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How Cycling Works To De-Stress

From squishy foam balls to meditative mantras, we all look for ways to reduce stress in our life. If your job is demanding, your household chores are weighing on your mind or if you just need a few moments to yourself, cycling is a fun and therapeutic activity to help you de-stress. If you don’t already own a comfortable, stylish ride, sixthreezero has a few lightweight bikes to help get you on the saddle and on your way to relieving some stress.

Good for the Mind

Cycling has always been known to be good for the body, but it is also good for the mind. In fact, many doctors are now prescribing exercise as a form of treatment for many emotional ailments. Cycling is a common therapy for reducing stress and can help fight depression. Neurologists from the University of Bonn studied endorphins released in the brain before and after exercise. After two hours of running, a PET scan revealed an increase in “happy hormones” in areas of the brain including the limbic and frontal regions. Commonly referred to as the “runner’s high,” this euphoric feeling usually requires an hour of running. Hopping on the saddle of lightweight bikes could mean reaching this high even quicker than by running on foot.

Sleep Easier

Is your stress getting in the way of your sleep? Or is a lack of sleep causing you stress? Taking your bicycle out for a ride whether along the beach or up and down hills, you will definitely wear yourself out. Riding your bicycle for an extended period of time will not only be a good workout, but will tire your body, which in turn will help you get better sleep at night. Having a regular sleep schedule helps the mind and body and is a great way to manage stress. Even just a few hours lost each day can create a buildup of mental stress. Always make time to “turn off” your brain and relax.

Step Away From the Computer

Whether you use your bicycle on your daily commute or take it out for a leisurely ride, getting some sunlight and exposing yourself to nature can go a long way in reducing stress. Explore your neighborhood through a peaceful route, or find a hill to climb. Embrace nature and take in the beauty around you free of computers and mobile devices. Feel the cadence of your pedaling and use it as a source for meditation. Free the mind of worries and stress and be in the moment.

Now that you are eager to find some stress relief, let’s get you on the best bicycle for the job. Lightweight bikes like the Classic are perfect for relaxing rides to help reduce stress. Whether you are looking for road bikes for beginners like the Wow Breezy or a 3 speed beach cruiser like the In The Barrel, sixthreezero has something for everyone.

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