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Bicycling Phoenix: 10 Best Bike Trails

Having miles of unfettered desert surrounding your city has its advantages, and hundreds of trails are among them. Phoenix bike trails are as varied in their terrain as they are their difficulty. You can take a leisurely Sunday ride through a neighborhood park or a calf-busting journey through a black diamond trail. Here are 10 of the top trails in and around PHX:

  1. Papago Park

Distance: 3 Miles

This beginner-friendly network of trails contains two loops that are 3 miles a piece. Looping around this park in Tempe is a good way to get in a short yet satisfying ride on the weekend. 

  1. Indian Bend Wash Trail

Distance: 11 miles

This path runs along the Indian Bend Wash, and it covers 11 miles of terrain that includes trees, rocks, and green golf courses. About half-way through the journey, you can stop at Eldorado Park for a swim or picnic. 

  1. Murphy’s Bridle Path

Distance: 1.5 miles

If you’re looking for a quick jaunt, this paved trail is a great option in the city. It’s also heavily shaded, making it ideal for hot days.

  1. Brown’s Ranch Perimeter Loop

Distance: 15.5 miles

When you’re up for a challenge, this mountain loop answers the call. You’ll see desert vistas from the top before enjoying the sight of Balanced Rock and greater Scottsdale on the way down.

  1. Scottsdale Greenbelt

Distance: 13 miles

If the brown hues of desert life are starting to get to you, this flat trail in Scottsdale will be a welcomed changed. Much of the trail is surrounded by green maintained lawns and the wide path is great for biking in groups.

  1. National Trail

Distance: 14 miles

Located in the South Mountain Park and Preserve, the National Trail is an adventurous one. Save this scenic route for when you need to blow off some steam or prove you’ve achieved expert status.

  1. Desert Classic Trail

Distance: 9 miles

Also located in the South Mountain Park and Preserve, the Desert Classic Trail is good for intermediate riders. You’ll enjoy smooth trail way and plenty of sweeping views.

  1. Moonlight Trail

Distance: 1.3 miles

Proving that not all the best bike trails in Phoenix are the longest, the Moonlight Trail in San Tan Regional Park offers up a short enjoyable ride. When you’re ready to leave your phone in the car and give your legs a quick workout, set out on this fun loop.

  1. Sonora Trail

Distance: 12 miles

If smooth and hilly is your terrain of choice, look no further than the Sonora Trail. This easy-to-navigate single-track trail is well marked and a good cardio workout.

  1. Deem Hill

Distance: 5 miles

Deem Hill is rocky but it offers up a variety of trail loops. You’ll begin with a tough uphill climb, but switchbacks and places to pull off for a breather make the experience fun and achievable. It’s a great place for a secluded ride.

Golfing and hiking get a lot of attention in Arizona, but biking in Phoenix is growing more popular and the trails are helping. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro seeking out new challenges, the city delivers a trail experience up your alley.

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