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Electric Bikes for Women: Colorful and Easy to Love

September 14, 2021

sixthreezero does now offer electric bikes for women. I am really excited to say that. And there were a lot of different factors that went into us choosing that. Number one is the change in the American culture of using bicycles for transportation. So there's a lot of things happening in the US. Number one is a lot of bike lanes are being put in all over the country. And basically, the climate here is changing in terms of how bikes are being used for transportation. 10, 15 years ago, bikes weren't being used nearly as much today for transportation and in particular now, e-bikes. So electric bike shares are popping up in cities where people can rent electric bikes for the day and take them around the city and put them back when they're done using them.

So with all these changes, we knew that we needed to get into the market of having electric bikes for women. And in particular, we chose women because we already have a very strong contingency of female riders and we wanted to be a company focused on bringing an electric bike to women that are geared for women. So we've come out with two models, our Around the Block and our EVRYjourney, which are now available in electric versions, the 250 watts and a 500 watt, both the Around the Block and the EVRYjourney. And these bikes are suited for the woman rider, from the step-through frame to the comfort, to the ease and the on and off. It's something that would be great for any woman who wants to ride 10 plus miles on a bike but doesn't want to have to power it herself that whole distance. And that was another reason why we got into making electric bikes for women because more and more women are starting to ride bikes specifically in our segment of recreational lifestyle.

So we wanted to be one of the important players in bringing electric bikes to this segment for women. It's something where I think more and more people are commuting in general, more and more women are commuting in general. So having an electric motor on it is going to make it much easier and simpler for any working woman that wants to get to and from work or anyone who wants to run an errand. So really, two of the biggest reasons is more women are riding bikes, period. More women are riding electric bikes, and there's more opportunity and more safety legislation being put in place for people to ride bikes.

sixthreezero electric bikes for women differ from the normal sixthreezero bikes for women for one simple reason, which I think most everyone knows, is because it has a motor on it. So, our design philosophy with our electric bikes for women at sixthreezero has been, "How do we keep our same tried and true best-selling female models while just making them electric, but not making the electric part of the bike overshadow the simplicity and design of our models?" So we've tried to integrate the motors and the batteries into the bike while still keeping the same design that our customer base has loved throughout the years. So when you look at the models that we have in electric versions for women, the Around the Block and the EVRYjourney, the only difference between those is going to be the motor and the battery. And the motor you won't even necessarily notice because it's integrated into the rear wheel. So it's something where if you didn't really know, you might even overlook it.

Now, the great thing is, is on the electric version, you can do both. You can paddle like a normal bike, not use the motor at all, or you can kick on the motor when you see fit and you can add a little throttle. You can either do full throttle or you can pedal and get motor assist. So that's the biggest difference, but the similarity is we're using bike frames and models that have already existed in our lineup and we're just adding motors to make them even more and more versatile and be able to go higher speeds and longer distances.

sixthreezero can help a woman looking for an electric bike in a lot of ways. I think number one, our goal here is to truly find the best bicycle for any woman looking for a bicycle. And what we're going to first do is understand what's your use case? What are you looking to do with this bike? And it's possible that some women thinking they're in the market for an electric bike may not need an electric bike at all. So our job is going to be qualifying each woman rider for which bike is really right for them. So we're going to ask a lot of questions. We're going to find out where are you going to ride? How fast do you want to ride? How frequently do you ride? The beauty of sixthreezero now offering their full line from single-speed, three-speed, seven-speed, 21 speed, all the way up to electric, is we really have a huge variety, which allows us to find the right gear or motor for each rider.

So whether or not you even want to purchase a sixthreezero, we're happy to be a resource for anyone to answer the right questions and make sure we can guide people in the right direction regarding electric motors. So we can be helpful, number one, to sift through all of the electric bike components and understanding battery types, motor sizes, how they fit, how long they need to charge, how long the charges will last, how far you can ride on one charge, things of those nature. There's a lot of questions that go into really uncovering which bike and which electric bike for women is right for each rider. So we're here as a resource, again, whether or not you buy a sixthreezero or not, please feel free to reach out, ask as many questions as you want, and it will help you make the right decision.


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