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Best Step Through Bikes For Women Fall/Winter 2022

July 24, 2022

For some riders, the ideal bike for summer might be a different style from the optimal bike for the cooler months. Since you are less likely to spend a leisurely day at the beach or lakeshore, you might want something more robust and versatile for fall and winter. If you have any inclination that you might ride in the snow, then you probably want to look at fat tire bikes that excel at traction and stability on challenging surfaces.

What Is a Step Through Bike?

Whenever a bike frame does not have a raised bar that goes from the seat to the handlebars, this is known as a step through bike. While this bike style was once synonymous with lady's bikes, that is not really the case today. Both men's and women's bikes come in this safe and convenient style. With this frame design, you don't have to worry about getting on and off the bike and your chances of falling are much lower.

Why Buy a Step Through Bike for Fall/Winter?

More and more people are finding that one bike is not enough. While multiple bikes are not for everyone, and many bike models allow for some impressive versatility, the truth is that having more than one bike is a good way to extend your riding into the shoulder seasons.

With a good bike choice for fall and winter, you will likely get out more and continue to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and exercise. A lower middle bar on the frame delivers enhanced safety and allows you to enjoy the beauty of this time of year.

Best Step Through Bikes To Ride in Snow

With larger tires, you gain enough stability to ride even in the snow. At Sixthreezero, we carry several options for fat-tire bikes. The Evryjourney Fattire bike has a modified step through frame and comes with seven speeds and 4-inch tires. Even if the snow isn't falling, you can still use the bike to travel over sand and other difficult landscapes.

SixThreeZero Women's BodyEase 500W

This model comes with a long list of desirable features. Not only do you get a powerful and quiet electric motor, but you also get the convenience of seven speeds and hybrid tires designed for a stable ride. The ultra-low step through frame promotes safe mounting and dismounting making this a good choice for those looking for a comfortable and safe ride and who want the option of a power boost from time to time.

Women's Step Through Hybrid Bicycle

If you are looking for one bike that does it all, a hybrid is a good choice. These bikes can handle everything from roadways to trails and come with ultra-smooth 2-inch tires. At Sixthreezero we offer several models that have the added convenience of letting you get off and on without any trouble or worries. You can choose from electric or traditional models.

Women's 7 Speed City Commuter Bikes

If you plan to pedal to and from work or school this fall or winter, a commuter style will have the features you need. With seven speeds, you can shift into the optimal gear, whether you are climbing a hill or cruising on a stretch of level pavement. Our commuter models look great and they are easy and comfortable to ride. Check out our Paven'Trail models in either electric or traditional.

Women's Evryjourney Touring Hybrid Bike

With seven speeds, comfortable upright handlebars and an easy to access step through frame, this Evryjourney model could be the perfect bike for you. Its high gloss chrome components look good at all times and the aluminum frame is maneuverable and a pleasure to ride. It is one of the many excellent bikes we have for sale at Sixthreezero.


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