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Environmentally Friendly Bike Guide 2022: Where to Find the Best E-Bikes

November 1, 2021

A bike that offers riders the option to use pedal power or a rechargeable battery and electric motor is more environmentally friendly than any gas-powered cycle. Find out more about new e-bike models from Sixthreezero that are available in 2022. From the hybrid EVRYjourney NEW 500W with a long-lasting external 500 watt hour battery to the latest EVRYjourney Internal Battery 250W models, here is a guide to the best eco-friendly ebikes. 

Do E-Bikes Pollute?

E-bikes do not directly emit pollution. The production of components and the sources of energy used to charge a battery are responsible for the only pollution associated with e-bikes. Charging e-bike batteries with renewable energy can minimize the environmental consequences of this mode of transportation.

Gas-powered bikes and other vehicles that have internal combustion engines release carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapor and oxygen into the air as well as contaminants from incomplete combustion or excessive temperatures. These compounds include carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from unburnt fuel and may be accompanied by nitrous oxides and soot. E-bikes are much more eco-friendly than gas-powered cycles.

Are E-Bike Batteries Sustainable?

Sixthreezero e-bikes are powered by lithium-ion batteries. While these batteries can be recycled, the production process poses significant sustainability challenges. One or two batteries can meet the riding range needs of most e-bike owners. A fully charged 250W battery has a range of 15 miles on full electric power or 30 miles in pedal assistance mode. A second battery can increase your range up to 60 miles. An 500W e-bike has a 20 mile full electric and 30-mile pedal assistance range, and a second battery can raise the range to 60 miles.

Most e-bike riders can meet their needs with regard to riding range with just one or two Li-Ion batteries. Following battery usage, charging and storage instructions goes a long way toward prolonging the operational life of the batteries that power an e-bike. Improvements in battery technology could mitigate the environmental effects of the high volume of production necessary for the many devices and vehicles powered by Li-Ion batteries.

Top 3 E-Bikes for Environmentally Friendly Work Commutes

The Sixthreezero Reach your Destination 500W is one of the best e-bikes to ride on a commute. This seven speed hybrid bike provides a smooth ride on paved terrain and trails. The 500W rack-mounted battery and electric motor reach speeds up to 28 mph and this e-bike model can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge. 

The A/O Maya 500W is another good choice for cyclist commuters. This e-bike with a comfortable step-through frame is made of lightweight aluminum and features click-on attachment points for easy customization. An EVRYjourney NEW 500W hybrid bike has an ergonomic design, a 500W rear hub drive motor and comes in colorways that are trending for 2022. 

How do Bicycles Affect the Environment?

The only environmental consequence of standard bicycles or e-bikes ridden on pedal power stems from the production of the bike. Maintaining your ride is the best way to reduce your “tire print.” E-bikes also involve the production of Li-Ion batteries, electric motors and the sources of electricity that you use to recharge the battery.

E-bikes are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation. These motorized bikes travel faster than manual bikes and have less environmental impact than electric cars. Choose from beach cruiser, comfort, commuter or hybrid bikes with electric motors. E-bikes with 500W batteries and motors will travel farther and reach higher powered speeds than 250W models. Riding an e-bike for recreation and transportation can be a sound ecological decision in 2022 and for years to come.


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