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Best Scenic Bike Rides in San Diego

It’s always a good day for a bike ride in America’s Finest City. San Diego has 70 miles of coastline, and a lot of it is hugged by pedestrian boardwalks and bikeways. Leave the crowded freeways behind and let the wind sing past your ears on one of the best bike trails in San Diego! Here, in no particular order, are some of the most scenic trails for cyclists in San Diego.

Mission Bay Bike Path

Mission Bay covers 4,200 acres of land and water. It’s a favorite gathering spot for paddle boarders, picnickers, and community events – and plenty of pedestrian infrastructure has been built into the landscape here. Enjoy the 12-mile Mission Bay Bike Path, which goes all the way around the bay on relatively flat terrain. You’ll have views of the bay during the entire journey, and you’ll also peddle past attractions like SeaWorld and Belmont Park.

Silver Strand Bikeway

Take the ferry from Downtown San Diego to Coronado, and you’re ready for a good old-fashioned family bike ride in San Diego. The Silver Strand Bikeway begins near the famed Hotel del Coronado. You can jump on the bikeway in several places; a popular entry point is on Glorietta Boulevard. The bikeway takes you, as its name suggests, along the Silver Strand isthmus and ends at Imperial Beach. The round-trip journey is just under 20 miles and affords scenic views of the ocean, yachts, Glorietta Bay Park, and Mexico in the distance.

Beach Boardwalks

If you want to test the cycling waters, so to speak, a short ride along one of San Diego’s boardwalks is a good place to start. Rent a bicycle in Mission Beach and take the boardwalk down to Pacific Beach. You’ll be by the ocean, passing sand-front bars and charming local shops the entire way. Boardwalk bike rides make excellent sunset plans – time your return just as the sun hits the horizon, and you may catch a glimpse of the mythical green flash light so many San Diegans talk about.

Coast Highway 101

Ready for a challenge? Take on the Coast Highway 101 route. This bike ride is best reserved for more seasoned cyclists and takes you on a journey that includes both paved bike paths and bike lanes near flowing traffic. You can access the path from many North County cities, including Encinitas and Carlsbad. The scenery includes the water and charming neighborhood corridors filled with smoothie shops and other small businesses.

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