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Fat Tire Bike Buying Guide 2022

Updated On: January 24, 2022

Just contemplating the purchase of a new fat tire bike is an exciting proposition. These bikes are built for adventure and they allow you to power through surfaces that other bikes will not be able to handle. Even deep sand and inches of snow are nothing more than pathways for your bike. Now more than ever, you have a large selection of bikes to choose from no matter what your riding goals are for the upcoming year. 

What Makes a Fat Tire Different?

You can tell right away that a bike with fat tires is a game-changer. The tires can be as wide as 4", giving them a somewhat aggressive appearance. They are not necessarily engineered for speed and for going long distances but are made to tackle tough riding surfaces.

Nonetheless, they also do well on paved surfaces so long as your primary goals do not include distance or speed. Differences between fat tire bikes and more traditional bikes have a lot to do with attitude:

  • They are tough and durable
  • They often have a heavier frame
  • They can tackle just about any terrain, including ice and snow
  • They are built for power instead of speed but can go 15 miles an hour
  • They give the rider more control
  • They can handle roots, rocks and ruts

If you wonder what are fat tire bikes for, their design gives you several clues. They are meant to go places where other bikes will have difficulty handling.

Where Can You Find a Fat Tire Bike?

If you are looking for fat tire bikes for sale, you can peruse a good selection at sixthreezero. You can find quality models in both traditional and electric bike styles. Ordering directly from sixthreezero is a good option and allows you to get a bike shipped to you promptly. From there, you can put the bike together yourself or take the bike to your local mechanic.

Shopping online enables you to take your time to look through available models and their features:

Using online tools, you can narrow your search for the bike that matches your lifestyle. You can also customize your fit and bike features for complete satisfaction.

Things To Look for in an Entry Level Fat Tire Bike

Finding the perfect fat tire bicycle for you comes down to several questions. These include issues such as where you plan to ride and what type of riding you hope to engage in. Your first decision might cover whether or not you want an electric bike. These give you an added power boost when you need it, assisting you on hill climbs and helping you make it home on longer outings.

A traditional bike has advantages too. They are lighter and more mobile, enabling you to transport them to distant trailheads. They also are great for attaining maximum fitness levels. Other features to consider include the comfort of the frame, the number of speeds and the ability to carry extra gear.

How much are fat tire bikes? The cost ranges from as little as $700 for a traditional bike to as much as $2400 for electric models. Now is the time to begin your search for the ideal bike for 2022.


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