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Best Trails To Ride Your Electric Bike In Denver

Updated On: June 24, 2022

Denver is famous for being one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S., and this reputation is well-deserved. It’s a wonderland of bike lanes and mountain trails, beckoning bike enthusiasts to start cycling. If you happen to have an eBike, exploring these areas is even easier, and there are several trails that are uniquely well-suited to an eBike excursion. Check out the best trails in Denver and get the most out of your visit to the Mile High City.

Navigating Denver’s Landscape by eBike

Denver’s landscape is surrounded by mountainous tundra, but Denver itself is located within rolling plains. These plains make for a flat landscape that can easily be navigated via bike. If you’re enthralled by the prospect of tackling mountaintops, though, don’t worry — the mountains you see in the background of the city are just a short drive away.

Denver eBike Laws

Denver eBike laws are unique because they differentiate between various classes of eBikes. According to city legislation, for example, eBikes that belong to Classes 1 and 2 are allowed to be ridden on any multi-use trail in Denver or Colorado. Some Class 3 eBikes are also allowed on multi-use trails, but the determination is made based on the makeup of the trail. Class 3 eBikes are often heavier and impose more traction, which can be damaging to certain topographies.

Best Paved Bike Trails in Denver

If you prefer to hit the road without worrying about bumps or rocks, a paved bike path may be the best bet for you — and luckily, there are many of them in Denver. The city contains over 85 miles of paved bike trails, in fact, so you can easily find a trail that’s suited to your skill level. One of the longest and most popular paved bike paths is the South Platte River Trail, where Native Americans once settled along the South Platte River.

Best “Off the Beaten Path” Trails

Sometimes you want to discover something new. You want to go somewhere that’s unpopulated and undisturbed. There are many “off the beaten path” trails in and around Denver that can satisfy this yearning. The Four Mile Historic Park is often cited as one of Denver’s hidden gems, and for good reason. In a previous life, it was a stop for stagecoach traffic, but it is now a park that can be accessed by riding the bike path in Cherry Creek for only four miles.

Biking Downtown Denver

If you’re drawn to urban sprawl and metropolitan scenery, biking downtown Denver will be a dream. This area is one of the busiest for bicyclists, and you’ll be mingling with locals who are likely commuting to and from work. If this prospect doesn’t scare you, you can grab your eBike and start riding until your find a stretch of bike lane — and see where it takes you!

Best Spots to Stop for Food

In addition to its reputation for being a bike-friendly city, Denver is a renowned center of culinary excellence. You can enjoy both by stopping for a food break between biking stints. Where you stop depends on where you’re biking, but you can find plenty of fresh, vegetarian, and vegan eateries to satisfy cravings for healthy food.


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