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Buyer's Guide: Best Bikes for the City Fall/Winter 2021

September 8, 2021

Fall and winter bring changing weather and colder temperatures. They’re still perfect seasons for cycling, especially in urban areas. But you’re going to need the best city bikes to traverse those miles. Maybe you’re commuting to work, hitting popular bike trails, going off-road in public parks or some combination of the three. However you ride, there’s a city bike out there for you – and you can find yours with this handy guide.

Sixthreezero's Bestselling City Bikes

You may already know sixthreezero because of its BodyFit Quiz. This proprietary tool matches you with bikes suited for your riding style, body size and health needs – like the EVRYJourney, for instance. As one of the brand’s bestselling city bikes, the EVRYJourney comes in three-, seven- and 21-speed models. Other top-selling city bicycles include Around the Block, Explore Your Range and BodyEase. Most of these are designed for leisurely paced riding, but Explore Your Range and BodyEase can handle faster speeds.

Best City Bikes for Commuting To Work

The daily commute can look a little different for each individual. Commuter bikes are a rather broad category that can include hybrids, touring bikes and cruisers. One great example is sixthreezero’s Explore Your Range, a hybrid bike designed for leisurely- to moderate-paced riding on paved surfaces and trails. Made for comfort, Explore Your Range can easily handle daily commuting, recreating and exercise with a maximum recommended distance of 20 miles.

Riding Your City Bike in the Fall/Winter

When you’re facing dipping temperatures and slicker roads, one of the best city bikes for winter commuting is sixthreezero’s EVRYJourney touring model. Like the Explore Your Range, the EVRYJourney is also a hybrid bike that can handle both city streets and light terrain. It’s equipped with wider tires for a smoother ride and added control. Both are a must when you’re commuting to work between December and April. While riding your EVRYJourney during the winter, you’ll want to keep some safety tips in mind:

  • Ride at slower speeds and avoid sudden movements.
  • Brake only on the rear wheel for optimal stability.
  • Ride defensively and watch for motorists.
  • Dress in layers, including moisture-wicking fabrics and waterproof outerwear.
  • Don’t forget gloves and warm headwear to avoid loss of body heat.

City Bikes for New York City

Sixthreezero’s city bikes are incredibly adaptable, so it’s no surprise you’ll see both the EVRYJourney and Explore Your Range recommended for riding in New York City. Around the Block, BodyEase and Reach Your Destination are other top picks. Reach Your Destination is ideal for fast-paced riding in the Big Apple. It’s built for speed and excels on paved roads, supporting riders up to 6 feet 2 and weighing up to 300 pounds.

City Bike for Los Angeles

Fast bikes are ideal in most urban environments, but let’s not count out leisurely-paced models like the EVRYJourney. This versatile bike fits a wide range of riders – those between 5 feet and 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing up to 300 pounds. A padded foam seat with an extra-wide saddle plus an ergonomic riding position score high marks for comfort. The EVRYJourney is a top favorite among riders with knee and back pain.

City Bike for Chicago

Believe it or not, the EVRYJourney is also a top pick for riders in Chi-Town. We’ve already mentioned how versatile this bike is, but let’s not forget that it comes in several editions – the EVRYJourney Steel plus electric powered 250W and 500W models. For shorter riders, there’s even the 24-inch wheel version.

Riding in the city during winter brings on additional challenges. Weather conditions can impact traction on both paved and unpaved surfaces. You need to consider your typical terrain, comfort needs, riding frequency and desired speed when choosing your best bike.


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