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Electric Bike Trends To Expect in 2023

Updated On: April 28, 2023

We're pretty excited about the future of eBikes, not only because the numbers are trending up, but because we see how so many people seem to be enjoying their purchases. There are eBikes to serve so many needs and scenarios. At a time in history when fossil fuel consumption is beginning to disrupt the automobile industry, when a tank of gas is liable to cost a hundred dollars or more, eBikes offer a refreshing alternative that combines a sense of youthful exuberance with pure functionality.

Are eBikes Gaining Popularity?

Have you noticed more eBikes in your neighborhood? Data shows that the United States imported nearly 800,000 eBikes in 2021, which was up about 70 percent from 2020. The eBike market was valued at $27 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $55 billion by 2027.

One reason that eBikes are gaining traction in the American landscape is because of how dynamic they are. They are suitable for city traffic, rural rides or even on the beach or through the park. People commute on eBikes and ride them for fun or for a quick run to the store.

What Is the Target Market for eBikes?

The short answer to this question is that there are multiple target markets for eBikes. The longer answer is that manufacturers have poured resources into creating eBikes that are compelling in several designs and marketing these designs to various groups.

An example of a target market that is responding to the practicality of eBikes are people who live less than five miles from their places of work. Another are the elderly or infirmed, who cannot ride a traditional bicycle but can ride an eBike. Still another are those who choose to eschew the carbon emissions associated with their cars and trucks in favor of the much more energy-efficient and 'green' eBikes.

Of 15,000 attendees of Electric Bike Expos across America in recent years, about 50 percent are looking into eBikes for the first time. Though the majority of eBike owners are between the ages of 40 and 70, 25 to 35-year-olds are adopting eBikes at a fast rate.

Are eBikes Replacing Cars?

There are studies that show how people are choosing eBikes over traditional vehicles for short commutes to work. People are also making the conscious choice to live more sustainably. At the same time, businesses are inserting EV and PHEV chargers into their buildings for employees with electric vehicles. Whether it's people with an eye on sustainability or those interested in downsizing, looking to save money or get a bit more exercise, eBikes are sharing the road with cars with greater frequency.

The answer to whether eBikes are replacing cars is yes, but only in certain scenarios. The most modern and efficient eBikes are not going to be traveling on interstate highways or even commuting dozens of miles into the big city any time soon. They are beginning to disrupt the market when it comes to running errands around town, though, or commuting anywhere that's within your riding comfort distance.

Are eBikes Going Up or Down in Price?

Concerning the price tag, eBikes have been holding steady for a few years. While it is probable that as technology, design and means of production improve, prices will drop on eBikes, this probably won't happen overnight. The technology has not yet matured and the price of the essential materials isn't going down. When this happens, consumers can expect a decrease in the prices of eBikes.

How Will the Make of eBikes Evolve?

EBikes have gone from slow, cumbersome and clunky to sleek and elegant, offering riders a sublime experience. As materials and designs continue to improve with new technologies coming into play, eBikes will continue to get lighter and more efficient. Smaller motors will generate more power and lighter tires will cover more ground and handle different terrains.

The iPhone-like systems that are currently embedded into eBikes will continue to develop, generating information from an array of sources that give the rider total awareness in real-time.

What Are Reasons To Invest in an eBike Next Year?

Investing in an ebike is a trend that will continue, and will continue to be a smart idea. This is because there are certain things that we can count on. Traffic isn't going to get any better as the population keeps growing and the price of fuel isn't going to drop in any significant way as fossil fuels continue to be depleted. As our attention continues to be on protecting the planet and the atmosphere, investing in sustainable transportation will continue to be a priority.

Fitness is another reason to invest in an eBike. More than a third of Americans are obese and another 35 percent are overweight. Ebikes could represent a lifestyle change that endorses health. The motor could spur longer rides, knowing that relief is there if you need it. You could ride to the grocery store, for instance, under your own steam, then employ the motor when riding back bearing groceries.

What Is the Future of Electric Bikes?

Experts predict that in the coming years, America will become one of the largest electric bike markets in the world, with millions of eBikes being sold annually. The fact that we continue to see more eBikes in our communities signifies that the concept has caught on and will likely trend up, if the predicted numbers are to be believed. As prices drop, more people will be induced to check out the eBike phenomenon. As the need and supply increase, prices will decrease.

We believe that eBikes are going to continue to take the roads by storm, as both commuter and leisure vehicles. This is because more and more people are willing to entertain the notion that their vehicles don't need doors. It's also because they realize that eBikes are incredibly easy to operate and offer hours of fun and functionality, in a very green way. Visit an online bike shop today to check out the latest in eBike models and accessories so you can be pedaling tomorrow.


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