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Your Complete Guide to Bike Trails & Rides in Jackson Hole

October 4, 2021

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is an excellent place to have fun and to enjoy some awesome scenery. The area is a great destination for outdoor adventures, including skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, rafting and of course biking. Bicyclists have an exciting choice of trails and rides that include everything from sweet paved trails to winding paths through the woods. Best of all, views of the iconic Grand Tetons and glimpses of the Snake River are always a possibility. 

5 Great Jackson Hole Rides To Do This Fall

The news is getting out that Jackson Hole is a wonderful place to ride a bike. An abundance of paved trails links the town to Teton Village, Moose and Grand Teton National Park. Also, well over 100 miles of mountain bike trails wind through the area. These pathways provide fun and adventure for families and adrenaline lovers:

  1. The paved pathway from Jackson Hole to Moose runs for 29 mostly flat miles with epic views of the Grand Tetons.
  2. The newer biking pathway from Moose to Jenny Lake takes riders along the base of the Tetons and to scenic Jenny Lake.
  3. The Teton Village to Wilson route is an 18-mile round trip route that includes a ride through a tunnel and views of the Snake River.
  4. For mountain bikers, the Cache Creek Road is an easy two-track dirt trail that begins just outside Jackson and connects to other trails.
  5. The Old Pass Road climbs from the nearby town of Wilson and connects to a network of mountain-biking trails.

Best Bikes To Ride Around Jackson Hole

At Sixthreezero, we have bikes for every rider and every situation. For riding in the Jackson Hole area, you can choose a bike that is good for tooling around town and checking out the shops and nearby green spaces. Or you can select a hybrid design that will allow you to tackle rougher surfaces such as dirt and gravel. Depending upon your riding preferences, here are some excellent bikes to consider this fall: 

  • The Paven'Trail model is a nice hybrid design perfect for paved pathways and the milder off-road routes
  • The EVRYjourney Fat Tire bike has four-inch tires and a bike frame designed for those who wish to push the limit
  • The ExploreyourRange model has seven speeds and the versatility to take riders through the streets and pathways of Jackson Hole
  • The RideInThePark 500W e-bike comes in both men and women's styles and is the ideal bike for leaving town and heading to Grand Teton National Park

Skills You Need for Mountain Biking

If you want to expand your biking horizons and try out mountain biking, the Jackson Hole area offers many scenic opportunities. Just remember that mountain biking is a different experience, especially if you take to hilly and winding trails. A strong sense of balance is one indispensable skill. You can easily develop this over time, but it doesn't always come quickly.

A higher level of alertness is also beneficial. As you switch from uphill to downhill and as you encounter obstacles in the manner of roots, rocks and sand, you need to focus intently on your riding. Finally, a strong core and arm and wrist muscles help you maneuver on challenging trails.

Grand Teton Bike Trails To Check Out

With the national park, you can find many excellent bike trails. You can road bike on all paved roads in the park as well as gravel roads such as Two Ocean Lake Road and Grassy Lake Road. Some areas within the park will be posted as off-limits for bikers, meaning they are essentially hiking trails.

Fall is a wonderful time to explore this beautiful area on two wheels. Contact Sixthreezero to find the best bike for your adventure.


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