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Bicycle Tourism: From City Bicycles To Beach Bikes

Have you ever heard of bicycle tourism? As defined by the Path Less Pedaled, bicycle tourism is “any travel-related activity for the purpose of pleasure which incorporates a bicycle.” Bicycle Tourism can include three types of terrain: gravel, road, and mountain biking. From city bicycles to beach cruisers and hybrids, your tourism destination will determine which type of bicycle you will need as your companion.

Types of Bicycle Tourism

Day Rides: Day rides, or urban cycling, refer to an easygoing cycle around the city. Day rides include bike sharing, tours around the city and leisurely rides often enjoyed while visiting a new city. City bicycles would be best for this, like the sixthreezero RideIn ThePark.

Bicycle Traveling: This form of bicycle tourism is organized by individuals and can consist of a multi-day ride. Touring can include Adventure Cycling, well-known trails and overnight cycling trips. Depending on the location, you may need a lightweight city bike, a mountain bike or a hybrid. Check out one of our favorite hybrids, the ExploreYourRange.

Destination Riding: Destination riding centers around a specific attraction or destination. A destination ride could be along a beach trail, the wine country or popular hiking spots for mountain bikers. A simple beach cruiser, like the Wow Breezy would be perfect for a cruise along the coast.

Event Cycling: This form of bicycle tourism encompasses races, tours and organized rides. Well-known cycling events include the Tour de France, Cycle Oregon and Cyclocross races. Event cycling is a fun way to meet other cyclists and learn more about bicycle tourism.

What Makes for a Great Bicycle Tourism Destination?

Bicycle tourism is a fun way to explore a new area whether you are traveling nationally, globally or getting to know your own city through a staycation. What makes for a great bicycle tourism destination has a lot to do with the rider’s preferences. If you are looking to explore the urban concrete jungle, city bicycles can help you get around to see all of the sites. If the open road with small towns along the way is more along the lines of what you are interested in, a hybrid bicycle will be a great companion throughout your journey.

For an area to be considered a bicycle touring destination, it must offer a pleasant ride for cyclists. There are ways for many communities to attract bicycle tourists with existing historical attractions, scenic routes and popular tourist destinations. From cross-country routes along roads with little traffic, a trail along a railway or an easy cycling path within an historical town, there are a variety of ways for a community to become a bicycle touring destination. A great way to highlight your community as a destination is to organize a ride or race. Ultimately, work with the Department of Transportation to be designated as a U.S.

Bicycle Route so your destination becomes official on a national scale.

Whether you are new to cycling or an expert rider, bicycle tourism is a fun way to meet fellow cyclists while exploring new destinations.

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