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Exploring California’s Central Coast On A Bike

Perhaps no other area of California is as tailor-made for cruiser bicycles as the Central Coast. With a temperate climate almost year-round, as well as lush, picturesque wineries, vineyards, towns and sights, and a nearly completely flat terrain, California’s Central Coast is the perfect destination for your next biking vacation. Just check out sixthreezero’s extensive selection of coaster bicycles and classic beach cruiser bikes to find the right one for your upcoming trip.

Sights and Terrain

Nearly all of the Central Coast is farm land, and most of it is planted to grapes, as in the building blocks of wine. More than 200 wineries call Paso Robles and nearby San Luis Obispo home, and the flat, lightly traveled roads that link them all, make for easy, leisurely biking and touring. Slightly hillier and equally picturesque, the region’s miles of coastline also beckon bikers to explore. Consequently, you will want to have a comfortable, easy-to-ride bike that requires minimal navigation and maximum freedom, which is why cruiser bicycles are the perfect match for this region. Here you can see all of sixthreezero’s offerings of cruiser bicycles .

Coaster Bicycles

You can be excused for wanting the least responsibility while riding through the breathtaking Central Coast. After all, who wants to think about working up a sweat and biking aggressively when there is all that peaceful serenity and warm sun to think about? If this sounds like a good match for you, then so is a coaster bicycle. The beauty of these bikes is that their single speed means no gear changing, and even no hand-braking if you so choose. Simply pedal forward and propel yourself forward, and pedal backward to stop. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that. Equally uncomplicated is finding the right coaster bike for you from sixthreezero.

Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycles

Maybe not all of you want to be limited to one speed, and there is an argument to be made for some gear flexibility, like climbing those small hills that dot the Central Coast. However, that does not mean you want to give up comfort. That’s precisely why an upright, super-comfortable classic beach cruiser bike with wide balloon tires, is your best choice. Choose from sixthreezero’s wide array of classic beach cruiser bikes.

In the end, either of these types of cruiser bicycles will have you focused on the beauty and warmth that surround and engulf you, rather than on hard work. Isn’t that what’s most important?

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