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First Ebike Ride for Seniors | Exhilarating First Electric Bike Ride for Over 60 Riders

November 1, 2022

Mike: Hi, we're seniors and we're going to experience E-bikes and learn how to ride them for the very first time.

Hi, my name is Mike. I'm 68 years old. I'm 5'10-1/2". I've never ridden an E-bike, and the last time I rode a normal ordinary bike, I honestly don't even remember.

Allison: Hi, I'm Allison, and I'm 70. And I am 5'4-1/2", and shrinking. And I have never ridden an E-bike. And the last time I rode a regular bike was probably 20 years ago.

Armand: My name is Armand. I'm 76 years old, well, 76 and a half. And I've never ridden an E-bike before. I'm 5'6" tall, and the last time I rode a regular bike was maybe 25 years ago. Maybe.

Kelly: Hi, I'm Kelly, and I'm 5'3", and I'm almost 63. I have never ridden an E-bike before, so I'm really excited about this. The last time I was on a bicycle was probably 10 years ago, maybe?

Mike: So I'm here on the SixThreeZero EVRYjourney electric bike and...

500 watts, thank you. So we're going to start by just learning again or getting used to and comfortable with just riding a bike again without using the electronic component of the E-bike. We're just going to see how this goes. Here we go.

Allison: We'll try it for the first time. There you go. Woohoo.

Armand: Take care you don't kill anyone.

Mike: How are you doing? All right.

Allison: It does feel a little weird.

Mike: Hey. Brakes work. Which is always a plus.


There he goes. And he continues forever.

Mike: Negotiate a turn, and flip down. And here we go.

Allison: That's kind of a wide turn.

Mike: Breaking all land speed records.

Allison: I watch what he'll do to stop.

Mike: Hey, I missed you guys. How are you?

Allison: He made it.

Armand: Oh my goodness.

Kelly: He found the brakes stuck.

Mike: Yes.

Kelly: Ooh yay.

Mike: The eagle has landed.

Allison: Oh my God. Okay. I guess it is like riding a bike, you remember once you get on it, but... Oh my gosh. There we go. I'm not sure if I can turn around. Ahh. Wee.

Oh, this is fun. See if I can do this without it crashing. There we go. All right, this is fun. Wee.

I'm afraid I'll crash into you guys.

Oh, that was fun. It does come back to you as you start.

Kelly: Hi, again. I'm Kelly, and I'm going to try this without the electric stuff. So I'm going to do it with my own power. I have to lift the kickstand now. Okay, and I fit perfectly. I love the color. Here I go. Bye.

Okay. Oh yeah, I think I got it. Yay, hi. Oh, no, go away, because I don't know how to stop. Hold on. Mr. Truck get out of my way, I'm busy. Oh my gosh. Okay. Oh my God, this is so fun. I can even pedal backward to rest my legs. This is really cool. It feels good too. It's good exercise. Hi. Hey, this is really cool. I love it (singing).

Are you there? Backpedaling. Now the big question is, can I get back to my little spot?

Oh, no, not yet. I got to try this again. I'll go this way. Well, it takes wider turns. I'm afraid to turn too sharp because I might fall, but I have a helmet, right? These will protect my head. Okay, here I come right back into my parking spot.

Armand: My name is Armand and I'm 76 years old. I haven't ridden a bike in 20 years. I'm going to attempt to keep this thing upright.

It's SixThreeZero 500-watt. Let's go have some fun. Where's the pedal? Where's the pedal? Where's the pedal? Oh my god, I'm having fun.

Allison: You're going to hurt yourself.

Armand: Wait a minute, I'm so used to the electric. I got it. I got it.

Kelly: He's doing that on purpose.

Mike: He's coming back.

Allison: Armand, he hasn't really ridden a bike.

Armand: I'm going to make this.

Kelly: It's making me nervous.

Allison: It was a little short ...

Kelly: He did great, he bolted. I thought you were.... Yeah, he followed your expressions and everything. It was great.

Armand: (singing) Why am I turning it the wrong Way?

Mike: I'm going to engage the power assist. I'm going to press the on button and then, I'm going to keep it at level one. Maybe go up to level two and we'll see how that goes. Woo, that's assisting. That's for sure. Pedal assist is amazing actually. As soon as you start pedaling again, it just kicks in and gives you a boost. It's awesome. Pedal assist, that's the way to go.

Yeah. This pedal assist is pretty amazing. You can be coasting like this, but then you start pedaling and the assist kicks in and you just get a big boost.

Allison: You didn't fall over.

Mike: And here we are.

Allison: Okay, so now's my turn. I'm going to try this. Turn on.

Mike: You got to hold it in.

Allison: Okay. So it's on.

Mike: Keep it on one.

Allison: And keep it on one.

Mike: And be ready when you can start pedaling it.

Allison: Okay. All right, here we go. Wow, it really does. That's great. Oh my gosh, this is fun.

Well, this is great. Really kicks in. Listen, I love this. See if I can turn around without killing anybody. All right, There we go. Well, that was great.

Mike: Was I right?

Allison: Yeah, that was fun.

Kelly: Okay, so now I'm going to do the pedal assist. So I have to turn it on. So I hold this button in the middle down, pick it up, and it says zero miles per hour, but it has a one. So that's the first-level pedal assist, which is probably all I need. Okay, here I go. Oh my God, that was cool. What? Don't expect that. Oh my gosh. I think I should have had some instructions on how to use the brakes. Oh my goodness. Okay, I'm slowing down. Wow, this is so cool. I don't think I'm going up to two though. One is good enough for me. But if I stop pedaling, then the pedal assist stops working. So I'm just going to not pedal so I can get back into my parking spot. Pretty cool. Oh, wait, if I don't, I don't want to... And here I am. I did it.

Mike: So now we're going to try using Pedal Assist using the throttle, especially with taking off. And we'll see how that goes. Here we go. Beautiful.

Allison: Slow down, you can have the throttles?

Mike: What's that?

Allison: So you just slow down evenly.

Mike: Well, you just let it go. And then I turned off Pedal Assist to get back in here.

Allison: All right. So you want me to attempt to do this? Oh, wee. Oh, that's great. This is great. Oh yeah, this is easier, with a throttle. Also, get up going faster. Oh yeah, you can kind of go Wee.

Oh yeah, that's easier to use. I think.

Yeah, it's easier to use the throttle.

Kelly: All right, so let's see. I'm going to practice using the throttle. I still have my pedal assist on. Yeah, here we go.

Okay, I got it. Now that I don't understand. Oh, because I'm going six miles per hour. I don't quite understand what I'm doing with the throttle. I need practice. Oh yeah, I see. The throttle will slow me down. Okay, I know they told me that. But until you do it, it's... You have to do it. Okay. Throttle. And I guess I need to hit the brake. Don't hit the people.

Armand: My name's Armand and I was having trouble balancing on the other bike. I had vertigo a couple of years ago and that's sort of messed up my balance a little bit. Not that I have vertigo now, but it's just sort of, I feel like I'm back in my vertigo stage. Let's see what I can do with three wheels.

Why don't I want to turn? Oh my God, this could be crazy.

CREW: Are you ready? On the brake, on the brake. We're good.

Armand: Ice cream. Do you want your ice cream? I feel like the ice cream man. Ice cream. Ice cream popsicles, ice cream popsicles.

Allison: I'll take one.

Kelly: And now I'll send you out grocery shopping for me. Go get my groceries.

Armand: I made it. I got some spinach from the grocery store. I like this. Okay, well I'm going to try it now. We'll see how it goes. It's set up in number two here. So I'm going to bring it back down to one,

CREW: Try it in two just because of how much... Yeah.

Armand: Okay. And if I come back with groceries, I do. If I don't, I don't. But let's try this again. 1, 2, 3.

Okay. Whoa, that feels good. I'm just trying to keep it on the road.

CREW: Okay. Ready with your brakes. Here you go.

Armand: The truck.

CREW: Do you feel the pedal assist?

Armand: Yeah.

CREW: Do you like it? Is it helping?

Armand: It does. It scares me at first. Scares me because it's really moving. I could see where this would be nice and easy when you're going along somewhere.

This is one hell of a bike. Really is. I like this.

Mike: So we all together here, the four of us just learned for the first time, had our first experience with these E-bikes. I don't know if I'm talking for everyone here, but if you're like me and you haven't been on a bike in decades, pretty amazing. Especially the pedal assists because I could see myself or anybody you've been riding all day or for a long time, or anytime you get tired or you just need a little boost, boom, click in and gives you a big jolt of fake energy. And there you go. You guys?

Allison: I wish I could do that with my body.

Armand: That's right.

Kelly: I like that fake energy idea, yeah. No, I had a fabulous time. I really like this. And I know when I ride a regular bicycle, I can only go for so long and I'm tired. But I think with I have this power assist, I could take longer trips and maybe go all the way to my friend's house, and the power and the motor that I had for mine, I think it was all that I need. What did they say it was? 500? Well, I don't want it any more than that because what I have is perfect for me. I don't need any more power, but it's great. It is a great experience. Okay Armand, tell us your story.

Armand: Hello, my name is Armand and I'm 76 in age. I tried that bike but not having ridden a bike in probably 35 years, plus or minus, I found I was having difficulty with my balance because I had been through some vertigo and all this other stuff. But again, on this three-wheel and it's perfect. I can just see this going down to the store, going to get groceries. I really liked it and I liked the assist. It was a little scary at first and once it took over and I learned where the brake was, it was great. I like this bike.

Kelly: It looks good on you.

Allison: I love it because I like to ride along the boardwalk along the beach and I go with my grandkids and they like to ride really fast and this time I can keep up with them and I won't tell them how. They'll just think I'm really good and really fast Grandma.

Mike: It's a fake power.

Allison: It's a fake power. I love it. It's great.

Mike: So thanks from all of us for coming along with us on our first ride, our first experience with these E-bikes. And honestly, I think I speak for all of us again. You should look into it. They're pretty cool. Pretty cool.

Allison: And raise your grandkids.

Mike: There you go.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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