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Everything You Need to Know About Step-Through Bicycles

September 14, 2021

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Wanted to talk to you today about a step-through bike or a step-through frame. Step-through women's bike, step-through men's bike. The idea of a step-through, pretty cut and dry is that you can step through the frame. So behind me here, I have an example of one of our step-through bikes, which is the RideInThePark women's edition. So you can see in a step-through bike the idea is just that the rider doesn't have to lift their leg and swing it over some high bar, which makes it much easier to mount and dismount the bike. So you can see right here, you just have to step through. Literally, you can straddle the bike and then get on and sit on the seat.

So it's really great for a couple of reasons. One, this type of bike was developed a long time ago, late 18 hundreds, early 19 hundreds with the idea that when women were wearing skirts, they could get on and off their bikes without having to lift their leg and obviously show more than they'd like to. So in this day and age women don't wear dresses quite as much, women wear pants, the same as men, but the traditional design has stayed with us. So it's a very classy, elegant design. It's a very Euro look but aside from that, it's very practical.

The other benefit is someone that may have very short legs and you have trouble getting on and off the bike, a step-through frame is a great idea. It's very easy to step-through, sit down, get on, get off. In addition, for someone that's just a little bit shorter in general, the step-through is a great option or for anybody that has balance issues or is not comfortable having to lift their leg, again to mount or dismount, and typically step-through frames tend to be popular for a lot of riders, 55 and over. Someone that would rather be a little bit closer to the ground, or when you stop, it's a little bit easier to straddle the frame of the bike. If the bar is really high, getting off the bike and straddling the frame can be very difficult.

So typically you do see step-through bikes, more common for women. However, more bikes are becoming unisex with the step-through frame. A lot of men are preferring to have a bike that's easy to get on and off. They don't need the bar to be super high. So we have some bikes that actually could go unisex. The EVRYjourney for instance has a couple of colors like the Navy. It's a step-through frame as well. Men or women could really ride that. We actually are now selling to a lot of men that prefer to be riding a step-through bike.

So yeah, if being low on the ground or you have short legs or you want to ease on, on, and off a step-through bike would be a great option for you. So don't forget, you can check out some of ours, the RideInThePark in the park, the BodyEase is another great step-through we have, again, there's a women's version or we call it a women's version, but really can be unisex. The frame is not particular to any gender. So, take a look, go to shop, check out our bikes. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us or email us or reach us by phone (310) 982-2877 and don't forget when you're browsing our site, enter your height and your weight it will tell you which bikes are a good fit for your body type. And also remember we have a 365-day return policy. So if you get your bike and you hate it, you can always send it back. Our goal at sixthreezero is to ensure that you love your ride.


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