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Different Accessories Needed For Different Bike Rides

Not all bikes are created equal, and neither are all bike rides, even those leisurely ones you take along the beach. Accordingly, you’ll want to have a variety of beach cruiser accessories at your disposal so you are prepared for any eventuality during your many rides. Luckily, sixthreezero has an extensive selection of beach bike accessories from which to choose, from baskets and carry packs, to super-comfortable seats.

Beach Cruiser Accessories


Let’s face it, most of the times you take a cruise down the beach, you’re wearing few pieces of clothes and sometimes not even one with a pocket in it. This makes carrying things, even necessities like your wallet, keys, and phone, difficult. In addition, you’d like to use your bike to buy things at the store from time to time, but now what? Sure, you can wear a backpack everywhere, but sometimes you just don’t want to feel the weight on your body, or the uncomfortable sweaty back that ensues. That’s why one of the most obvious and convenient bike cruiser accessories you can add to your two-wheeler is a bike basket. They attach easily and will allow you to carry personal belongings, small packages, and groceries while keeping your hands, and pockets, free. Check out sixthreezero’s selection of baskets here.


When you were a kid you might have looked at a bike with fenders and thought that they were uncool. Now that you are an adult, however, and you’ve been caught in the rain, or had to bike on wet roads, you know the annoyance of having a line splatter of road grime emblazoned on the back of your shirt (a mixture of dirt and grease that sometimes can never be washed away.) Those days can be gone forever, though, with the addition of bike fenders to your beach cruiser, which are truly one of the most effective and welcome beach cruiser accessories you can add to your bike. Check out sixthreezero’s fender options here.


The more time you spend on your bike, the more time you wonder about investing in a premium seat to make those hours more comfortable. You’d also like to take your baby along sometimes too to share in the moments, and you’d rather not have to carry the little one on your back, or chest while trying to maneuver through beach-goers on your path. Fortunately, sixthreezero can take care of both issues. Search for our bike seats to check out the options.

Ultimately, the more time you spend on your bike, the more sense it makes to invest in the beach cruiser accessories that fit your riding style. The good news is that sixthreezero will always have your back.

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