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Best Type of Bikes for First-Time Women Electric Bike Riders

If you love bicycling and want to incorporate it into your daily life, beyond long fitness rides on the bicycle trail, an electric bike is a perfect solution. It's also a fantastic way to ease back into bike riding if you've been away from it for several years or since you were a young girl. 

In any case, as an adult woman, you will love the blend of a classic bike riding experience combined with comfort, convenience, exercise, and increased sustainability. The electric bike offers these benefits and so much more for women.


Your main question might be what type of bike is the right one for you as a first-time electric bike rider. 

Let's take a look at some key considerations for you as you try to find the best electric bike for women in general and for you specifically. 

A Quick History of Electric Bikes


Most people think of e-bikes as a relatively new transportation technology. However, the first patent for a battery-powered bicycle was documented in 1895, so the idea has floated through the minds of cycling engineers for around 125 years now. Fast-forward to 2001, and you'll find many references to the e-bike, electric bike, power bike, pedelec, power-assisted bicycle, and assisted bicycle, as innovators continued working on this evolving technology that was and remains in demand. 

According to Bicycle History, "the electric bicycle is the only transportation device that managed in the last 20 years to take a significant part of the bicycle market share." It seems that the public identifies with the modern design that so closely resembles a traditional comfort-based bicycle and features a small and efficient motor and easy control methods.


Europe and North America are now slowly but surely catching up with China's 120 million electric bicycles on the road with sales reported in the 1.5 million units range combined. 

Why Do People Love Electric Bikes?


Everyone, but environmentally conscious people, in particular, love e-bikes because they offer women, men, and young adults an opportunity to reduce automobile usage, thus reducing carbon emissions. As an electric mode of transportation, the e-bike gives off no harmful emissions that a combustion engine does.

That means that any women's e-bike you choose is truly earth-friendly and does not cause any pollution. 

Further, you can't beat the exercise factor. We all know how challenging it can be to manage a regular exercise routine in our daily lives. Many women do it each, but it often cuts into family, friends, or hobby time. Sometimes, trying to make it to a gym session causes more stress than it intends to alleviate, leaving women frustrated and anxious. 

With an electric bike, you can let the motor power you to work, so you can stay fresh and ready for the day. But when the workday ends, you can use your own energy to propel yourself home or even to a gym class since we all know that a body in motion stays in motion. However, even if you go home and relax, you'll have given your body some organic exercise. 

One more advantage to e-bikes is that they are frequently used as rehabilitation tools for patients recovering from injuries, illnesses, surgery, or major health crises like heart attacks. Instead of trying to get back on your road, hybrid, or mountain bike after a major health event, you can use your e-bike to reduce muscle strain and cardiac exertion until you're back up to speed and healthy as ever.

Why E-Bikes Are Great for Women

If you need any additional reasons for choosing to invest in a women's e-bike, your health is number one on our list. We mentioned above how challenging it is to get to the gym or take time out to commit to regular, focused exercise, but there is more to the story for women.

The simple fact is that, as women, we often feel vulnerable about our bodies, regardless of our current state of fitness. We feel like we are under a microscope in our regular work and casual clothes, so it's only natural that putting on exercise gear in a confined indoor space might feel awkward for many women.

The electric bicycle can help you get your daily exercise on your own terms and without self-consciousness. Further, you might feel uncomfortable about your current fitness level or weight. Suppose you haven't exercised for a while. In that case, you might worry about trying to get back into shape on a traditional bicycle, especially on big hills, or on a cardio machine in a sea of seemingly ultra-fit people.


Your new women's e-bike can help you achieve a level of fitness that helps you feel more confident, whether riding to work or deciding to do some strength workouts at the fitness center.

The Health Benefits of Bicycling for Women

We all know how vital achieving and maintaining fitness is at any age, and especially as we get older. Riding an e-bike helps you get fit and stay fit with ease. 

If you need more evidence that e-bicycles are the path to excellent well-being, let's look at some common health benefits of bike riding for women. 

Improves Various Aspects of Core Fitness


One of the premier reasons women cycle for fitness is to improve the cardiovascular system. But you will also see benefits in your mobility, strength, and flexibility over time as you commit to riding your e-bike any chance you get. With that, you will experience a notably improved quality of life. Even better, you are likely to extend your longevity as you commit to regular daily exercise. 

Think about how much easier life will become as you improve your fitness. Everything from getting up from a chair, lifting a heavy grocery bag or cast iron skillet, climbing a floor or two of stairs, gardening, or running to catch a bus becomes easier as your overall health improves.

Most of all, it improves your sense of well-being, even while at rest, and you will probably sleep much better, longer, and more soundly.


Helps Reduce the Pain and Discomfort of Menstrual Cramps and Menopause


According to Girl Bike Love, aerobic exercise like cycling "helps to get deoxygenated blood through the veins." With that, your body releases prostaglandins and other chemicals that relieve menstrual pain and discomfort.

For women experiencing, or on the cusp of experiencing, menopause, cycling exercise is vital for you too. According to Mayo Clinic, sessions on your e-bike can help you ride out menopause more easily since exercise helps with the following:

  • Strengthens your bones
  • Prevents weight gain 
  • Reduces the risk of cancer 
  • Boosts your mood 

Keeps Your Mind Sharp 

We can experience memory lapses and lack of focus at any age, but regular exercise on an e-bike can help us improve our memory and productivity. Think about some of your best long walks, jogs, or bike rides, and you'll probably remember the bursts of creativity you experienced. Cycling is an excellent way to get your synapses firing, helping you stay more mentally alert and productive throughout the day.


Saves Time and Money


Once you make the initial investment in your e-bike, the cost remains low, and you don't need to worry about the expensive upkeep or fuel for an automobile or having the exact fare for the bus or train. Ensure that your e-bike stays charged and ready to roll, and you can get to work or meetings in plenty of time without spending much at all. 

There Are Different Types of E-Bikes for Women 

If you are new to bike riding or recently returned after a long time away from cycling, you might not know what types of bikes are available. You might wonder if there are cruisers, commuters, or town bikes. The answer is "yes" to all of the above. 

Here are some popular e-bike styles available to you: 

  • Cruiser E-Bikes. Ideal for recreational e-bike riders who want to relax and feel comfortable while cruising along the beach boardwalk, on a gentle bike path, or around town. Designed for flat terrains and paved roads, the wide tires and strong suspension system reduce shock, adding to the comfort level. One huge boon is the higher placement of the handlebars, allowing for a more upright right that's gentler on your back and encourages better posture. 
  • Commuter E-Bikes. Commuter e-bikes are ideal for going to and from work, running daily errands, visiting friends, or going anywhere else that strikes your fancy. Even better, you can do it as quickly as you need to. These bikes tend to have large but narrow tires designed to enhance efficiency. Although not as wide as the seats on cruisers, the upright design and wider seats ensure optimal comfort.
  • Mountain E-Bikes. If you are a daredevil and want to take your e-bike riding adventures off-road, you'll have no problem with a mountain e-bike. You can hit the trails with confidence with wide tires and flat handlebars that make it easy to handle just about any terrain and far off-path dirt trails.
  • Road E-Bikes. Similar to cruisers, road e-bikes are ideal for recreational riding on paved surfaces. With the narrow tires and dropped handlebars like traditional road bikes, you can enjoy some fast, fitness-oriented riding. If you feel the need for speed, road-designed electric bicycles are a great option.

What Type of Women's E-Bike Is Best for a First-Time Electric Bicycle Buyer?


Now that you know some of the many excellent benefits of owning an e-bike—added to any you've compiled on your own—and the different styles of available e-bikes on the market, you're probably ready to start your search in earnest.

But where to begin? With so many high-quality e-bikes of every variety out there, you might wonder which one is right for you. 

Let's look at some of the best e-bikes for women today.

Do You Need More Ideas Before Choosing the Right E-Bike?

If you need more information and ideas before making this big decision about your e-bike, our team at Six Three Zero is here and happy to help! We love talking about electric bicycles and helping each person find the best fit.


Contact us to learn more about all the styles and powers of e-bikes we offer, so you can find the one you'll love riding for years to come.


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