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Best Tricycles for Adults of 2023

Electric tricycles and bicycles for adults are really coming into their own and 2023 promises to be another year when more people leave their cars at home while stepping onto an adult tricycle or beach cruiser bike. Of course, there are several factors driving this trend. First, electric trikes and bikes are getting more and more sophisticated, easier to ride, and, to be fair, they look cool. Besides that, more adults want to have a non-car option to get to and from work, make a run to the farmers’ market, or cruise to the beach or through the local park for recreation. More people have the desire to do their part to protect the environment from additional greenhouse gasses, and an electric trike or bike is a super way to take care of business that way. The adult tricycles of 2023 aren’t your childhood trikes at all. Aside from being a great option for not worrying about balance issues at all, they possess impressive carrying capacity. And even the electric 2-wheelers can be tricked out with baskets and side bags, and handlebar bags so you can carry what you need whenever you need to. 

What to Look for in an Electric Tricycle

Electric tricycles are like the sport utility vehicles of the cycling universe. They aren’t built for taking on the Tour de France, and that’s OK. When looking at adult tricycles, there are several things to consider:

1. The Frame

Since you want your electric trike or bike to last for years and go everywhere with you, it needs to be durable, but light and rust resistant. The frame should be constructed with ease of mounting and dismounting in mind. You should be able to simply step through. Just as importantly, pedaling should be easy. You shouldn’t have to hunch over to reach the handlebars. You should be able to sit straight up, with the spine in a neutral position, arms extended easily to reach the handlebar grips. The pedals should be positioned a bit forward to take the stress off of your knees when pedaling. A step-through frame should also make it easy to put your feet on the ground when you brake.

2. The Brakes

Speaking of brakes, a lot of riders who come back to pedaling after years of not being on a trike or bike expect the “coaster” kind of brakes where you have to start pedaling backward in order to engage the brake mechanism. Experts agree, however, that it is safer and more responsive if the trike has both rear and front disc brakes that can be engaged from the handlebars. This makes it easier and faster to stop when you need to.

3. The Gears

Old school trikes and beach cruiser bikes have classically had one speed to work with, making it necessary to pedal harder and get more of a workout. Having more gears to work with enables you to cover more ground, specifically hills and different types of terrain, with less resistance. If you can find an electric trike or bike with 7 gears, you can go farther, faster, and with less sweat and exertion if you choose.

How to Pick the Right Electric Tricycle for You

It’s important to consider three things when choosing an electric tricycle. First, how will it fit you? If you go to the “FIT” panel on the right side of this page, you can enter your fit details and get suggestions for the trike or bike that will best fit your frame. Next, how will you use the electric tricycle? Are you using it for weekend rides to the beach? Picking up groceries? Commuting to and from work? All of the above? Lastly, are you interested in getting more of a workout, or do you want the bike to do most of the work? Sixthreezero has designed electric trikes and bikes with your needs and comfort in mind. Let us know if you have any questions at theteam@sixthreezero. 


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