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Electric Bikes for Every Type of Ride

Updated On: June 7, 2023

Ebikes are becoming increasingly popular. Because of consumer interests, many manufacturers are creating new styles of ebikes, from beach cruisers to gravel riders. With the variety now available, consumers need to understand the specific benefits or uses of different models.

What Is an Ebike Best Used for?

Ebikes are versatile bicycles that give riders extra support. An electric bike includes a motor that can bolster the rider's peddle action or provide a full-throttle experience.

The extra power can help riders speed up on flat or level terrain and give an extra push for uphill treks. The amount of assistance a rider receives depends on the specifications of the e-bike and its motor.

Ebikes are used for commuting and leisure activities. With the bicycles growing in popularity, some cycling venues sponsor races and similar activities.

Also, ebikes are excellent options for people with limited mobility and flexibility. You can purchase trikes and step-through options.

What Are Fat Tire Ebikes Used for?

Fat tire bikes like Sixthreezero's EVRYjourney are designed to improve traction and control on different surfaces. The wider surface area of fat tires provides more contact area in less than optimal conditions, such as in sand, snow, mud, gravel, etc.

That said, you need to review the manufacturer's guides because not all fat tire bikes are suitable for all surfaces and conditions. For example, the EVRYjourney is a beach cruiser, so it is likely capable of traveling through sand and beach trails.

Best Ebikes for Beginner Riders

The best ebikes for beginners are class 1 options. Class 1 bikes have a top speed of 20 mph and require pedal assistance. While a rider might be capable of traveling faster than 20 mph, the motor cuts off at that speed.

Depending on where you live, you might find bikes for younger riders with slower top speeds and adjustable torque settings. The type of bike you buy will depend on rider experience and local regulations.

Best Off-Road Ebikes

There are various off-road e-bike models. While it is challenging to narrow down the list to a top contender, it is easy to describe what an off-road ebike should have.

Off-road bikes should come with quality suspension systems, specifically front forks. They should also have hydraulic brakes. The tires should be wider than most road bikes but typically not as wide as fat tire bikes. Finally, the heavy-duty frames will usually have a heavier payload capacity.

Best Commuter Ebikes

Commuter bikes share a lot in common with road bikes and cruiser bikes. The frames are usually lighter with an upright to slightly leaned rider position. The tires are often broader to provide better control over different terrains, such as concrete, gravel, etc.

The best commuter ebikes will provide a more extended range. For example, a quality commuter bike may have a range between 50 and 100 miles.

Best Ebikes To Ride on the Beach

The best ebikes to ride on the beach are electric beach cruisers, such as the 500W Around the Block. A beach cruiser will have wider tires with a relaxed rider position. A cruiser is all about comfort.

Best Ebikes for the City

A city bike is all about efficiency and minimalism. A typical city bicycle will have minimal gears, max 3, and usually uses internal hub gears. Most city bikes are single speeds. E-bike options are generally class 1.

Electric bicycles are beneficial and accessible, and with the growing number of models, riders can commute or try endurance riding with electric assistance. There are more options than ever before for curious ebike riders. If you are interested in the current ebike possibilities, contact a local retailer.


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