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Coolest Bike Accessories for Women Fall/Winter 2022

August 19, 2022

You can ride your bike through the fall and winter in many parts of the country. However, you will need to adjust your attire, gear, and equipment for the changing seasons.

Best Fall/Winter Bike Helmets

When looking for fall or winter bicycle helmets, you want to look for comfort and coverage. Some winter helmets will include thicker lining with less venting, and others will include ear flaps.

The primary concern with any bicycle helmet is fit. A properly fitted helmet should sit level on your head and feel snug. Snug does not imply tight. A helmet that is too tight is uncomfortable and can distract from rider safety. When looking in a mirror, you should see about one inch above your eyebrows.

Best Fall/Winter Cycling Attire

Winter cycling requires layers to ensure warm rides. You will want an adequate base layer, face covering, jacket, gloves, pants, boots, etc.

When choosing gloves and boots for cycling, you want to consider flexibility and grip. Boots that are too stiff or rigid will make it challenging to peddle, and gloves that are too thick may interfere with grabbing the brakes or switching gears.

For clothing, you want to find windproof attire. Windproof clothing can help you maintain your core body temperature, allowing you to ride longer.

Best Bike Accessories for Night Rides

If you love to ride at night, you should consider a few minor upgrades to your bicycle and cycling gear. For example, night riders should have a minimum of a handlebar, rear, and helmet light. If you want to up your visibility on the road, install reflectors on your wheels, handlebars, and seat. You can also wear reflective clothing. Finally, wear bright colors to ensure drivers see you on the roadways.

Best Bike Racks for Fall/Winter

It is best to store bicycles indoors during the colder months of the year. Keeping bikes outside can mess with tire pressure and other components.

If you plan to store your bike in a garage or basement, you might be concerned about space. Space-saving solutions include wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted racks. If you must keep a bike outdoor, consider a storage shed to protect it against the elements.

Best Bags for Biking

The cooler fall weather often motivates most cyclists to take longer rides. When you leave your home for several hours or a couple of days, you will need storage options for food, water, first-aid, etc.

The best bags for extended bike trips include messenger backpacks and saddle bags. A messenger bag is excellent for lighter-weight items that you don't mind carrying on your back. Saddlebags are ideal for heavier gear, such as a toolset or repair kit.

Best Bike Baskets

There are many bike basket styles, from wicker to wood. The best bicycle baskets for winter and fall weather are most like rigid wire or mech options. Most of the wire options are coated to protect against the elements.

You can buy wire and mesh baskets in various sizes to suit all your traveling needs. Depending on your bike's style, you can find rear or front-mounted options. Rear-mounted options typically provide more room.

Must-Have Bike Tools for Fall/Winter

You do not want to be stranded in the middle of winter with a flat bike tire in freezing temperatures.

Therefore, you need to carry essential tools when traveling in colder weather. Some of the vital tools you will need to include:

  • Allen wrench set
  • Spare tubes
  • Patch kit
  • Pump with gauge
  • Chain cleaner and lube
  • Open end wrenches

Do you have everything you need for your fall or winter ride? Contact a local bike shop for more information.


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