle designers and sellers?

A Comparison of Various Leading Bike Brands to Sixthreezero

Let's look at various bicycle brands and sixthreezero to see how they all measure up to each other and which one offers you all the features and benefits you want from a bicycle.


Electric Bike Company (EBC) features bikes made in America, using the best local and global materials, designed to your specifications. With a specialization in designing and building electric cruiser bikes, EBC offers customers a broad range of options. For example, if you want to contribute to the design of your bike, here are some features where you can provide your input:

  • Select a frame from rugged or different standard models
  • Drivetrain
  • Battery capacity
  • Pre-installed accessories loaded onto the bike
  • The optimal color or color scheme and design or pattern
  • Suspension fork
  • Fenders
  • And much more

EBC wants you to become involved with every aspect of the bike design and building process to ensure your enjoyment, comfort and overall satisfaction.

The brand starts building your bike, loading all the electronics, controllers and connectors into the frame. They then move on to add hydraulic disk brakes and additional connectors ready to receive the various components.

The wheel building team is located in another area of the EBC factory, where they take on the hand-crafting task of building solid wheels for your e-bike. The company uses a combination of hand-lacing and robotic machine truing to build a sound and secure wheel.

What's more, you have more options when buying an electric bike, such as selecting your favorite spoke and rim color, so it makes sense to build their wheels locally to guarantee you receive the specifications you want without long wait times for returning the wheel to another location, then awaiting its return.

EBC offers e-bicycle enthusiasts high-quality bikes at a midline price of between $1,499-$2,299. They also offer limited warranties to protect your e-bike until you buy something to pick up where the manufacturer's warranty leaves off.

Here are some top EBC models to check out:

Model E

The Model E is the quintessential classic beach cruiser bike, featuring a classic step-thru frame and streamlined design. It's easy to see why this e-bike is so popular. The price tag is almost as attractive as the bicycle itself, at $1,799 for the three basic colors of red, white or black. For an additional $299, you can choose from a wide array of colors.

Model R

The "R" stands for rugged here, for sure. This tough bike offers true hybrid performance, making it fun to ride with an unparalleled experience. While the solid build is somewhat heavy, it offers a great-feeling ride. At $2,399, this is one of the high-end EBC bikes, but you're likely to enjoy it.

Accessories for EBC bikes include turbo switches, panniers, front baskets, bells and much more.

Finally, once you custom order your e-bike, you can pick it up locally or have it shipped to your front door, fully assembled.


Pedego is another electric bike company tucked away in Southern California. That isn't surprising when you consider that they also focus on cruiser-style bikes, but they do have their own unique twists in the marketplace. First, they offer pre-loved e-bikes and floor models. They also feature a rental and vacation cycling program, so you don't necessarily have to take the plunge to buy an e-bike without trying one first.

Here are some additional characteristics specific to Pedego:

  • 5-year warranty includes theft protection
  • 180 locally owned stores across the country
  • Long company history going back to 2008
  • Pedego bikes aren't cheap like those offered at big box stores--but they are built to last

Since 2008, Pedego has offered cycling customers state-of-the-art bicycle technology and lives by the philosophy of "you get what you pay for," so don't be surprised to find the company standing behind its pricing. They hire top bicycle technicians and use the best designs and materials, so they're fine with asking for a fair market price.

But they back up their bikes with prices starting at $1,995 and going up to $4,495 and over, depending on specifications and added accessories.

The high prices are why Pedego fearlessly offers a nearly unmatched 5-year warranty that includes theft protection. They know they are giving you their best product, and they know it's hard to spend that much money, no matter how good you know their product is, so they want to show you good faith that they believe in every bike that leaves their showroom floor or warehouse.

The 5-year warranty covers:

  • 5 year parts warranty, minus wear and tear
  • 5 year battery warranty or 3 years at 100%, and 2 years prorated
  • 5 year anti-theft protection when using a qualified lock
  • Lifetime frame warranty

But you probably want to know what types of bikes you can buy from Pedogo. Here are some top offerings:

  • City Commuter: Lite Edition. Starting at $2,295, this e-bike classic offers the perfect balance between value and style without a motor. This comfort bike was made just for you, literally. Submit the specifications you want, such as a basket, pannier or both, and much more. Choose from a step thru or classic edition, depending on how you like to hop on your bike to get ready to roll for fun, school, work or errands.
  • City Commuter. The e-bike version of the City Commuter i supercharged for more leisurely outings. You can get to work or school without worrying about a little sweat, then you can power home on your own steam. You get all the comfort and accessories and an added boost of power. It costs more, but if you plan to use your e-bike as your primary transportation mode or save wear and tear on your car and on fuel prices, you'll find it's worth it.

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes is a Canadian bike company and is one of North America's largest brands. Established in 2007, founder Mike Radenbaugh built his first e-bike to ride to school and back. He became fascinated with this cycling technology and wanted to find ways to improve his own machine. He started a business on his own, converting traditional, human-powered bicycles based on each person's needs and preferences.

Mike had a strong feeling that e-bikes would become a pivotal aspect of the future of transportation. He teamed up with his college roommate in 2015 to launch Rad Power Bikes, and they launched their brand with their first manufactured e-bike, the RadRover electric fat bike. They've focused on innovation, comfort and style ever since.

What's great about these bikes is that they are priced midline, but they are brimming with fun and innovation. Prices start at around $1,199 and go up to around $1,999 and higher, depending on the accessories and other features and specifications you request. Even better, you can take advantage of Rad Power Bikes' 14-day trial to see if the bike you choose is the best fit in every way. They also offer a 1-year warranty on issues outside of normal wear and tear.

  • RadExpand. The RadExpand is the newest addition to the Rad Power Bikes family, and it's one of the company's folding e-bike models. As a member of the fifth generation of Rad's folding e-bikes, the company wanted something lighter, so they somehow managed to create a bike five pounds lighter with fatter tires. It also comes with adjustable handlebars for a custom fit and a rear pannier rack.
  • RadRover 6 Plus. This is the latest edition of Rad's flagship fat tire bike. Rad Power Bikes wanted to offer you a next-level riding experience, featuring more uphill power and a custom gear-hub motor. You'll also love the improved stopping power and new high-performance hydraulic disc brakes. The semi-integrated battery pops in and out in a snap. The RadRover 6 Plus offers maximum comfort on top of all the rest.

While these bikes aren't shipped fully assembled, Rad provides detailed instructions, along with the anticipated degree of difficulty and tools needed listed clearly.

What Does Sixthreezero Offer That Their Competition Doesn't?

Now that you've learned more about a few of sixthreezero's competitors, you might want to see what sixthreezero offers.

First, sixthreezero cares about your entire experience, from when you visit the website and submit your order until long after you buy your favorite sixthreezero bike.

Here are some ways that sixthreezero goes above and beyond to enhance your bike buying and riding experience:

  • Custom Fitting. Bikes are not a one-size-fits-all purchase, and sixthreezero wants to ensure that you find the perfect bike size to suit your build, providing you with comfort every time you ride.
  • Free Shipping. Sixthreezero ships all bikes for free, anywhere nationwide.
  • Low-Key Assembly. Sixthreezero builds bikes up to 80% completion before shipping, so there isn't much left for you to do upon arrival. If you have any problem with the remaining 20%, sixthreezero's bike mechanics are available to help.
  • 30-Day Test Ride. So much for the 14-day test ride. Sixthreezero wants to give you a full 30 days to decide whether your bike is the perfect match.
  • Standard 1-Year Warranty for E-Bikes. While sixthreezero offers a forever warranty for standard bicycles, it offers a 1-year warranty for e-bikes.
  • A Broad Range of Standard and Electric Bikes. Sixthreezero loves traditional, human-powered bikes as much as e-bikes, and it shows. The company understands that plenty of pedal-pushing purists still exist, so they don't want to leave them in the dust. But they also want to power through to the future of biking with a huge inventory of e-bikes. Essentially, you can get anything you need at sixthreezero.
  • Varied Prices for Varied Budgets. Sixthreezero offers something at nearly any price point, starting in the $329 range for a standard bike through $2,199 for an electric bike.

Here are a few top sixthreezero e-bikes:

  • Around the Block 500W. This classic black electric cruiser will look sharp riding around town with its alluring curves. Better than that, it has the power you need to chug up hills and more. The motor lets you ride using pedal power, the motor or battery.
  • EVRYjourney 500W. This step-thru model cruiser bike comes in four pastel colors and features seven speeds. You'll love the ergonomically designed frame and power that lets you go on for miles and hours.

Those are only a few of the options available with sixthreezero. Additional bike styles include:

  • Hybrid
  • Beach cruiser
  • Commuter
  • Comfort
  • Tricycle
  • Fat tire
  • And more

Our team at sixthreezero concedes that there are a lot of quality brands providing excellent bikes, but we happen to love our broad range of affordable standard bikes and e-bikes. If you'd like more information about all that we offer and how we want to enhance your life as a cyclist, contact us today!


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