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Best Women’s Bikes: A Buyer’s Guide To Find What You Need

July 16, 2018
Best Women’s Bikes: A Buyer’s Guide To Find What You Need
Best Women’s Bikes: A Buyer’s Guide To Find What You Need

Cycling is a great way to stay fit and have fun. But, to get the most out of your ride, you need to be on a bike you love.

Women often wonder what type of bike they should choose. Does it matter if you want to ride for pure pleasure or for a workout? Why are women’s bikes shaped differently? These are just some of the questions we hear from our customers.

This buyers guide to women’s bikes will help you find what you need and introduce you to the best women’s bikes.


Look at a Variety of Designs

Begin searching for the best bike for you by looking at various women’s bikes for sale. Check out cruisers and city bikes. Evaluate hybrid bikes and trail bikes. In particular, focus on women-specific bike designs that are made to specifically suit a woman’s body. Keep in mind that many bikes that are advertised for women are really just modified men’s frames.

Try Out Different Bikes

Sixthreezero lets you sit on your bike, ride it around and decide whether or not it’s comfortable for you. Until you experience a bike, you won’t know if you need a wider seat, higher handlebars or a design that accounts for your anatomical uniqueness. When trying out a bike, you’ll want to take note if your body feels any discomfort or pain while on it.

Pay Attention to Handlebar Width

Men’s bikes often have handlebars that are up to 40 centimeters in length. Many women find that this is simply too long for their body. Women should look for handlebars that are roughly 36 centimeters long. This will lead to improved body support and stability. Remember that the smaller your shoulder width, the smaller the length of the handlebars should be.

Focus on Reach

Reach is the span of space between the handlebars and the seat. This varies on different bikes. You should choose your reach based on the length of your arms and your height. An ideal reach distance lets you sit comfortably on your bike and reach your handlebars without stretching or slouching. Your elbows should be only slightly bent when your hands are on the handlebars and your bottom is on the seat.

Test Brakes and Gears

Some women cyclists complain that the gears on their bikes are too big for their hands. When you test out a bike, sit on it and make sure you’re comfortable with actively braking the bike. Make sure you can engage all of the gears without straining.

Bike Model

Some riders need a lightweight and portable bike, and others are more comfortable with a sturdy frame. Being able to try a bike is important because you can get a feel for its weight. Our Dreamcycle Woman Single Speed Bike and the sixthreezero BE Woman Single Speed White with Blue Rims are popular bikes, and many riders try these out and love them!

We invite you to try a women’s sixthreezero bike and see how it suits your body and lifestyle.

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