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Electric Bike Rickshaw REVIEW! Special Needs Parent Reviews Ebike Rickshaw She Uses with her Child

Updated On: September 15, 2023

Speaker 1: Zoe, is that so fun?

Speaker 2: I got in and...

Speaker 1: Oh, yeah.

Speaker 2: [inaudible 00:00:17].

Speaker 1: So the harness that I got, I originally had put this strap to attach down here, but because my daughter is still on the smaller side, she needed to be a little more secure. So I ended up sticking it back under the seat and attaching it right here. So it's still not in the way of opening this. And then the same with the straps on the top that go over her arms. They are just attached here. If you have a bigger kid or if you don't want it to slide, you can put it on this side of it so that the screw makes it not so loose right there. But for my daughter, I need it to be able to move it.

And then each of those arms is attached at the same spot. Honestly, this one is so that it doesn't move. And then this one is on this side and it just really helps because she's still floppy enough that she needs to have a bigger harness. And then I also put the regular seatbelt that you guys have on it, put that over her lap as well. The stretchy cargo net. It works great. I just ordered it separately and put it on in a couple of different places. I hooked some of it on with the pieces that it came with and for others, I used the zip ties. For me, the reason I did that is because my daughter likes to try to put her feet on the tires because of sensory things. And then this little basket, I also had to attach because again, sensory things, she tries to reach for the tire.


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