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Electric Tricycle Review from Senior Over 60 Rider

Hi. Good morning, everyone. I'm Sherrie, and this is my riding companion. This is Sophie. My husband normally rides with us every single day, except he's working the camera today. I got my bike from sixthreezero several months ago, and I love it, and almost every day, my husband and I go out for a 10-mile ride. It is so easy, and it is just such a pleasure to ride. And just for comparison's sake, I'm over 60. I'm five-foot-two, and I'm 130 pounds.

And I just wanted to show you just how easy this bike is. To charge it, I never charge it out front, but I don't want you to see my messy garage. So to charge it, you just unplug it, and then I leave my charger plugged in, in the garage. And then when I want to go out for a ride, there's a little button on the side. You don't have to see it. You just push it. Very simple. I can even find it just by feel. And then I put a little thing on here that comes with the bike, and it has numbers from zero to five.

Zero means I'm not having any assist, and it's all of my natural strength in my body powering it. Because I'm over 60, and it's very hilly here in North Carolina, I don't use that mode. So I always start in one. So now, on the one is what I do most of my rides on. As I start to go uphill, I'll hit two, and then rarely, but occasionally, if it's a steep hill, I'll use a three. It goes up to five. Goodness gracious, I can go downhill in a one on this thing and go about 25 miles an hour. I personally wouldn't recommend going down any hills over anything over one.

Over here, my beautiful leather handles. But let me just tell you: Every day, when we go for a ride, somebody stops me. We live in a senior community. They stop me, and they ask, "Where did you get your bike?" And I always tell them, "sixthreezero." The customer service is fantastic, and I just love all the accessories. They let you customize everything, which is wonderful. And the great thing about riding a bike is you really don't need to get a yoga mat or weights, any extra equipment. You just grab a water. You get a little plastic cup. You share it with your dog, and that's about it.

I love the accessories. I've got the lights. I've got one here in the back. I've got a custom cover being made by a wonderful gal. And see, that's going to match my beautiful bike. The only thing I did, and I didn't modify the bike at all, is I did put on a gel seat because I am over 60. You can never have too much padding. But I'll tell you: This bike seat is just very beautiful. It's leather. It matches the hand grips, and it's super comfortable.

You might think that the bell that I put on it as an option is frivolous, but I'll tell you: When my husband and I are riding together, he's hard of hearing. Senior ears again. And when I want to get his attention and talk to him, I just ring the bell, and he knows that he needs to come back because he's usually ahead of me and has to turn around. And that's it.

I do ride with safety. I've got my perfect sixthreezero bike helmet, which I love, and it coordinates with my bike. But it is very sunny out today, and just for demonstrative purposes only, I'm not going to wear the helmet right now, while I demonstrate it. I have skin issues, so I will go ahead and just make sure my neck is covered. Again, I normally just ride with my helmet, so I'm very safe. But to protect myself in the sun today, because it's very warm and it's very sunny. And the great thing is, even when it's hot out, when you're on your bicycle every day, you've got a natural breeze that you create.

You can see that getting on this bike was very easy for me now. Right now, I can just push the throttle, which is right here. See, I don't have to pedal at all. That's an option, and the great thing is about with an electric bicycle, at my age, I don't have to say to myself or to my husband, "Gee, how far are we going to go before we turn around?" I know that if I ever run into trouble and I'm exhausted, which has not happened yet, but it's just nice to know that I can choose this option with just pushing the throttle, and it'll take me where I need to go. So that way, we can go longer and get healthier.

And believe me, you can get into shape because once you adjust these gears, you can make this as hard or as easy to pedal as you want. So why don't you follow me, just real quick, while I go down to the road? And you'll see how easy this thing is. And yes, I get lots of compliments about my dog. You have to excuse me. I just want to cover my face a little bit. And here I go.

I'm still not using any [inaudible 00:04:28] power. I need to pedal. I've got my brake. I don't want to be crazy going over there. Now, look at this. I can just make a little quick turn. Look at that. I'm not doing anything. This is in one, and now I'm even braking because it's going a little too fast. It already says I'm going eight miles an hour. Can you imagine how fast I could go if I were in five? That shows you just how great it is when you go on a hill with this thing. So I'll start off, and now, it's under my own power.

I love using my mirrors. I can see all the cars behind me. The wind is just blowing, and this 90-degree day feels like 60 degrees when you're out here riding. I can't tell you enough how much I love this sixthreezero bike. I hope that you'll take into account that you can be any size, any age. This is a perfect bike for you, and my companion especially loves it. You see, I haven't even been down the street for a second, and she's already smiling with her glasses on. Bye-bye. Have a nice day. Happy riding.


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