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Ebike for Seniors | What Size Electric Bike Motor is Best for Senior Riders

November 1, 2022

Mike: What we're going to do here now is talk about and demonstrate what size motor is the best for senior riders like us over age 60. So, starting here, I hit the lever here, pick up speed and it's a pretty good jolt. I mean, you can really get going on this and I'm only at level one and it goes up to five, so it's just enough. Here I go. If I didn't have this helmet on, my hair would be flying back. The hair I have and here we go. Boom.

Alison: Going to use the throttle. There we go. Level one. Yay. Oh my gosh, this is great and then you can let the throttle let it go and slow us down. And then, if you want to go faster, you just hit the throttle again. There we go. There's level two. Wow, that's a big difference. My gosh, wee. Hopefully, the brakes work, they do. That's great and this is really easy to use. I didn't run over.

Kelly: You can crash into me because you owe me. All right, it's my turn. And yes, off we go. Wait, wait, wait. I have to take my kickstand up. That one doesn't have a kickstand because it has three wheels, but this one does. So, off we go, and I really think the power... Here we go. Easy. Here we go. I don't want anything more powerful than I have. I have a little more confidence than I did when I first did this, but as a senior citizen, I find this much safer, so here we go. Get your motor running, heading down the highway, looking for adventure, whatever comes your way. I love it. Too much fun. And I'm going to brake right back into my spot. Oh, I missed my spot. I forgot to turn. Oh, my gosh. I'm at two. No wonder. Off. That was fun. All right, go for it.

Armand: My name is Armand and I'm driving the old three-wheeled bike here because I'm a 76-year-old senior and this has got a 250-watt engine.

Alison: Go, Armand, go. Go, go, go.

Mike: Put that helmet on.

Armand: I really love this bike. This bike is very, very nice. Wow. I can see using this bike to go get groceries. I can see I use it to go on picnics. I really like it and it seems easier for me to handle.

Alison: You're good.

Armand: Seems much easier for me to handle. Yeah, I really like this. This is plenty of power for what I need. I don't need any more power than this.

Mike: So, I'd have to save from using it now for the first time and taking three or four rides with it up and down this glorious parking lot. 500-watts seems to me to be the perfect size for a motor, for an e-bike, for a senior like me and us.

Kelly: This 500-watt motor is perfect. I can't imagine myself as a senior citizen riding any more power than this gives me. So, 500-watts I'm sticking with it.

Alison: Yeah, I think 500-watts is perfect because it gave me just enough speed. I'd be able to erase my grandkids and not crash. So, I wouldn't need anything any stronger. It's perfect.

Armand: For me, 250 is just perfect because I want to go to the store, I want to go get groceries, I want to go on a picnic at the lake. This is just perfect for me. Being that I'm the oldest of all of these people and I'm pushing 77. I think this 250 is perfect for me because it's going to take me where I'm going. I'm able to steer it a lot better because of timing, the vertigo factor doesn't get into me. This is just perfect for me. I wouldn't want it any faster than this. I want to be able to chase the squirrels and not race the squirrels.

Alison: Yeah, I think 500-watts is perfect. I wouldn't want the 250. I think it might be a little bit too slow for me because I like to go a little bit faster, but any faster than what this does, and you can get up to level five on this. I was only going to level one, and it was pretty fast. So, if I got up to level five, it definitely is fast enough. I wouldn't want to go any stronger. There's no need to, it's perfect.

Kelly: Yeah, I think this 500-watt is all the power that I need plus I guess I was on level two and I can't imagine going any faster than that for safety and quick responses. So, for me at my age, I feel safer with the 500-watt.

Mike: Yeah, me too, I agree. I think with the 500-watt motor on this e-bike. I mean, if you're out on the salt flats all by yourself. I guess get more watts but if you're anywhere on a bike trail, or city, or town, or wherever there are other people and traffic. You don't want to be going any faster than the 500-watt motor allows. So, that's the motor size that we feel is the best for us as seniors. Thanks for watching.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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