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Could Electric Bicycles Replace Cars in the Future?

Could electric bikes replace cars and other forms of transportation in the future? Electric bicycles have grown increasingly popular in the past few years. Everybody probably won't give up their cars right away. Still, the benefits of electric cycles for individual cyclists and the planet might turn more people from frequent drivers into frequent cyclists.

Power-assisted bikes offer the apparent benefits of outdoor exercise, enhanced range and speed over traditional cycles, and lower energy consumption and emissions than other motorized vehicles. Plus, people who own electric bicycles say that they're a lot of fun!

Could Electric Bikes Replace Car Travel in the Future?

Can e-bikes replace cars and other vehicles? A recent survey published on TechRadar found that almost half of the drivers intend to use their cars less in the near future. Find out why you might decide that electric bicycles could replace at least some of your car, bus, or motorcycle trips and how you can directly benefit by making the switch.

The benefits of electric bicycles include:

Social Distancing and Hygiene

Many people still entertain concerns about coronavirus and other infectious diseases. A crowded car, bus, or train might spread germs because riders must share circulated air and may come in contact with infected surfaces. An electric bike offers the perfect opportunity to control sanitation and maintain social distance from other travelers.

Energy Efficiency

Most people intuitively understand why lighter e-bikes consume less energy than heavier cars or even motorcycles and scooters. The amount of energy required to power an electric bike depends upon the rider, kind of electric bicycle, type of battery, how much assistance the battery provides to pedaling, and cycling conditions.

Still, studies have demonstrated that electric bicycles offer a much more energy-efficient option than electric cars. According to a detailed survey performed by Efficiency Vermont:

  • Average electric cycles consumed one kWh per 100 miles traveled.
  • Leaving the bike's battery on its charger at all times when it's not in use would consume an average of 22 kWh per year, but most e-bike owners would not engage in this wasteful practice.
  • Meanwhile, electric cars typically consume about 25 kWh per hundred miles, so an electric bicycle offers a more energy-efficient solution.

It would take about 25 e-bikes to consume the same energy as an electric car for 100-mile trips. The study also found that the average e-bike owner reported displacing over 1,200 miles of car trips with their electric cycles. That switch from cars to e-bikes resulted in energy savings of almost 3,000 kWh.

Reduced Energy Emissions From E-Bikes

The section above compared the energy efficiency of electric bikes to electric cars. Today, most people still drive gas-powered vehicles. This fact offers electric bikes an even greater opportunity to reduce energy use and curb harmful emissions.

A study published by Science Direct estimated that increased use of e-bikes could curb each person's CO2 emissions by hundreds of kilograms a year. Besides saving energy, cycling also helps preserve the environment.

Additional Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

Reducing harmful emissions will help preserve a healthy environment for everybody. Of course, e-bikes also benefit the cyclist's health even more. Bikes offer a better chance to work out than a car. On the other hand, skeptics think that an electric bike will provide less exercise than a traditional bicycle because the motor can propel the vehicle.

Typical e-bikes offer a power-only mode, but riders can also use the motor to assist pedaling or rely entirely upon pedaling with the motor off. Globally, power-assisted bikes make up about 83 percent of all e-bikes sold. Most commonly, cyclists use the motor to increase speed and range, but they also pedal. This flexibility makes electric bikes a better solution than a traditional bicycle for many people.

Even better, research-- like this report cited by the New York Times-- found that most people expend enough effort to enjoy substantial workouts on their electric bikes. Pedaling, either without the motor or with the power-assist turned on, increases the battery's range, so that offers an incentive to pedal to preserve battery life. E-cyclists can still enjoy a great workout, but they don't feel like they're working too hard.

As an added incentive, e-cycling gives riders a chance to enjoy exposure to sunlight. Exposure to sunlight allows the body to make Vitamin D naturally, and scientists have linked deficiencies to serious diseases like cancer and heart disease. The National Institute of Health published research that found over 40 percent of people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.

As with any exercise, cyclists need to work out regularly to enjoy the fitness benefits. The power-assisted feature of an e-bike lets cyclists ride further and longer, encouraging people to use them more than traditional bikes. The motor makes it easier for riders to use their e-cycles to commute, carry loads, and navigate hills and windy days.

Are E-Bikes Gaining Popularity?

E-bike ownership has grown steadily over the past decade, according to statistics gathered by E-bike industry watchers expect to see 300 million of these battery-powered cycles in worldwide use by 2023.

Some Asian and European markets have grown faster than the U.S. market, but Americans have started to notice these handy vehicles. For instance, manufacturers sold about one-quarter of a million electric bicycles in the U.S. in 2017 and over 400,000 during 2018.

Some further research offers insights into the reasons people buy electric bikes:

  • About 20 percent of the respondents to one survey said they did not own a traditional bike because they did not believe they were fit enough to ride. A power-assisted motor makes pedaling much more effortless and enables longer trips.
  • Another study discovered that cyclists could make trips on their e-bikes about 20 percent faster than trips on a traditional bike. E-bike riders can travel further and faster.
  • About half of e-bicycle riders said that they used their powered cycles instead of other transportation options, like trains or buses, because they could complete their trips faster. Commuters did not have to wait for a ride.

E-cyclists buy these flexible vehicles to commute, run errands, enjoy exercise, and even socialize. Most e-cyclists plan to partially use their cycles to replace transportation by cars or other vehicles.

Which E-Bikes Could Replace Cars?

As with traditional bikes, cyclists can choose between plenty of options when they want to buy an electric bicycle. The best choice may depend upon body type and personal preferences. These types of e-bikes could include cruisers, commuters, mountain bikes, fat-tired cycles, adult tricycles, hybrid bikes, and more.

How can you find the best electric bike for your own individual tastes and needs? Start by browsing a variety of high-quality, affordable electric bikes at SixThreeZero.

Not only does SixThreeZero offer stylish and durable cycles, but this company also engineered all of the cycles with the comfort of various riders in mind. The population SixThreeZero services includes everybody from athletes to older folks who have not ridden a bicycle for years but could benefit from some exercise.

To get started, consider these three popular kinds of electric bicycles.

EVRYjourney 500W

This electric cruiser bike features an ergonomically designed frame to maximize comfort, stability, and efficiency. The slightly forward position of the pedals allows for leg extensions, relieves pressure on knees and other joints, and allows the cyclist to rest lower on the ground to make it easier to start, stop, and dismount. The twenty-six-inch wheels and two-inch tires offer good stability and cushioning, and this cycle also features a wide, cushioned seat and soft, comfortable grips.

Riders can control the amount of assistance they get from the 500W motor in three ways:

  • Leave the motor off to pedal like a traditional bike.
  • Entirely rely on the motor without pedaling.
  • Use the power-assist setting to provide a helpful nudge.

Expect a top speed of about 20MPH when only using the motor and about 28MPH when using the pedals and motor together. Using only the battery, expect about 20 miles for a charge but up to 40 miles with the pedal-assist setting.

The adjustable seat and handlebars can accommodate most riders from five feet to six feet four inches tall. This bike comes in men's and women's models. Find out more about the EVRYjourney 500W.

EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle

They might call this electric cycle a tricycle, but it looks like a stylish bike that happens to have three wheels. A three-wheeled cycle like this one can provide a good option for people who suffer from balance problems or never learned to ride a two-wheeled bicycle.

Like the two-wheel bike described above, the 250W adult tricycle includes an ergonomic design to maximize riding comfort. Comfort features include an upright riding position, relatively wide tires, and a padded seat and grips. The space between the two wheels on the rear can also accommodate a generous storage basket for hauling groceries, small pets, and other cargo. Learn more about the EVRYjourney 250W here.

EVRYjourney FATTIRE 500W

This fat-tired electric bike offers all of the comforts of an ergonomic design, an upright sitting position, soft grips, and a supportive seat. Plus, the quiet, 500W motor performs as well as the one that comes with the EVRYjourney 500W cruiser described above.

The fatter tires provide more control on various surfaces, like sand, grass, or snow. This efficient cycle also handles well on city streets and bike paths. Thus, people with fat-tired bikes tend to use them as their all-around bike because:

  • The fatter tires also provide extra shock absorption, so riders can truly experience the feeling of gliding in the air.
  • Plus, this style of bike tends to sit lower to the ground, so some people prefer them because they're easy to stop and dismount.

Read about the EVRYjourney FATTIRE 500W here.

Are Electric Bikes the Transportation of the Future?

With the right helmet and clothing, cyclists can enjoy comfortable journeys in various environments and weather conditions. Electric bikes don't require much more maintenance than traditional bikes, and they're cheap to charge and operate.

Many e-bike owners use their bikes for social rides, commuting, shopping, family activities, and exploring. E-bikes aren't just practical, but they are even more fun to ride than traditional cycles.

While e-bikes probably won't completely replace other motorized vehicles, they will almost certainly continue to replace them for certain kinds of travel. Besides offering eco-friendly transportation, electric bikes also provide riders with a chance to enjoy the outdoors and an accessible workout.

Even better, riders don't have to be in perfect shape to ride an e-cycle because the ergonomic design relieves strain. The motor helps cyclists power through inclines, various terrain, and longer journeys.

How to Find the Perfect E-Bike for Your Future!

You can only enjoy the benefits of this healthy mode of transpiration if you feel satisfied with the model that you choose. You have the chance to select from various types and styles of e-bikes. The best battery power and bike type choice will depend on your fitness level, body type, and anticipated cycling environment.

Selecting the right e-cycle might sound complicated, but SixThreeZero offers plenty of tools, information, customer service to help make a perfect choice. You can use the online fitting tool to ensure an ideal match, and these cycles come with free shipping and a 90-day trial period. Start at SixThreeZero to explore an almost endless variety of durable, stylish, high-quality, ergonomically designed e-bikes.


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