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Best Standard Bikes for Short Women

The Challenge of Finding the Best Bikes for Shorter Women 

Most bikes come with adjustable seats and handlebars to accommodate riders of various sizes. The available adjustments for typical adult cycles often offer only a limited solution for shorter cyclists.

Some examples of the issues shorter people have with bikes designed for taller people include:


  • The cycle may have a high step through height between the seat and front of the bike, making mounting or stopping a challenge for riders with short legs, such as short women.
  • Adjusting the seat low enough to place feet on the ground for a stop often makes pedaling awkward or uncomfortable. 
  • In contrast, raising the seat to the best pedaling position might put the ground out of reach for stops. 

The challenge of finding adult bikes for shorter women means that many petite cyclists either needed to ride a children's bicycle or felt inclined to give up on cycling. Bike riding offers many physical and mental health benefits for riders of all ages, so hopefully, shorter women won't feel discouraged about finding the right size bike. Still, people who make children's bikes rarely design them to offer the comfort and features that adult cyclists desire, and the style of kid's bikes won't appeal to the tastes of most mature, short riders.


On the plus side, a few high-quality bicycle manufacturers design stylish, high-quality, and feature-rich bikes for people with various body types, from short to tall and slim to heavy and for the athletic or not-so-spry. Find out what shorter women should know when they shop for a bicycle. After that, explore high-quality, comfortable, and stylish adult cycles for shorter women from SixThreeZero. 

Does Everybody Need to Purchase a Gender-Specific Bicycle?

As noted in a previous SixThreeZero article, many manufacturers tailor their bicycle models for men or women. Even so, not everybody buys a cycle designed for their sex. For instance, some women prefer the stability of men's bicycles and don't mind raising their legs high to mount or dismount. These days, many bike manufacturers also produce unisex bicycles that suit men and women. But, what about a bike made just for women?

So, why do bike makers design different bikes for men and women? Primarily, bicycle designers consider height differences and the difference in the proportion of the length of legs to overall height for average men and women. Cycle manufacturers might also consider the smaller size of an average woman's hands and feet when they craft handles, pedals, and speed controls.

For instance, some features of women's cycles that differ from men's bicycles might include: 

  • Narrower handlebars and less distance between the seat and handlebars
  • A wider seat, smaller crank, and less space between the seat and the pedals
  • Smaller handlebars and shifting sticks
  • A lower or absent top tube 

Does a Lower Top Tube on Women's Bikes Make a Difference?

Of course, the lower top tube on a woman's cycle stands out as the most apparent difference between typical men's and women's bikes to a casual observer. This method of differentiating men's and women's cycles began when women typically wore skirts for all activities.


Today, some women still choose to wear skirts when cycling, but most women exercise the option of wearing pants or shorts for outdoor activities. These days, male and female cyclists often dress similarly, so people often wonder why many bike makers still differentiate the top tube's height for men's and women's cycles. Although, there is a good reason for this.  

A raised top tube makes it simpler to design more robust frames. In the past, bike makers and possibly even cyclists accepted the idea that women did not ride as intensely as men, so they did not need a robust frame. With that in mind, these reasons still account for the prevalence of lower top tubes in women's cycles: 

  • Modern materials and engineering practices offer bike makers solutions to make women's cycles more durable and stable. 
  • A lower top tube allows for a step-through frame that's much easier to mount and dismount. Thus, the design benefits older, less limber, and shorter cyclists. 

Men and women should make sure they can stand over the top tube with their feet on the ground. Ideally, cyclists should also ensure they can adjust their cycle to stand comfortably flat-footed even on the seat. Besides these critical considerations, bike buyers need to consider multiple design features, like their leg, arm, and body position when seated. A bike that fits will minimize strain, operate more safely, and provide an enjoyable experience.

What Do Bicycle Makers Mean by Shorter Women?

What height would bicycle makers consider short? According to Cleveland Clinic, the height for U.S. women averages about five foot four inches. Height tends to decline slightly with age. For instance, the U.S. Census found that about six percent of 20-year-old women in the United States measure under five feet tall, but that figure increases to nine percent at age 60. In any case, many millions of women in the United States stand just a little more or a little less than five feet tall.


Typical cycles for shorter adults will generally accommodate women from about five feet tall to five-foot-four. Adult bikes made specifically for the shortest women may accommodate heights from about four-foot-four to five-foot-one. Below that height range, women may need to get a custom-fit bicycle made or look at children's bikes.


Bicycle shoppers also need to remember that two women of the same height may have different proportions of their legs, upper bodies, and arms. Bikes with adjustable seats and handlebars should accommodate those variations most of the time.


Still, people with heights on the edge of the suggested measurements for a bike might want to contact the manufacturer to make sure that the bike will suit them. Better yet, make certain that the retailers offer a trial period to help ensure the frame can provide a comfortable fit.


Top Choices of Bicycles for Shorter Women

When shopping for a new bike, first consider fit and comfort. After that, the best bicycle choice for shorter women will depend upon cycling preferences.


Some shorter women may prefer 24-inch tires because they allow for a smaller frame with better proportions for their body types. At the same time, other cyclists will gravitate towards 26-inch tires because they will enjoy more choices of the types of available cycles, including cruisers, comfort bikes, fat-tired bicycles, and even adult tricycles. Other factors that might impact the best option include the anticipated kinds of terrain, average speed, and ride duration.


To start comparing bicycles for shorter women, consider these excellent choices.

Around the Block 24" 

This versatile, three-speed cruiser bike offers relaxing rides on city streets, beaches, and bike trails. This cycle's 24-inch tires with two-inch wheels provide a smooth ride and a comfortable fit for cyclists from four-foot-four inches to five feet tall. A wide, comfy seat, soft hand grips, an upright frame, and adjustable handlebars and seats will ensure the optimal seating position to minimize strain.

Easy Boarding 

The primary feature to remember about the Easy Boarding Bike lies in the name. The lower tube connects the front and the rear of the cycle without any top tube, making this cycle very easy to mount. The Easy Boarding has a low step thru frame. Easy mounting and dismounting will make petite women feel confident when getting on and off their bike. All of these features make the Easy Boarding cycle ideal for women from five feet tall who may suffer from joint pain that makes it difficult to get on and off a typical bicycle.


The pedals on this cruiser bike also sit forward of the seat, making it possible to keep the seat low while still enabling proper leg extension. This seven-speed cycle performs well on various terrain, from paved streets to dirt trails.




Fat-tired bikes often sit lower to the ground, making them a good choice for shorter women. In particular, the FATTIRE from EVRYJourney fits women at least five feet tall. The 26-inch tires and two-inch wheels offer the perfect way to glide across various surfaces, including snow, sand, trails, and streets. These wide and fat tires offer more stability across all terrains as well. Besides the wide tires, the ergonomic design makes this bicycle an excellent choice for people who suffer from joint pain. The ergonomic frame design will take pressure off of your back, shoulders and knees. Sixthreezero strives to make bikes that look AND feel good for petite and short women.


Body Ease Tricycle 

This adult tricycle looks stylish and does not lack comfort. The low step thru frame makes stepping on and off easy, and the upright seated position of the rider reduces strain while maximizing comfort. Many older or less limber cyclists like the three-wheeled design because they do not have to struggle to balance, plus this gives the bike a place for a generous basket. Short Women will also find this useful for mounting and dismounting their bike. This cycle also fits riders as short as four-foot ten.

Benefits of a Forward-Pedaling Bicycle for Shorter Cyclists


The pedals on typical cycles sit almost directly below the rider. Riders need to extend their legs down to pedal, and this design may limit how low the rider can adjust the seat. For instance, shorter riders may need to choose between lowering the seat enough to rest their feet on the ground and having room to extend their legs when pedaling fully.


A forward-pedaling bike shifts the pedals further in front of the rider's hips, which offers quite a few benefits. Primarily, it provides more leeway to lower the seat while still leaving plenty of room for leg extensions. Many cyclists also find this position more comfortable because it relieves strain on their hips and joints. 

A forward-pedaling bike can benefit riders with many body types because it may offer a more comfortable pedaling position. In particular, shorter cyclists may enjoy lowering their seats while still leaving plenty of space to extend their legs. For more information, this video demonstrates the differences between traditional and forward-pedaling bicycles.

Shop SixThreeZero for the Best Bicycles for All Body Types


SixThreeZero prides itself on offering the best cycles for all body types and cycling styles. In particular, people who need bicycles specifically designed to maximize comfort and reduce strain can find the perfect model. 

Excellent reasons to purchase a bicycle from SixThreeZero include:


The Online Body Fit Bike Sizing Tool


Every bike listing on the SixThreeZero website offers suggestions for height and weight. Most of the bikes suit a wide range of people. Still, it can take time to sort through dozens of high-quality bikes for some smaller or larger folks to find the right fit. 

SixThreeZero offers a free, exclusive tool called Body Fit. By entering height and weight, both men and women can see the bikes that will provide them a comfortable fit. This tool saves shopping time and helps ensure a safe, comfortable ride.


A Free 365-Day Test Ride


SixThreeZero feels confident that almost everybody will love their bikes and find the perfect fit. Of course, since various people have different body proportions, they know that an occasional customer may not enjoy their ride.


To ensure customer satisfaction, the company generously offers a 365-day test ride on standard bicycles to ensure customers feel entirely satisfied with their purchase. The company limits this warranty to 90 days for electric bikes, which should still give cyclists plenty of time to test their cycles.


For the entire first year, customers have the option to return their bicycle for a $0 restocking fee, and SixThreeZero will even pay for return shipping. This offer applies to bikes purchased directly through SixThreeZero and not another retailer, like Amazon or eBay. Other retailers have their own return policies that SixThreeZero cannot control.

(DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.)




Some cyclists will find the perfect type of bike for their riding preferences but learn that it's not a good fit for their height or weight. Prospective customers can always inquire about customization options by email or phone. Contact SixThreeZero with questions about customization or other topics.


Why Shorter Women Should Seek a Bike With a Perfect Fit


Now people of all body sizes can enjoy a bike that suits them perfectly. A good fit will ensure comfort and safety, plus offer encouragement to cycle regularly. With SixThreeZero, most people can use online tools to find the proper bikes in a few minutes. After that, the hard part will just be choosing one bicycle from the large, stylish, and high-quality selection.


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