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Electric Bike Gift Guide for the Holidays

Have you ever wanted to get a fast, flying bicycle when you were a child? One that actually had an electric motor and would whisk you away at high speeds? Well, now you have the funds and the ability to ride an electric bike. Feel like you're on a motorcycle but still be considered a bicycle rider!

Now it is time to put your bicycle dreams to fruition with the best selection of electric bikes on the market to date. Here are nearly a dozen of the best electric bicycles to help you find the dream ebike for this holiday season–whether you are getting an electric bike for only you or your entire family. 

Speed It Up On the Back of a Delfast Top 3.0 Going 50 MPH

Now if you are someone who wants to get yourself the fastest electric bike on the planet, I have a special treat for you. There is a high performance e-bike on the market that goes 50 miles per hour. Yes, that is as fast as a moving car and you will be going twice the speed of typical e-bikes. As long as you are ready for that kind of speed, the Delfast Top 3.0 is everything you want and more.

It is not an incredibly expensive electric bike, either, coming in with a starting MSRP of $7,000 when ordered from the factory brand new. What a wonderful gift for a speed racer in your household–a high quality e-bike billed as the planet’s fastest by Guinness World Records™.

The 2022 Top 3.0i by Delfast is sold in five different color options, including black, white, orange, red, and blue. Choose your favorite color today and order now to avoid the holiday rush as shipping is currently within a 30-day timeframe. 

By the way, this bike also has the longest range of any bike you can buy in 2022–an outstanding 200 miles on a single battery charge. That is unheard of with the EVRYjourney at 30 miles for the range, which is the most typical battery range for the e-bike market. That being said, there is another bike with an exceptionally long range.

E-Bike Across France With a Single Charge…Maybe…On the Raleigh Centros

The United Kingdom produces an electric bike that might just make such a range all the way from London where the company is founded. Raleigh has a bike called Centros that is one of the longest ranged electric bicycles sold today. The 2022 Raleigh Centros Hub Gear model with a low gear setup gets a 130-mile range on a single charge. That’s one of the ultra-long ranges for e-bikes that come standard.  

It won’t make it all the way from London to Paris–that is a 285 mile ride! But, you could theoretically ride the Raleigh Centros from London to Calais, France, which is the closest city on the coast. These cities are only 112 miles apart! However, technically, part of your journey will be in the “Chunnel” aka Channel Tunnel, in which your bike will be parked. Therefore, you would be able to ride this long range electric bike from London as far as Dover, also in England, for 80 miles. 

Trick Out a Tricycle With a Design that is Direct from the Dutch

The Stockholm by Baere Bikes is a Dutch-ready tricycle with two wheels on the front. I know! It’s a different world over there in The Netherlands. Now you can have one of the most original and coolest European-style bikes for the holidays, too. Choose to have cargo space and a comfortable seat to ride on with this style of e-bike.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas With a Super Powerful Juggernaut

The electric bicycle on sale today that has the most performance has to be the Biktrix Juggernaut. It has a substantial 750 watt motor that delivers up to 2,008 watt-hours (wh) of power. This bike is built to provide robust performance. If you want to ensure you have plenty of get up and go, choose one of the Juggernaut bikes in the Biktrix collection.

Fat Tire Bikes are Perfect for Snowy Hills on Christmas Mornings

Look for a fat tire bike to ride in the snow with winter and holidays coming up. Approach this time of the year with the RadRover 6 Plus electric fat tire bike. By Rad Power Bikes, this electric fat tire bike is one of the most popular in the series of bigger than normal bicycle tires. What is a fat tire bike? One that has a wider and thicker tire on the bike measuring more than two inches wide and up to four inches thick.

Easiest E-Bike to Handle on Trains and Plains for Travelers and Urban Commuters

Teenagers going to sports practice, college students commuting on campus, and travelers taking trains and planes rejoice about the Vika+ flex. It is a folding bike that is also electric. You get the convenience of a foldable bicycle that can be tucked away on a train, ferry, taxi, or airplane. The bike folds up compactly at 36 by 21 by 28.5 inches. Perfect for the urban setting, the electric motor on the Vika+ flex has a 500 watt engine. Go for up to 45 miles on one charge!

Spend All Your Galleons on the Most Expensive Electric Bike

When the budget is not the issue, look to spend more than $80,000 on the world’s most expensive electric bike. That is, if you can find one. The Blacktrail BT-01 is made by a German company that appears to have only produced a custom model of this e-bike. There is no longer an active website for the manufacturer, but you could certainly find this electric bike for nearly $100 grand somewhere in a high-end bike shop. 


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