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Gift Guide for Electric Bikes

Why Give an Electric Bike as a Holiday Gift?

Giving a loved one an electric bike offers them more than just an innovative type of bicycle. An electric bicycle also helps promote better physical and mental health.

Does a bike with a motor still promote fitness? Some folks wonder if they will get any exercise with an e-bike. After all, they could let the motor do all the work. The U.S. National Library of Health published a study that found people who rode electric bikes enjoyed almost as much exercise as people riding conventional bikes but did not feel as if they had to strain to get their workout. 

In other words, the NIH concluded that exercise doesn't have to hurt to help. With e-bikes, fitness can become fun, even for older or out-of-shape people. That's because people still pedal their e-bikes. The motor can assist pedaling to make it easier or even take over during long rides or rugged terrain. The power-assist features of an electric bike offer a chance to cycle further and more often.

These benefits explain why e-bikes have grown more popular for fitness, commuting, and touring. They don't just encourage exercise but also offer eco-friendly commuting, socializing, and sightseeing opportunities. That's why an electric bike can make the perfect holiday or birthday gift. More than just a present-- an e-bike can serve as a ticket to a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. 

Do Electric Bikes Make Good Winter Holiday Gifts?

Some folks associate biking with spring or summer activities, but it's almost always a good time to start using an electric bike. With a little more care and the right, high-quality e-bike, wintertime can offer as many opportunities to ride as summertime. Keep reading to learn about e-bikes that provide the best experience on days filled with rain, snow, or sun! 

Cold Weather Commuting 

SixThreeZero even offers specific recommendations for wintertime electric bikes that of course, also perform well when it's warm outside. Take a look at an excellent example.

Snow Cycling 

With proper maintenance and the right gear, these bikes can offer a great experience for year-round riding on typical surfaces. For a bit of fun in wintertime snow or beach time sand, consider one of the fat tire electric bikes from SixThreeZero.

Gifts for the Cyclist Who Already Has an Electric Bike 

Does a loved one already own an electric bicycle? Plenty of e-bike gear and accessories can make the ride more stylish and comfortable. The proper equipment makes an excellent gift for people who already own an e-bike. 

Electric Bike Cycling Apparel 

In warm or cool weather, the right cycling apparel can make a tremendous difference in ensuring comfort. For instance, 100-percent cotton shirts feel gentle against the skin and won't cause discomfort by clinging to the wrong places. SixThreeZero offers a variety of cotton cycling shirts and hooded sweatshirts, and these sensible choices provide style and comfort at the same time. 

Portable Chargers and Spare Batteries 

Most e-cyclists understand their bike's capacity and plan their travels according to the distance they can go between charges. These bikers may also strive to conserve power by peddling as much as possible or avoiding inclines. 

A couple of handy accessories can help extend the cycling range for longer trips or even overnight bike tours: 

  • Portable chargers: A portable charger may weigh less than a spare battery. Still, it takes more time to recharge the exhausted battery than to switch it out for a new one. A portable charger makes sense for planned breaks or even overnight stops. Some chargers might also help refresh other things, like lights or phones. 
  • Spare batteries: Cyclists might keep an extra battery on their bike rake or inside paniers. The battery will add to the load but offer a quick solution for dead or malfunctioning batteries on longer trips. At home or work, it's often convenient to charge a spare battery while using the other one. 

Add-On E-Bike Accessories 

Lots of add-on accessories can offer excellent value for a modest price. Some examples include: 

  • Bottle holders and bottles: As mentioned above, e-cyclists can still enjoy plenty of exercise. Even on cold days, they risk dehydration. Bottle holders can attach to the frame or handlebars. 
  • Phone holders: These days, many cyclists rely on phone apps for maps. A phone holder lets them use their phone for GPS, hands-free calls, and much more. 
  • Racks and bike trailers: Various bike racks and trailers help commuters carry work supplies, and shoppers can load up on groceries. Some bike trailers can even safely allow children to join the ride, and pet-friendly baskets let bikers travel with dogs. 

Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches 

Electronic wearables may make more sense than relying on a smartphone for many e-bikers. Many fitness trackers and smartwatches include onboard GPS and several apps for tracking progress. Various models also help bikers keep in touch with alerts or even the ability to make phone calls.

Electric Bike Winterizing and Safety Tips 

An electric bike could make the perfect winter holiday gift. Since most people aren't used to riding in colder weather and may not have developed much familiarity with e-bikes at all, it's good to understand some winterizing tips that can ensure a good experience. 

Cold-Weather Battery Tips 

The lithium-ion batteries used on most electric bikes don't perform as well when they're freezing. Expect slower rides and less range on chilly days. The battery and motor can run in freezing weather, but at the same time, batteries generally lose power 10 to 15 percent quicker than they do in warmer weather. Cold might also impact the motor's performance, so the bicycle may not run at its top speed. 

Some winterizing tips for the motor and battery include: 

  • Keep the battery above freezing when it's not in use. Warmer batteries will ensure better performance, a longer lifespan, and better charging. Many people store the bike's battery in the house when they're not using it to ride. For a commute to work, it's better to take the battery inside instead of leaving it outside in freezing temperatures. 
  • Charge the battery at above-freezing temperatures. 
  • Manufacturers make battery covers out of neoprene, which is a material often used to make wetsuits. These covers work on a similar principle to a wetsuit to help conserve heat. This insulation can extend the range and speed of batteries in cold weather. 
  • Some cold-weather e-cyclists use a simple heating pad, like the kind used to warm up hands, while they ride.

Practice Riding Without Power Over Different Terrain 

An e-bike's motor may allow speeds of 15 to 20MPH or even faster, and that's closer to the speed of scooters than typical bikes. Before using the motor on such terrain as snow or slush, practice handling the cycle at slower speeds and without power first. In addition, bicycle brakes may not function as efficiently in wet or freezing weather. Periodically test stopping times and allow more time for braking. 

Use Lights and Mirrors for Visibility 

Front and rear lights help ensure that drivers and other cyclists can see the bike when it's dark, foggy, or cloudy. Front lights also help the cyclist see their path, just like car headlights do for drivers. Lights can mount on the bike, and some helmets also come with lights. 

For the cyclist who appears to have already purchased all the basics, consider spoke lights. They make e-bikes even safer and more fun. Few cyclists ever regretted having too much visibility, but many have felt sorry that they did not have enough. 

Rear-view mirrors generally attach to the handlebars and function a lot like the side mirrors for cars and trucks. Rear-end crashes cause many accidents, and this mirror ensures the cyclist can see the car even if the driver doesn't spot the bike. They're inexpensive and could save a life. 

Buy and Use an Adequate Helmet 

Like seatbelts on cars, helmets offer essential protection against serious head injuries after a crash or fall. Most well-designed helmets include ventilation that makes them lighter and cooler on warm days, but this can make them uncomfortable to wear in cold weather. Either consider wearing a cap under the helmet or purchasing a helmet with adjustable vents. 

Otherwise, look for helmets rated for e-bikes, which means they meet higher standards than helmets only intended for traditional bicycles. Helmets may also come with various safety and comfort features, like onboard Bluetooth, digital lights, and high-tech safety liners.

Wear the Best Apparel for the Climate 

Riding will increase wind chill, so a chilly day will feel even colder as the wind strikes against faces and exposed hands. Consider investing in a balaclava, ski mask, or scarf to cover cheeks, ears, and other exposed parts of the face. The helmet should have a visor to protect the eyes and the upper part of the face. Riding gloves keep fingers warm and help prevent hand numbness because of the handlebar's vibration. 

Even More Holiday Gift Ideas for E-Bikers 

The suggestions above should generate plenty of holiday gift ideas for e-bike riders. In summary: 

  • Consider a durable, comfortable e-bike as the perfect gift for loved ones. The best choice of an e-bike may depend upon the rider's size, local environment, and likely preferences. SixThreeZero lets customers find the perfect e-bike online
  • Battery covers and warmers, chargers, and spare batteries can help ensure better performance and more convenience. 
  • The best helmets can offer protection from accidents and make rides more comfortable. Lights will improve both the rider's and other traffic's visibility. 
  • Suitable cycling apparel enhances safety, comfort, and style. Electronics and add-on accessories make e-bikes safer and more useful. 
  • Bike add-ons can ensure riders have all of the water, electronics, and companionship they need for their journeys.

Electronic bikes make biking more accessible for older or less-able people. When compared to traveling by car or even by scooter, they offer eco-friendly transportation. An electric bike can make exercise more fun for everybody and increase the cyclist's speed and range. Many folks use powered bicycles for recreation, commuting, shopping, social gatherings, and travel these days. The gift of an electric bike and the right gear can help improve fitness, mood, and even the natural environment.


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