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Buyer's Guide: Best Electric Bikes For Seniors

September 22, 2021

Keeping fit and active as you enter your senior years can help to keep you healthy for decades to come. Although you probably want a bike for the exercise value it provides, you may sometimes feel like you don't quite have the energy you once had for extended rides or tough hills. This is where electric bikes really shine. An ebike can give you an extra push when you need it while letting you take control when you don't.

Best Sixthreezero Electric Beach Cruisers for Seniors

AroundtheBlock 250W

The AroundtheBlock 250W has a cool, classic style that fits well with casual, classic attire. Though you can barely see the motor, the model's 250 watts are more than enough to power through tough stretches.

EVRYJourney 250W

With its comfortable grips, intuitive display, and natural posture, EVRYJourney is among the best electric ebike models for seniors. Its 250-watt motor is powerful enough for the vast majority of practical uses. 

AroundtheBlock 500 W

While 250 watts are usually enough, some situations call for more power. If you live in an especially hilly area, or if you simply like to test yourself on extreme terrain, a 500-watt engine may be right for you.

How EVRYjourney 250W Bikes Help Senior Riders

Though cruising the streets horizontally like Lance Armstrong can look cool, it can also wreak havoc on your back. A bike with a step-through frame and relatively vertical riding position, on the other hand, can keep you comfortable for as long as you need.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is a great example of a senior-friendly design that doesn't compromise on performance. The low frame allows you to comfortably get on and off your ride, while the comfortable seat and ergonomics keep you alert, aware, and relaxed.

Why Seniors Should Use a 250W Bicycle

Ebikes come in a variety of powers. The most common models feature 250- or 500-watt motors. For intense hills or extreme assistance, even higher powers are available. For most seniors, a 250-watt motor should be more than sufficient. This is because higher powers have a very high maximum speed and, to some extent, can take over for the rider. 

As long as you live in a relatively flat area, a 250-watt motor with the throttle down can power you up to about 15 miles per hour. This is fairly fast and can be quite difficult to reach through your own energy alone. By maxing out at 15, you can stay safe and leave any additional speed up to the strength of your legs.

Though you should always check your local legislation, 250-watt bikes are legal in more areas than more powerful motors, making them a safe choice in most cases.

When is the Best Time for Seniors to Ride their Bikes?

As with other age groups, seniors should try to avoid early morning and late-night riding. While it is possible to ride safely at night, doing so often requires extra gear and extra concentration. Riding during the day, therefore, is usually best. 

The best, safest time to ride depends somewhat on where you live, but you should avoid the hottest times of the day in warm climates and the busiest times on the road in populated areas. Although ebikes can make driving in traffic easier, dodging cars on main roads can still be a hassle.

Finding the right ebike for you can take a little research. A good bike, after all, is an investment in your health and lifestyle. When making a decision, understand that your bike is likely to remain with you for many years to come. You should look for features, therefore, that will suit you far down the road.


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