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Buyer's Guide: Best Multi-Speed Women's Bikes

September 23, 2021

If you're looking for a bike that works for casual riding or an intense workout, a multi-speed women's bike is your best bet. Here's your guide to choosing the best model for your lifestyle.

Top Multi-Speed Bikes at Sixthreezero

For beginners, the seven-speed Easy Boarding offers a step-through design, so you don't need to worry about swinging your legs over the seat. The upright seat and handlebars allow you to sit comfortably without straining your back, wrists, or shoulders, and the Easy Boarding's 1.95-inch tires provide extra stability and mobility when you're on trails.

The AroundtheBlock is another great multi-speed women's bike. Depending on how intensely you want to ride, you can choose between three-, seven-, and 21-speed bikes. Its 2-inch tires give you plenty of support. Like the Easy Boarding, this bike also features a step-through design and upright position.

Reasons EVRYjourney Is a Good Brand for Women Riders

EVRYjourney continues to be a popular brand for women riders because of its versatility. Its comfortable designs are good for bikers who just want to enjoy a casual ride and those who need an ergonomic position because of pregnancy or a medical condition. These bikes are also sized with women's bodies in mind; because women are shorter than men on average, the wheels and frames are slightly shorter than men's bikes. Finally, EVRYjourney's bikes are customizable, with many speed options that riders can choose based on how quickly they want to pedal.

Women's Cruisers That Make Your Bike Ride Worth It

Women's cruisers provide the most comfortable rides and are ideal for casual trips rather than races or mountain trails. Start your journey with the basic EVRYjourney cruiser, which has four speed options and five color choices. The aluminum frame makes it easy to take your bike in and out of the car, and the 26-inch tires, which are 2 inches thick, make your bike easy to mount. 

The AroundtheBlock Casual is another good option for a rewarding bike trip. Choose a seven-speed model to get the most versatility in your ride, and enjoy the fenders and chain guard's efforts to keep you from getting dirty or wet while you pedal. To brake, all you have to do is pedal backward, and the tires feature waffle treads to give you the most support on rocky roads. The wheels are 26 inches tall and 2.125 inches wide, and they fit people who are between 5 and 6 feet tall.

If you want extra space to move your muscles but you don't want to buy a racing bike, check out the RelaxedBody. Boasting seven speeds, this aluminum bike's shape prevents you from sitting too far off the ground but still gives your legs plenty of room to move. Because the seat is adjustable, this bike fits anyone between 5 feet and 6 feet and 4 inches tall. It's equipped with handbrakes that stop both the front and back tires.

How to Find the Right Women's Cruiser Bike for You

If it's been a while since you went bike shopping, start by thinking about where you want to ride. If you like to go offroading on rocky trails, you need a bike with thick wheels, sturdy treads, and a thick frame. On the other hand, if you prefer casual riding on your neighborhood roads, a lighter design is perfect.

Also, consider your height. Most women's bikes fit riders who are between 5 and 6 feet tall, so if your height falls outside those ranges, talk to a bike expert about your options.

Equipped with this knowledge, find the right multi-speed women's bike for you.


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