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Cruiser Bike Pedals | And How Forward Pedaling Works

That beach cruiser you’re easing around on might seem like the simplest of two-wheelers, and in a way, it is. After all, these cruisers were created for maximum comfort and minimum speed, which is visible everywhere, from the weighty body, durable suspension system and cushioned seat, to the thick wheels and heavy, cruiser bike pedals. It is also a bit of a marvel of design simplicity, with a gear system that allows forward movement when the bike is pedaled forward and nothing when they are pedaled backward. Check out the sixthreezero collection of beach cruisers.

Cruiser Bike Pedals

While most bike styles require specific types of bike pedals, cruiser bicycles can be more about comfort than anything else. For instance, racing and road bikes often require teeth that allow your shoe to grip the pedal or even a mechanism to lock your shoe in so that you don’t lose contact with and control of the pedals while traveling at a high speed. That, as we all know, can be messy. sixthreezero also offers a variety of city cruisers too.

Beach cruiser pedals, on the other hand, are works of function over design since they are usually propelling a bike forward at a slow speed. They are typically thick and heavy, with the most popular version a resin construction that is nine-sixteenths-of-an-inch thick. In addition, many simple beach cruisers come outfitted with what are known as “barefoot” or “comfort” cruiser bike pedals that are flat and smooth for use with bare feet or loose-fitting sandals.

How Forward Pedaling Works

The small miracle of forward pedaling is often forgotten. It is nonetheless a marvel of simplicity and smart design and is all possible because of an ingenious creation known as the Freewheel, which is attached to the rear wheel hub, and then fitted with a sprocket. Naturally, everything begins with your feet and the pedals. As you begin to pedal forward, the Freewheel, which is being pulled by a chain, begins to rotate. Another mechanism on the Freewheel, called a pawl, acts like a hook and locks onto the teeth, which are known as the ratchet, of the gears on your back wheel and provides the torque to propel your bicycle forward. When you pedal backwards, however, the genius of the Freewheel design actually causes the mechanism to fall “free,” hence the name, and effectively disengages from the gears, ceasing forward motion.

So, as you see, that simple beach cruiser is not so simple after all. Now don’t you feel better for knowing that? Don’t forget that sixthreezero also allows you to create your own bike from scratch with its easy-to-use Bicycle Customizer.

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