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Comparing Women's Electric Bikes

The popularity of electric bikes (e-bikes) continues to grow, and there are more brands on the market than ever. Choosing the right bike is tricky, though.

The first step when shopping for an electric bike is to consider the manufacturer.

Sixthreezero makes some of the best e-bikes for women on the market. So how do the Sixthreezero e-bikes compare to one another?

What is Different About a Women's E-Bike?

Not all women want a bike different from the men's designs, but the woman's models can help improve comfort and performance. What makes them different, though?

With e-bikes, like with traditional bikes, the most significant difference between men's and women's frames is the fit. Women tend to be shorter than men, so their bikes have shorter stack heights. Stack height refers to the vertical height from the bottom bracket's center and the head tube's top near the handlebars.

They also have shorter reach lengths. Reach is the horizontal distance from the center of the bottom bracket and the top of the head tube. This accommodates the shorter torso associated with a woman's body.

A classic woman's bike frame also is step-through. A step-through frame has a downward-sloping top tube. The saddle may be shorter and broader to improve pedaling motion, and the handlebars are narrower because a woman's shoulders are typically thinner than a man's. The narrower handlebars make controlling the bike easier for women.

Once you know you want a women's bike, all you need do is pick the model that best fits your needs.

The Evryjourney brand e-bike comes in three distinct models:

  • 500W
  • 250W
  • Fat tire 500W

Each has unique features to consider.

Around the Block

The Around the Block brand design is similar to the Evryjourney e-bikes, with a few notable exceptions. The Evryjourney bikes offer pedal forward frames, meaning your body leans forward, so the pedal is about three inches in front of your hips. This is a more relaxed position for many riders.

The Around the Block design is upright, so pedaling is in line with the hips. The rider's hips, seat, and pedals are all one line. This positioning allows the rider to have more power in their legs as they pedal.

This e-bike also has three modes of operation:

  • Pedal alone can function as a regular bike, allowing you to pedal from point A to point B
  • Pedal-assist — When you need it, the motor may provide a little boost. When the motor is set to pedal-assist, it will only activate when you turn the pedals
  • Throttle - Using the thumb throttle, you can only ride using the motor

Advantages to the Around the Block design:

  • Easier to stand up and pedal for uphill riding
  • Wider tires that can absorb the bumps for an overall softer ride
  • More power from the legs due to in-line pedaling


  • The ride may not be as comfortable as the Evryjourney design

The Around the Block e-bide comes with either 500W or 250W batteries.


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