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Best Women's Step Through Bikes Summer 2022

July 22, 2022

To make the most of biking this summer, you deserve a bike that you feel safe and comfortable on and that you enjoy riding. Of course, getting the right color and the ideal style, as well as having a few favorite accessories, are all important considerations, too. Taking a look at the frame style is a fundamental option that you should consider before deciding on a bike that will bring pleasure for several years.

What Is a Step Through Bike?

This bike style has a lowered bar that goes from the seat to the handlebars. It typically has the look of a lady's bike from the past, where this middle bar is nonexistent or least very low. It has a nice look and has a somewhat feminine vibe, especially when combined with one of our signature colors at Sixthreezero. A step through bike in teal, mint green, coral or light plum helps accent your personal style when you are out exploring the beach, trail or neighborhood.

What Are the Pros of a Step Through Bike?

Safety and convenience are two of the benefits of this frame style. With an easy on and off, you are less likely to fall when riding. When getting on the bike, you easily step through the frame, place both feet flat on the ground, then put one foot on the pedal, shove off and place the second foot on the pedal as you sit down. When coming to a stop just slow down and then take one foot off the pedal, place it on the ground and then place the other foot on the ground as you get off the bike seat. Simple and safe.

Step Through Bike Vs. Step Over Bike

As a bike rider, you have specific tastes. These two fundamental frame styles impart different looks to the bike, with the step over bike perhaps looking more masculine and the step through bike looking more feminine. If you have some concerns with flexibility and coordination, a step through bike makes sense. While both styles can be ridden safely, many women opt for the convenience of a step through style.

What To Look for in a Step Through Bike?

For the ideal bike, you should consider where you expect to ride, how far you wish to ride and if you expect to carry any extra gear. You should also determine whether you want an electric bike or a traditional model. From there, you will have options for color, tire size, comfort features, number of gears and more. At sixthreezero, we also have the option of customizing your bike, allowing you to get any special features you want.

Women's 7 Speed City Commuter Bikes

Commuter bikes have some nice versatility and you can choose from several excellent options. Some models have a slightly higher middle bar but still allow for easier access, while a few other choices such as the Paven'Trail in both traditional and electric and the RideInThe Park 500W have much lower middle bars.

Women's Comfort Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Comfort and cruiser bikes offer the ultimate in relaxation and ergonomic design to limit any aches and pains from riding. These bikes are excellent for slow touring of beach roads or enjoying a quiet park. Several Bodyease models are available in either electric or traditional that deliver safety and comfort in a beautiful frame.

Women's Evryjourney Touring Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes give you the best of many valuable bike features, from slightly larger tires to speed options to electric versions. They perform well on many different surfaces and are at home on the road and trail. With several step-through options to choose from, it is easy to find a bike that matches your summer riding style.


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