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Bike Related Gifts for Mother's Day 2022

What's the Perfect Mother's Day Gift?

Do you remember who taught you how to ride a bike when you were young? Riding a bike might seem like the most natural thing in the world today.

Mom probably encouraged your successful mastery of two wheels and plenty of other things if you're like many people. Still, if you remember back to the first time the training wheels came off, you can recall the frustration of a few false starts and the ultimate thrill of successfully balancing well enough to navigate your driveway or cul-de-sac.

Of course, the benefits of cycling don't end in childhood. Learning to ride a bike offers a skill that can provide you with a lifetime of fun and fitness, plus an alternative, affordable, and eco-friendly form of transportation. That first thrill of your victory over gravity probably took place decades ago, and your mom was probably there to share it with you.

When you buy a bicycle or bike accessories for your Mom for Mother's Day, you can return the favor in a way that can make your mother's life better too. You can show appreciation to the person who cheered you on and perhaps, applied a few make-it-better kisses and bandages to your knees. Just like your mother probably spent time finding you the right bike when you were young, you should focus on buying an appropriate bicycle for her stage in life and activity level.

Give Mom the Gift of Health for Mother's Day!

Bike riding will provide Mom with a chance to have fun, socialize with friends and family, and even enjoy an inexpensive and eco-friendly form of transportation. As if those benefits didn't offer plenty of motivation to cycle, biking will give middle-aged to senior women one of the best forms of exercise to improve and maintain fitness.

According to WebMD, cycling can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and various kinds of cancer. The low-impact nature of cycling on a well-designed bicycle also helps stave off symptoms of arthritis and other sources of joint pain. Even better, cycling outdoors increases exposure to the sun to help the body naturally produce Vitamin D, plus sunshine and increased blood flow offer positive effects on mood and cognition.

Indeed, encouraging Mom to ride a bike can make her happier and healthier. What better gift could a child offer their mother? Cycling can help keep your mom smart, happy, and fit to enjoy many Mother's Days in the future.

The Best Bicycles for Mother's Day Gifts

Moms come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Still, it's fair to assume that most bike-loving mothers of adult children are probably at least in their 40s or 50s and may range up to their 60s, 70s, or 80s. You'll want to ensure that mom gets started right with an appropriate bicycle for her comfort and fitness level.

Women who are middle-aged to active seniors will enjoy a well-designed bike with thoughtful touches that makes it comfortable, safe, easy to ride, and stylish to look at. As your mother ages, she might experience joint pain, balance problems, or have simply gotten a bit out of shape. With that in mind, consider some popular bicycle choices for middle-aged to active senior women.

This list left out specialized cycles, like racing or mountain bikes. Some older women still engage in these sports. Still, this list focuses on good choices for most women who want a versatile bicycle for casual traveling along city streets, bike paths, and beaches.

EVRYjourney Women's Bicycle

Hybrid bicycles combine design elements of mountain and road bikes. This combination of features makes hybrid bikes a good choice for various terrains. Plus, these cycles sit lower to the ground than typical street bikes, plus they generally have wider tires. Thus, this style makes a good choice for people who want a versatile, comfortable cycle for general use. Hybrid bikes aren't meant for extreme mountain cycling or street racing, but they handle well on streets, paths, and other kinds of terrain.

The EVRYjourney hybrid bicycle looks like a stylish beach cruiser and performs well on various surfaces, such as streets, beaches, and dirt trails. The relatively low top bar makes this bicycle easy to mount, dismount, start, and stop, and a plush seat, 2"-wide tires, and soft grips offer shock absorption, handling, and comfort.

The engineers developed an ergonomic design to make pedaling comfortable. Still, the cyclist can sit relatively close to the ground, ensuring safety and easy stops and dismounts.

The EVERYJourney woman's model adjusts to suit riders with heights that range from five feet to six feet two. A rear rack offers a place for storage and an optional basket. The bike can also accommodate an optional child's seat, so your mom can pedal the grandkids around. Find out more about the revolutionary design and style of the EVRYjourney Woman's bicycle.

BodyEase Adult Tricycle

Maybe Mom never learned how to balance on a two-wheeled bicycle or doesn't feel comfortable riding a traditional two-wheeler because of infirmities or balance problems. The BodyEase Adult Tricycle offers a perfect solution for women who don't care about riding a two-wheeled bicycle for various reasons.

Mom won't feel embarrassed riding this stylish three-wheeler either, but she'll probably get a lot of compliments. The clever design makes this cycle easy to pedal and maneuver, with all the thoughtful touches that the EVRYJourney offers for two-wheeled bikes.

The space between the two rear tires also provides space for a basket. Mom can use the basket to carry groceries, her laptop, or her dog after spreading out a blanket or mat. Find out why a BodyEase Tricycle makes a fantastic gift for any mother who would prefer not to balance on two wheels.

EVRYjourney 500W Woman's Bicycle

This model has the same ergonomic design and quality as the EVRYjourney woman's bicycle described above. The EVRYjourney 500W bike differs because it also comes with a motor and a 500W battery. The battery-powered motor gives your mom the option of pedaling with the motor assisting, pedaling without assistance, or entirely relying upon the smooth, silent motor.

Your mother can charge the battery at any power outlet, and she'll be able to ride faster and further than without the motor, which makes an e-bike a more versatile choice for joyrides, running errands, or even commuting.

Most people pedal along with the motor to preserve the battery. In other words, e-bike riders still get to exercise, but it doesn't feel like hard work. See why the EVRYjourney 500W woman's electric bike makes a perfect Mother's Day gift. SixThreeZero also makes a battery-powered adult tricycle that might appeal to moms who don't like two-wheelers or simply want the extra cargo space.

Bicycling Accessories Mom Will Love

Mom might already own a bicycle and ride it regularly. Cyclists will always appreciate a new accessory that enhances their enjoyment, keeps them safer, or makes biking more convenient.

Accessories for E-Bikes

High-quality e-bikes should hold a charge long enough for regular rides around the park or neighborhood. Some cyclists take their electric bike to work, charge the battery at their desk, and then return it to the cycle for the trip home. Still, an extra battery can offer convenience and confidence for longer trips.

Some cyclists may simply get tired and decide to rely on the battery more than pedaling on long bike rides. In particular, many people love their e-bikes so much they end up taking overnight camping trips with them. If Mom enjoys her e-bike, she will undoubtedly appreciate these two accessories:

  • Extra battery: SixThreeZero sells 250W and 500W bicycle batteries that go with the e-bike motors made for these two standard power levels.
  • Battery charger: A battery charger also provides a convenient way to bring extra power. Like the extra battery, the charger's compact design will make it easy to pack.

Accessories for All Cyclists

Mom's sure to appreciate any or all of these accessories. If one of them doesn't seem like enough, consider bundling a few together in a gift basket.

  • Water bottle cages: Cyclists need to stay hydrated, particularly for rides in warm water. A water bottle cage puts a refreshing drink within easy reach.
  • Pumps: Tires require proper inflation to make rides comfortable and ensure tires last longer. A lightweight, handy bike pump belongs in any cyclist's kit.
  • Lights: Besides helmets and hydration, providing visibility should take priority in every cyclist's list of safety gear. Front and rear lights for bicycles will ensure other cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians see your mother riding by.

Show Mom Love With a Proper Bicycle Helmet

Bicycling offers a fun, effective, and relatively safe way to exercise. Still, a CDC report said that bicycle accidents cause almost 1,000 deaths every year in the U.S. In addition, over half a million cyclists end up in emergency rooms after accidents. Head injuries stand out as the most common cause of severe injuries and account for about one-third of emergency room visits and 62 percent of the fatalities.

For some good news, the CDC also says that proper helmets offer an effective way to reduce the chance of serious injuries. The organization tells consumers to look for appropriate helmets by using ratings from one of three organizations; ANSI, ASTM, or the Snell Memorial Foundation. Also, make sure to buy the right size and type of helmet.

For instance, some helmets rated for conventional helmets might not have a rating for e-bikes because power-assisted bicycles can travel at higher speeds. A helmet rated for a child on skates won't provide enough protection for an adult on an electric bike.

Other benefits of a proper helmet could include:

  • Better visibility: Primarily, a proper helmet will protect Mom's head against injuries. Good helmets may also help with visibility because they have reflective material on the surface or even battery-powered lights.
  • Protection against the weather: Some helmets also have visors to protect the face and eyes from wind and debris and may also include adjustable vents that can open and close, depending upon the weather.
  • Entertainment and socializing: A few innovative manufacturers even embed Bluetooth devices to listen to music or chat with fellow bikers.

An excellent bicycle helmet can make cycling safer, more comfortable, and even more fun in several ways. If Mom doesn't have a helmet or still uses an old, worn one, a new, proper helmet makes an excellent Mother's Day gift.

Why Trust Your Mother's Day to SixThreeZero?

SixThreeZero offers excellent online tools to ensure that riders and bikes fit together like a hand in a glove. If the tools on the company's website don't answer all questions, prospective customers are welcome to call customer service at any time. SixThreeZero also wants to make sure that its products delight each customer with their purchase, so they offer one of the most generous bicycle warranties in the industry.

Besides hybrid cruisers, conventional bicycles, e-bikes, and adult tricycles, SixThreeZero also offers fat tires, commuters, comfort bikes, and even scooters. Buy Mom the perfect bicycle with the ideal fit and enjoy the assurance that Mom will love it, or SixThreeZero will take it back.

While you're shopping for Mother's Day, you might want to consider your Father's Day present. After all, Mom might not want to cycle alone. Naturally, SixThreeZero also offers plenty of men's bikes that offer the same benefits as the women's models.


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