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Your Complete Guide to Picking the Right eBike In 2021

June 11, 2021

As the world slowly emerges from pandemic lockdowns, ebikes have increased in popularity. Commuters and recreational riders alike have caught on to the pleasure of riding an ebike. Manufacturers have responded by bringing to the 2021 ebikes market ever more makes and models to appeal to every rider's taste and style.

Choosing an eBike For Your Lifestyle

Electric bikes come in the same categories as conventional bikes, such as mountain, road, cruiser, cargo, and the like. So the first step in finding the right ebike for you is to recognize how you want to use it. If you're commuting to work a road bike or cruiser is a good choice. Choose a cargo bike for hauling groceries or library books. If you hit the trails on the weekends, a mountain bike is a great option.

In addition, ebikes are divided into general classes that indicate the level of motor assistance. Note that there are variations in these classes and not all ebikes fit neatly into one class or another.

1.     Class 1: The electric drive system on this bike is only activated through pedaling and is limited to a motor speed of 20 mph.

2.     Class 2: The electric drive system can be activated with a throttle trigger or through pedaling. The motor speed is limited to 20 mph alone and 28 mph with pedal assist.

3.     Class 3: The electric drive system can be activated through pedaling only and is limited to 28 mph.

These classes matter because there can be local regulations that restrict certain classes. For example, a town or municipality may not allow Class 3 ebikes on their streets. Some state or national parks may restrict certain ebike classes on their trails. Do your research before you buy.

A nice example of a Class 2 ebike is the EVRYjourney 500W. It's a comfortable cruiser with a 500 Watt motor that can go smoothly from pedal-assist to full electric mode with ease. 

eBikes With Innovative Features

Ebike technology is constantly evolving. This is great news for riders who love to take advantage of features that make the ride even more enjoyable. Some fun features to keep a lookout for include:

•      Speedometer: Know how fast you're traveling at a glance with a display mounted on your handlebars. You can also see which level of pedal-assist power you are using, as with the A/O Amelia 500W.

•      Throttle: If you are interested in a class 2 ebike, you'll want the throttle in a convenient location. Check out the AroundtheBlock 500W ebike with its extremely handy thumb trigger throttle. 

•      Fat Tires: Get a more comfortable ride on any surface, trail, road, or path. You'll love the tires on the EVRYjourney FATTIRE 500W.

2021 Electric Bike Upgrades & Trends

The biking world, in general, is always looking for ways to go faster, lighter, stronger. Ebikes are no exception to this trend. As the 2021 biking season rolls into high gear, be on the lookout for lighter, more powerful motors, stronger frames, and more carrying capacity.

Along these lines, the EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle fills a niche. Thanks to the generous wheel-base provided by the double rear axle, there is room for a large basket. Groceries, school books, and beach gear all fit into this carry-all. With the pedal-assist ride, you won't have to do all the work of lugging your gear.

In addition, you can expect accessories like panniers, bags, cup holders, and phone holders to make appearances throughout 2021. As always, you must ensure that any accessories are compatible with your particular eBike.

Visit your local bike shop or search online for all the exciting eBike options available to you.


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