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Commuting or Joy-Ride? What Uses Do Electric Bikes Provide?

Riding into the city for work? Check.

Cruising the boardwalk? Check.

Recreational joy-riding? Check.

Hitting the trails in the local park? Check.

Participating in a cycling event? Check.

It doesn't really matter what your riding intention is, the electric bike - or e-bike - is an ideal cycling option. In this post, we'll take a deep dive into the electric bike and cover the key benefits of owning such a bike, the top bikes on the market today and more. Here's a closer look at what you need to know about electric bicycles, starting with some general information on e-bikes and what makes them such an ideal all-purpose cycling option.

The Electric Bike: The Ideal All-Purpose Cycle

Many people think that electric bikes mean that you don't have to pedal. That's incorrect. In fact, on most models, the electric motor and drive only act as a complement to conventional pedaling. In other words, if you get tired of pedaling and need a break or just want to get some pedal assist if you're going uphill or riding on an incline, you can kick in electric mode. Most bikes have two models of electric modes: electric assist and throttle mode. The former tends to complement pedaling and make cycling easier. Throttle mode is more full electric pedaling and designed to power the bike for shorter periods of time.

Like we said in the opening, e-bikes are ideal for pretty much all riding purposes outside of off-trail riding and mountain biking (and there are even models that are designed for said purposes as well). They're also ideal for all different age groups. From teenagers to middle-aged riders to senior citizens, e-bikes don't come with age minimums or maximums. In the next section, we'll get into some of the key benefits of electric bikes before moving on to some of the top models on the market today.

Top Benefits of Owning an Electric Bike

In this section, we'll take a closer look at some of the top benefits of owning an electric bike and why it's such a versatile means of transportation:

It's Great Exercise (Even With Electric Assist)

When many people hear the term "electric bike" or "e-bike," they incorrectly associate it with a type of cycle that you don't have to pedal. That couldn't be further from the truth. Like we said above, the electric motor is a complement to conventional pedaling - so you can still get a great workout, even if you do rely on pedal assist or throttle mode from time to time. Just think of riding an e-bike as "assisted cycling."

Furthermore, e-bikes are ideal for senior citizens or anyone who might require a little extra help when they're riding. Being that cycling is a low-impact cardio exercise, riding a bike is something that you can always do - regardless of age - while putting little to no strain on the joints.

Finally, beyond the physical health benefits that you can achieve from cycling, there are mental health benefits that come with regular exercise as well. Regular exercise is scientifically proven to help boost your mood, improve sleep, decrease stress, and improve self-esteem and self-confidence. The bottom line is that riding a bike is great for the mind and for the body. It's truly a win-win.

It's a Sustainable Transportation Option

Cycling is a sustainable form of transportation that's ideal for commuting to work and school, running errands and riding recreationally. Unlike motor vehicles with internal combustion engines, they don't emit any pollutants into the environment. Even with a rechargeable electric motor and features such as electric assist and throttle, e-bikes are still a very sustainable solution. If you can replace driving a motor vehicle with riding your bike - even on some activities - it can help lead to a cleaner overall environment and help slow the pace of climate change.

Electric Bikes Have Come a Long Way from a Development Standpoint

Back in the early development days of electric cars, many drivers were hesitant to even entertain the possibility of acquiring one largely due to range anxiety. That is, the electric battery that powered the electric motor didn't last for very long until recharge was necessary. Many people may have the same types of reservations when it comes to e-bikes. However, just as the electric vehicle range has improved over the years, so has the range of electric motors on e-bikes. Today's e-bikes have a range of up to 100 miles (model permitting) and only take a few hours for the battery to recharge. They're a reliable form of transportation. Even if the battery is depleted, riders can just pedal the old conventional way.


Just because it's worth mentioning again, electric bikes are incredibly versatile. They're ideal for commuting to work in the city, hitting the local bike path, riding to the store or around the neighborhood and more. You can ride an electric bike for just about anything except for mountain biking or off-roading, and electric bikes even come in mountain biking versions these days. What's more is that there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting an electric bike. They come with different speeds, battery charge times, battery ranges, weight limits and more. That's why it's important to do your due diligence when it comes to selecting an electric bike to make sure that you choose the one that meets your riding preference and usage goals. And with a growing number of manufacturers making electric bikes, you shouldn't be hard pressed to find the model that's best for you.

Considerations for Selecting an E-Bike

Before you select an electric bike, there are various things that you need to weigh to make sure that you're purchasing the one that's just right for you. Here's a look at some of those factors:

  • Make sure the bike you select is a good fit for your size and body type. You can get fit tested at your local bike shop or even carry this out online by providing some key metrics about yourself.
  • Riding purpose: What is your riding intention with your electric bike? How far do you want to be able to travel on electric pedal assist or full electric modes? Make sure the model that you choose meets your expectations and preference.
  • Weight limit: Want to carry a toddler on the back? Do you want to ride to the store to get groceries? It's important to ensure that the bike can sustain the projected amount of weight you're likely to place on it. All bikes, electric or not, have weight limits.
  • Design: Electric bikes come in a range of different designs. So aside from everything else that we've mentioned here, you want to make sure that you select a design that you're going to be proud to ride.

Best Electric Bikes on the Market Today

Now that we've covered a bit about electric bikes and some of the key benefits of owning one, let's take a closer look at some of the best e-bikes that are currently on the market today. Here's a look at five of the electric bike models that we like the best:

RadCity 5 Plus (Rad Power)

Powered by a 750-watt motor and with a range of up to 45 miles, the RadCity 5 is a comfortable, versatile ride. It's easy to attach accessories to it for further functionality and checks in at under $2,000, making it one of the more affordable e-bike options on the market today. On electric mode, it has both a twist throttle and three levels of electric pedal assist.

EVRYjourney 500 (SixThreeZero)

You don't make a bike that's a play on the term "every journey" if it's not versatile enough for, well, every journey. That's where this bike from SixThreeZero shines. As versatile as it is stylish, it comes equipped with a 500-watt motor that can help you reach speeds of 20 miles per hour on it using full electric or 28 miles per hour with pedal assist. What's more is that the battery can power riders for up to 20 miles using full electric and up to 40 miles in pedal assist mode. It's high on style, functionality and helps make for an ergonomic ride. And it comes at an affordable price when it pertains to electric bikes, as it's available for under $2,000.

Swift Volt

The nicest thing about the Swift Volt is its price. It's one of the most affordable electric bikes on the market today, coming in at under $1,000. However, while it's great for the rider on a budget, it definitely has its shortcomings. For instance, it's only available in a single speed. You can't remove the battery. And the display is very limited compared to many of the other options on this list. Yet, if you want an electric bike and at an affordable price, the Swift Volt is the option for you. Like we said, you can't beat the price - even if it's not as high quality as some of the other options on this list.

Cowboy 4

Another one of our top options, the Cowboy 4 is smooth, quiet, relatively maintenance-free and affordable. What's more, it's not going to break the bank. With a price point of just over $1,000, it's more of an affordable e-bike option than some of the others on this list, but it's packed with more features than the other value option that we've discussed. As a bonus, the Cowboy 4 was previously only offered in Europe but is now available in the United States as well.


The WAU electric bike isn't for everyone - but if you're looking for an electric ride with some serious technology packed into it, it could be for you. It's branded as an electric bike and a smart bike combo based on the bevy of features that it exhibits. For instance, with an additional battery pack, the WAU has a range of over 200 miles. And from a technology standpoint, it has features such as a built-in alarm and geo-fencing to ensure that it's not ridden outside of any pre-determined boundaries. Like we said, most riders won't require this much "bike," but those who do will find the WAU quite appealing.

Best Electric Bike: Our Pick - the EVRYjourney from SixThreeZero

When it comes to the best e-bike currently on the market, our pick is SixThreeZero's EVRYjourney. It's comfortable, highly functional and of high quality - and it's available at an affordable price. That's what riders love about the EVRYjourney. What's more is that it's unlike many other electric bikes on the market today in that it doesn't look any different than a conventional bike. It's all part of the reason why we like this bike as our top electric model that money can buy. Contact SixThreeZero today for more information and to find an EVRYjourney near you today.

Contact SixThreeZero Today

For more information on electric bikes and the EVRYjourney from SixThreeZero, contact SixThreeZero today. As a leading manufacturer of all different styles and models of bikes - including the EVRYjourney 500 - SixThreeZero is a premiere company when it comes to bike design and manufacturing. Contact SixThreeZero today to learn about all of the bikes it makes and where you can find the model that's right for you, from electric to fat tire to hybrid to comfort and more.


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