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Bike Accessories to Gift the Bike-Lover You Know and Love

For some, gift-giving is their love language and they excel at it; always being able to find that perfect holiday or birthday present for the people on their lists. Unfortunately, not all of us are so talented. For the rest of us, buying presents can be a struggle as we ponder on just how to find the right balance of price and what the recipient wants or really needs. One good technique for buying gifts is to look at the person's favorite hobbies and what type of accessories or add-ons might help them in those hobbies. For bicycles, there is an exciting array of bike accessories to choose from.

Every cyclist, no matter their experience level or type of preferred riding they have, has some type of dream or ideal with their bike. That might be biking across the country, enjoying a more comfortable commute, getting better exercise, or something else. As you start shopping for bike accessories for the bike lover you know and love, consider what they love about biking and what their goals are with the hobby. What type of items would best help them achieve those goals? The following hopes to help you answer just that:

Bike Accessories to Gift the Bike-Lover You Know and Love

The Solid Bike Lock

It would be nice if we lived in a world where you could lean your bike on a storefront or leave it in front of your friend's garage without any worries. Maybe your loved one does live in such a safe neighborhood but finds themselves wanting to venture further. If so, and for all other cyclists, a solid bicycle lock is a must-have bike accessory.

A quality bike lock (we are not talking about those thin one-link chains) gives the cyclist peace of mind that they can leave their bicycle somewhere while they enjoy their errands or general adventures and that it will be secured. Just as how you'd take out the keys and lock the car before heading into a cafe for a cup of coffee or visiting a friend's place. But to do so requires having a good bike lock that one can trust won't' be easily cut by a would-be thief.

There are two types of bike locks that experienced cyclists will recommend: U-locks and heavy chain locks. U-locks like this Sunlite Bicycle Lock is a bit cheaper and heavier, but provide significant protection against theft as it cannot be easily cut away. On the other hand, the slightly more expensive Securit Spyne Armor Combo Lock offers better flexibility and doesn't require carrying a key.

Rear Rack Panniers

Just about all of the bikes we sell at sixthreezero come with a rear rack already installed. We incorporate bike racks because of how much more versatile they make bicycles. With a bike rack, you can carry shopping items and transform a ride through the park into a picnic or ball game. Bike racks simply make it easy to take the things you love with you as you adventure about on your bicycle. But while the bike lover on your list might have a bike rack, you might ask them whether they have a good set of panniers.

Panniers are a type of bicycle bag that comes in a set of two and are generally mounted on the rear racks of a bicycle. Some refer to them as saddlebags since they are very reminiscent of those bags that you'd throw across the back of a horse. Panniers or saddlebags make it possible for cyclists to bring all manner of items with them on their adventures, including snacks, camping supplies, and so much more. Panniers are, in fact, most often associated with long-distance rides, but anyone can benefit from them. Including that avid cyclist on your Christmas list.

Versatility is what we had in mind with our sixthreezero Rear Rack Bag V1. This rear pannier bag set is probably not going to be big enough for someone planning an overnight trip, but it is the perfect size for those who enjoy day adventures around town and country. This bag features both a left and a right bag that are connected via a thick fabric and handle at the center. Both bags are very roomy and are comprised of durable materials that are built to withstand the elements.

Standing Bike Pump

You would think that every cyclist would already have a standing bicycle pump, but funnily enough, that often isn't the case. Many beginner or casual cyclists will keep just a hand pump as hand pumps are cheaper and generally sufficient to get bike tires to the proper inflation. Some cyclists won't keep a pump at all, relying instead on local bike shops when a tube needs replacing or tires reinflating. And yet, the moment you have your own standing bike pump, everything changes -- making it the ideal gift for the bike lover that has been dragging their heels on this investment.

Bike tires will naturally deflate with regular use and temperature changes (cold air contracts, hot air expands). In other words, you don't need to experience an actual puncture flat to need to pump up your bike tires. Bicycle tires, just like car tires, have optimum tire pressures they should be inflated to. When you have a standing bike pump, you can check for that optimum bike pressure every time you get ready to take your bike out. A bike that's properly inflated is one that is easier to ride with less resistance and better speed.

So help the bike lover on your holiday list better enjoy their riding experience with the convenience of an at-home standing bike pump. Our top choice for a nice balance of price and quality is the Pedros Domestique Floor Pump. This is an easy-to-use floor pump that comes with both types of bike tube valves (Presta and Schrader) and a clear PSI indicator that shows the inner PSI level. With this bike pump, the cyclist can easily get a flat tire back up and ready to go in under five minutes.

Bluetooth Speakers

Not every gift for the bike lover you have been shopping for has to be utilitarian. Sometimes, it's good to get something that is simply fun; something like a handlebar-mounted Bluetooth speaker.

Handlebar-mounted Bluetooth speakers are easy to attach to any bike's handlebars. Simply click it on and pair it with your phone or other device loaded with music and podcasts. Then, when you are on the go, you can easily swipe through and turn up your favorite tunes -- thereby enhancing one's everyday bike ride.

Some models will also include a built-in microphone that will support hands-free calling and even text messaging. Best of all, most bike-oriented Bluetooth speakers are easily removable and include clips that make it possible to take them wherever the adventure takes you.

While we don't have any Bluetooth speakers available right now via our website, we do have another type of tech-assist product that the tech-savvy bicyclist might appreciate...

Handlebar Phone Holder or Phone Mount

Naturally, a person staring at their phone while biking is just about as dangerous as a person staring at their phone while driving. Being alert about one's surroundings is essential to enjoying the best cycling has to offer. That said, having your phone secured on your handlebars where you can easily view it has some pretty big advantages that are worth taking notice of.

The bicycle phone mount or handlebar phone holder puts the cyclist's smartphone front and center on the handlebars. This unit makes it easy to snap the phone in and out of a secured position. No more struggling with stowing a phone in a jacket or in the rear panniers. From the front-and-center position, the rider can easily swipe through music playlists and podcasts or answer an incoming phone call with minimal movements. Phone mounts are also ideal for navigation needs. The cyclist simply clicks the phone into place, pulls up their desired navigation app, types in the destination, and voilà, the directions are shown in a clear display right between the handlebars.

We have a couple of different handlebar mounts available via our online store, but our most popular is this Clean Motion Rotating Cell Phone Holder. This unit features a silicone inlay in the center and sides that securely cradle the rider's phone. The back setting of the mount twists, allowing for vertical, horizontal, or other viewing positions. This phone mount fits most modern smartphones, including iPhones between generation iPhone 5 to iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxies S6, S5, S4, S3, and most of the Note devices.

Extra Warm Cycling Glovers or Handlebar Mitts

If you're shopping for Christmas presents, then you might consider also shopping for the season, that is to say the cold weather season. If you have know someone who generally loves cycling but hates how the cold and wet weather reduces their riding time come winter, then you might consider looking at some items that can get them to be more comfortable. Enter the gift of warm cycling gloves and handlebar mitts.

A quality pair of warm, water-resistant (or even better, waterproof), and windproof gloves are a wonderful gift for any cyclist who might encounter some nasty weather. These gloves work to extend the biking season into the winter and generally make it so that the timid cyclist will be more confident across conditions.

Handlebar mittens are a unique add-on accessory that have become incredibly popular in very snowy areas. Unlike gloves which the person puts on their body to wear on and off their bike, the handlebar mittens are an accessory that gets added onto the bike itself. They are mounted to the handlebars so that the cyclist can slide their hands into them without difficulty and allow for easy braking and shifting.

While we don't have any cycling gloves or handlebar mittens available on our online store, yet, we do have some pretty nifty hoodies. A thick and comfortable hoodie like this Midweight Hooded Black Beauty 100% Cotton Pullover Unisex Sweatshirt is another type of apparel a cyclist can wear to stay warm and cozy during windy and chilly bike rides.

Spare Tires, Bike Tubes, & Tire Levers

Spare tires, tubes, and tire levers aren't exactly "fun" gifts, but they are gifts that you can bet that a cyclist will always have need of and use. That bike-loving individual on your holiday list is almost guaranteed to appreciate a pair of quality Gatorskin bike tires. That's because these are fantastic tires that have been thoroughly tested and found to be puncture resistant, almost puncture proof. But because they are so durable, they get pretty expensive for bike tires, meaning some people may be less inclined to buy them for themselves. Thus, a gift of the best in bike tires is sure to be a useful gift highly appreciated!

In addition to bike tires, tubes and repair kits are always going to be used. Even the most careful of cyclists with the highest quality of bike tires will eventually find themselves with a flat. Hopefully, they won't be stranded on the side of the road when it happens, but if they are, and they have your repair kit, they'll be ready to get back up and cycle with minimal downtime.

Make Sure to Browse the Rest of Our Online Store for Other Great Bike Accessory Gift Ideas

We hope this quick list of the best bike accessories to gift the bike lover you know and love gives you some inspiration. But if you find yourself still struggling to find that perfect present, know that this isn't all there is. Visit our online store to see more fantastic bike accessories, including bright lights that fit inside the wheel and the most durable of bike helmets, and don't hesitate to shoot our customer service team an email or chat request to learn more about any of our products.


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