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Best Standard Bikes of 2022

Why, I can remember just yesterday when I first got the buzz--the electric bike, buzz, that is! Ever since I have been researching and reading and learning all I can about the e-bike world. Turns out there are so many new and beloved electric motorized bikes on the market that you already have fan favorites!

Starting your journey for a new electric bike? First time buying one of the coolest new modes of transportation? Get more out of every mile when you are riding easily on the seat of your new electric powered bicycle! These are some of the top contenders for the best and most popular electric bikes in 2021.

Let this guide you toward the right brands and features for your upcoming e-bike purchase. Whether you are shopping as a college-bound freshman, an assisted living senior, or an urban office worker--there is the best electric bike for you out there!

What to Look for in the Best Standard E-Bike for You

As you consider the top ranked brands of e-bikes on the market, start with where these brands are selling two-wheeled electric goods. Right here on the internet! That’s right, you can buy a brand new electric bike online and have it shipped straight to you. What happens next is you might have to do a small amount of assembly with the wheels and handlebars.

Generally, bike manufacturers and e-bike retailers are doing a good job with fulfilling shipments based on the reviews. This makes it all the easier for you as a consumer when you want to shop for an e-bike!

But how do you know what to look for when starting out, especially if you have never ridden an electric bicycle? Just like any bicycle, comfort is categorically ranked above all else. After all, if you can’t enjoy sitting on the bike, no amount of electrical force is going to motivate you to ride it. Saving money will only get you so far in this realm as well, since comfort is going to add value and expense to any price tag.

This is why you want:

  • Electric power range to meet your daily and weekly mileage requirements
  • Handlebars with cork or leather to increase curb appeal and maximize grip comfort
  • Maintenance and support for assembly and during the lifespan of the bike
  • Mounts for storage to help you balance your load
  • Pedals to accommodate your footwear while preventing slipping
  • Seats featuring memory foam or leather for optimal experience
  • Style and look that matches your personality

When you find the perfect e-bike for your purpose and lifestyle, you will know it. To help you narrow down the choices, here are the top brands and bikes in several categories. We have gone through the reviews and tests and analyses to determine which e-bikes are the top ranked for seniors, college students, adults, and even people who are height challenged.

Decide which bike and brand is best for your needs--whether you plan to ride your new bike on the roads or trails, during the morning commutes or for weekend outings. We’ve got the most exciting electric bike along with the most old school cargo e-bike, and the all-elusive easiest bike to comb the beach on.

Best Standard Electric Bike for Parents With Small Children : Bluejay Electric Bike

Along with looking like a variety of ice cream cones in coloration, and having a name that sounds like a feathered friend, the Bluejay Electric Bike is a great bike for hauling children around. You can carry up to 55 pounds of child-weight to the rear on the rack.

All you need to add to this bike to make it child seat accessible is a Thule Yepp Maxi frame-mounted child bike seat, which will set you back about $300. However, it is top of the line and made to accommodate children and toddlers with a five-point harness. Just attach the Thule Yepp Maxi and take off with your little one in tow.

The look of this e-bike is considered vintage and a front light and rear light are already affixed upon purchase. That is included along with a vintage bell in stylish silver to match the bike. Stay safe and alert with this bell easily in reach on your handlebars. Another way to make a parent’s life a little easier is the included rear rack that is welded into the frame. You already have that much-needed rack in which to balance Little Bo in the child's seat.

Options include a front basket rack that balances the back rack well visually. You can imagine yourself riding along with a child in the rear in their Thule Yepp Maxi. Add a bag of library books in the front basket or groceries from the corner store, and you’ve got yourself a top fit for parents with children who need to get things done.

Plus, since it’s available in the Small/Medium size for riders 5’5” and under, you get the added boost of a better fit. This is accommodating for adults who are height challenged, including parents who are on the shorter side and their fast-growing offspring. Finally, you can have that dream electric bike you've been shopping for without having to customize any of the sizing.

Best Standard Electric Commuter Bike for College Students : Turbo Vado SL 4.0 EQ

The Turbo Vado SL 4.0 EQ by Specialized is a standout performer for college students who need maximum range and efficiency without sacrificing the cool factor. This e-bike has an optional Range Extender that lets you get up to a max of 120 miles of range. For students, this will easily manage a week of rides to and from class and work, saving you time on charging.

Another cool aspect that college students will soon appreciate on those rainy days are the DRYTECH fenders. These are made to stop road and water spray from splashing up on your legs and seat area. Little will slow you down on the Nimbus II Sport Reflect 700 tires featuring reflective bands.

Riders of this e-bike do not sacrifice comfort either. The frame has a sleek bulk to it that will withstand those bumps and jolts, while the seat is streamlined along with the handlebars. A premium aluminum frame is outfitted with alloy wheels to keep you light as a feather so you speed through those busy streets.

In terms of looks, the Specialized Turbo Vado is available in only one color scheme. This is the navy and white mountains reflective pattern. That can be a limiting factor for some bike riders, but the majority of college kids who need something low key for the campus setting--this is just right.

Best Standard Electric Bike for Seniors : EMOJO Caddy Pro

The EMOJO Caddy Pro is an electric trike with an outstanding 500W in performance power. Well suited for the senior citizen with a busy lifestyle, you’ll first see how low the seat saddle sits on this bike. The way the bike is made, you can easily slide on and off of the saddle without straining yourself. The minimal appearance also removes any bars from the center area that would be cumbersome to lift your legs over.

Along with being the only trike on this list, this trike is also a fat tire bike. This checks that unique feature off of our best standard features list for e-bikes in 2021. Fat tire bikes are all the rage--especially during the winter season when fat tires help to slide over the slick surface. The fat tires are coupled with hydraulic disc brakes for safety while operating this seven-speed e-bike. The three-wheeled trike element ensures this bike remains balanced at all times.

The all-terrain knobby tires are also low to the ground and are ready to tackle even the toughest of terrain. The framework features built-in metal baskets for the front and rear racks. This handy amenity transforms the EMOJO Caddy into the Pro part of its name. Haul everything from sports equipment and your dog to oxygen tanks and groceries on this e-bike.

Best Standard Lightweight Electric Bike for Adults : Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo 1

When it comes to the best standard lightweight electric bike, it’s difficult not to choose the racing favorite, the Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo 1. This is an aerodynamic e-bike made using an ultralight framework to optimize speed for racers.

However, it is also just a great bike for anyone wanting to go lightweight without sacrificing safety or performance. Overall, the bike weighs only 11.3 kilograms or just shy of 25 pounds. For comparison, here are three other top picks for the best electric bikes:

  • BAM Power Bikes Step-Thru weighs 62 pounds
  • DOST Drop E-Bike weighs 64 pounds
  • TWENTY8 E45 Step-Thru electric bike weighs 56 pounds

At 25 pounds, you will barely have anything slowing you down, which is what makes this so great for racing. Other reasons you would want a lightweight electric bike include transportation and traveling, especially if you are riding on a train or bus. Keep in mind, folding e-bikes are recommended if you are traveling on an airplane with a carry-on bike.

This best standard lightweight electric bike for adults by Cannondale comes from a longstanding bike brand that was built around speed racing. Therefore, you can trust the history that has gone into this bike model. In response to the electric features of this new version of bicycle, the e-bike has a range of 62 miles for a moderate range. HollowGram carbon wheels are also equipped to help reduce weight.

Available in three sizes--small, medium, and large--the Cannondate bike does happen to be at the upper end of the price range of electric bikes on this list. Expect to pay a whopping $10,000 and that is four zeros, that is correct, for this e-bike. For most shoppers, this will be way outside of the budget. This is why you’ll typically only see professional bicycle racers riding the SuperSix EVO Neo 1. For the rest of us, it’s just nice to see our options for the best standard bikes of 2021.


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