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Child Seats Electric Bikes: Can You Put a Child Seat On an Electric Bike?

May 29, 2022

Most parents want to share their hobbies with their kids. If your hobby is your eBike, it only makes sense that you’d want to get your kid involved and show them the joy of riding a bike. If your kid is a toddler, though — or younger — they’re too young to hop on their own bike. You may struggle to find a way to introduce them to eBiking, but luckily, there are ways to acquaint your kid with an eBike. Find out how you can make your eBike child-friendly.

Is It Safe to Carry a Child on an eBike?

Parents might wonder whether it’s safe to carry their kid on an eBike. The answer depends on the method you’re using. There are some ways to carry a child that are safe while others are obviously unsafe. The key is to install a child seat that can safely carry your kid along on all of your eBike rides.

Can You Put a Baby on an eBike?

If installing a child seat can make an eBike safe for kids, how young is too young? Can babies ride along on an eBike? If your child is under six months old, they are too young and they should not be on an eBike. Kids who are this young are especially susceptible to injuries, so if a fall or collision were to occur, it could easily become life-threatening for a child this small.

What Kind of Child Seat to Use for an eBike

For kids six months and older, a child seat is a great way to ride along and have fun. You may wonder what kind of child seat you need for this endeavor, though. The answer will typically depend on what kind of bike you have. If you happen to have a cargo eBike, you’ll already have a rack on the back of your bike that you can securely attach a child seat to. If you don’t have this type of model, though, you may still be able to attach a child seat to the front or rear of your eBike.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Rear Child Seat

Rear child seats are more common and more easily installed than their front-facing counterparts. When shopping for this accessory, you should look for a seat that has adequate neck support and cushioning for your child. Ventilation throughout the cushioning will provide young riders with greater comfort, and a lining that’s machine washable will also prove to be an asset.

Front Mounted Child Seats

Front mounted child seats are not as common as rear-facing seats, but many eBike riders still prefer them. They are typically more lightweight, which can be a major advantage. It’s important to note, though, that most front mounted seats are only approved for use with kids who are 35 pounds and under. Kids beyond this weight may pose a safety risk as they may make steering more difficult for the rider.

Best eBikes for Carrying a Child

Finding an eBike that’s specifically ideal for carrying a kid may seem like a challenge. Cargo eBikes tend to be the easiest to install a child seat with, but when you invest in an installation kit such as the Topeak Bicycle Baby Seat II with 26in Non-Disc Rack, installation can be simple no matter what kind of eBike you may have.

Additional Options to Take Your Child on a Ride with You

Some eBike riders are understandably unsure about toting their child around in an attachable seat. A trailer offers an alternative that lets the rider haul a child via attachment to the bike’s rear frame. These trailers allow kids to pedal along, and they’re best suited to kids ages four and older.


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