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Electric Bikes vs. Normal Bikes: Which Is Better for Your Work Commute?

November 1, 2021

If you have been thinking about biking to work, you aren't the only one. Millions of people around the world do so each day, with more people joining the ranks all the time. Biking to work benefits your health, your wallet, and the environment. The hard part is deciding whether you want to commute using an electric bike or a traditional one. 

3 Reasons Commuters Should Consider an E-Bike

There are several reasons commuters should consider electric bikes. Perhaps the biggest reason is that an e-bike makes it easier to commute farther. If you live on one side of the city but work on the other, using a traditional bike to commute may be too much work. You'll either need to leave sooner and spend more time pedaling or supplement the ride with public transportation options. E-bikes are an easier ride because they feature pedal-assist options, meaning you can ride farther and faster.

Traditional bikes also cause you to sweat more, which isn't usually very sightly when you're heading into work. If you use an electric bike for your commute, you spend less time actively pedaling, which means you're more likely to stay cool and arrive to work collected, even on hotter days.

Of course, biking to work saves money as well. Fuel prices are continuously on the rise and public transportation is often crowded and still expensive. What you spend upfront on an e-bike pays for itself quickly when you realize how much money you'll save on fuel, ridesharing, or other public transportation options. 

Which Bicycle Is Best for Daily Commuting?

There are dozens of e-bike options on the market. Finding the right one to meet your needs is essential for a comfortable, easy daily commute. Consider the handlebar and upright sitting position first. Sitting upright while riding helps to keep your back straight, which will be especially helpful if you aren't a regular rider. It also makes it easier for you to see where you're going and where other traffic is on the road, plus makes the overall ride more enjoyable. 

Think about the bike's frame next. Many city commuters prefer foldable bikes, especially if they also take public transportation at times. Foldable frames are easier to carry, take up less space in cars or on trains, and makes it easier to store if you don't have access to a bike rack while you're working.

Finally, consider the wheel options. Foldable bikes often have smaller wheels, which is also helpful if you commute during times with heavy traffic. However, smaller wheels mean more pedaling if you don't want to rely solely on battery power, which can be tiresome if your commute is long. 

Are E-Bikes Good Exercise or Simply Convenient Transportation?

Riding e-bikes are healthy and convenient! Even if you aren't actively pedaling during the entire commute, you're still doing more physical exercise than you would be if you were driving or taking public transportation. Biking is especially good for heart health and weight management. It's also a great choice for those who want to gain strength and flexibility, hope to improve coordination, and want to decrease stress levels. 

Electric Bikes vs. Normal Bike Speeds

E-bike riders in New York City often travel up to 30 miles per hour through Central Park. Average riders travel an average of 15 miles per hour when commuting and 8.3 miles per hour when riding leisurely. By comparison, people riding traditional bikes may only go 6-10 miles per hour since they have to pedal continuously. 

Regardless of which type of bike you want to purchase, always do so from a reputable dealer to insure the safety and integrity of your bike. Remember to ride safely!


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