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Bicycle Sizing Chart for Electric Bikes for Women

Cycling is a very liberating experience. Here, you have a simple machine that will take you all across town and country in a way that is good for mental and physical wellbeing. But if you want to get the most out of cycling, there is one key thing you will need to do: Make sure you get the right bike size for you.

The Importance of Correct Sizing

One of the top reasons, perhaps even the number one reason, why many newcomers to cycling give up on the hobby and sport early is because of discomfort with their bike. An improperly fit bike is one that will cause you pain and discomfort. That pain and discomfort will serve as a deterrent for biking overall and, in some cases, may even cause lingering issues.

Plus, there's just the cost factor to consider. If you invest several hundred or thousand+ in a bicycle, then don't you want a vehicle that will last you many, many years to come? I have a bicycle that has been with me, and regularly ridden, for 11 years, surviving many moves and many more adventures. While plenty (okay, just about all) of its components have been replaced at this point, it is still a solid machine that I enjoy riding because I took the time to ensure a proper, comfortable fit.

Unfortunately, for women especially, knowing that you need a good bike fit and understanding how to find that perfect bike fit can often feel worlds apart. This is because of several factors that can make shopping for a bicycle frustrating. When shopping, you must be aware that different frame styles have different chart recommendations, different bike wheel sizes can impact sizing recommendations, and finally, your unique body build may mean that you won't fit perfectly in what a women's bicycle chart might recommend for you.

The good news is that our team at sixthreezero is here to help! Let's narrow down the whole wide world of bicycle types and focus in on electric bikes and what you need to know about bicycle sizing charts to help you learn how to find that perfect fit for you.

Understanding Bicycle Sizing Charts for Women's Electric Bikes

First, make sure that when you are looking at bicycle charts and sizing guides, you are looking at women's sizing charts -- if you are a woman, of course. This is because women and men have different general body types. Women, on average, tend to have shorter legs, longer torsos, and shorter arms than men. And because many frame manufacturers use inseam and arm length measurements to inform their bike sizes, looking at a men's chart when you need a women's bike frame will invariably give you grief. Unless your body proportions are more similar to that of a man.

Now, to Narrow it Down to That Perfect Bike

So you've got the right overall chart in front of you, next it's time to narrow down the selection. Consider the following factors as you choose your next bike. Those factors include:

  • Considering the tire size. Most electric bikes on the market today come with a frame built for one of two wheel and tire sizes: 700c and 26-inch. Road bikes are built with 700c wheels in mind (the larger diameter of the two), while mountain bikes are built with 26-inch wheels in mind. Hybrids have been neatly split in the middle and you will find electric bikes built for both size wheelsets. What's important for women bicyclists to consider is, if you don't like the feeling of being high in your saddle or otherwise want a bike that's easy to step off of, then you want to look for electric bikes that have that 26-inch wheel size. You will find hybrids, mountain bikes, and cruisers all with 26-inch wheelsets.
  • Considering the bike's purpose. Naturally, your next question is apt to be what to choose between hybrids, mountain bikes, and cruisers. Each of these types of bike is built with a different purpose in mind. Mountain bikes are meant for dirt trails and rockier terrain; hybrids for taking on city lanes and some light paths at a slightly quicker pace; and cruisers for slow and easy riding around town. Due to each of these bikes being built for a different purpose, their frame geometry is going to be a bit different. This is why you will have different bicycle sizing charts for mountain bikes and road bikes. Make sure you are looking at the correct bike frame sizing chart before purchasing your bike.
  • Considering frame features. The final thing to look at when considering which bicycle sizing chart you should use and what size bike you should buy are the more ancillary bike features. For example, maybe you really want that road bike or taller hybrid, but don't want to feel like you're leaping off every time you come to a stop. A solution for this is to get a bike with a step-through top-tube which reduces how far you have to lift your leg over when dismounting.

Enjoy That Test Ride!

Of course, the very best way to determine whether or not a bike is the right size for you is by giving it a test ride! But that can be kind of hard when you're shopping online, huh? That's why our team at sixthreezero is proud to offer a 30 Day Test Ride, no questions asked. Use your measuring tape or go into your local bike shop, get those correct measurements and then give one of our friendly representatives a shout about ordering in that correct size for your frame and ideal riding style. Once it arrives on your doorstep (free shipping on all bicycle orders) go out and enjoy your new steed! Take your new electric bike for a full month test ride and if at the end of that month, it doesn't feel like a bike you'll be comfortable on for the next year, five years, decade -- send it back! No worries. Our team is proud to offer this service and guarantee because, in the end, a sizing chart is just a recommendation. All of our bodies are different and while there are correct ways to sit on a bike for maximum comfort and riding performance, things vary. The only person who can determine what bike really suits their body is themselves.

Learn more about all of our electric bikes and what makes our women's hybrid and cruiser electric bikes such a hot buy by checking out some of our videos from cyclists just like you!


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