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Best Gifts For Cyclists

Finding original gifts for your family and friends year after year gets exhausting. You can only pick up so many new ties and candles. If you have cyclists in your life, there is a whole world of gifts that will certainly be celebrated. Here is some of the best bicycle gear to get for the bike lovers you love:

Clip Bluetooth Speaker

Some states, including California, have banned cyclists from using more than one earbud at a time. Florida has banned earbuds for cyclists altogether. Even in states where earphones while biking is totally legal, some cyclists are worried about getting distracted. A weatherproof portable Bluetooth speaker is a great solution. The speaker clips onto the bike and connects to smart devices.

SmartHalo Navigation

Any bike can be turned into a smart bike with a SmartHalo. This device attaches to the handlebars of a bike and offers everything from step-by-step navigation to an automatic light. It also has an alarm feature. Tech-savvy cyclists will love this accessory, and tech-resistant bikers may become enthusiastic about new age accessories after this gift.

Knee Warmers

Biking in autumn and winter can translate to cranky joints. Knee warmers help your cyclists keep their knees and legs moving fluidly. The best knee warmers are ergonomic and can be worn beneath pants or with shorts. They’re versatile and useful, and a lot of cyclists will prefer them to skin-tight pants.

Double-Insulated Bottles

Cool water in the summer and hot tea in the winter are essential for keeping bikers hydrated and comfortable during a bike ride. Hydration is also key to recovery after a ride. The Yeti Rambler 26 is recommended by for its double wall insulation and because you can personalize it by buying the color of your choice. Your cyclist friends will thank you later when they can enjoy an ice-cold drink on a warm summer ride.

Mini Pump

Your favorite cyclist never knows when they’re going to have tire trouble out on the road. That’s why some of the most important biking equipment they can carry is a mini pump. A cyclist can carry this convenient pump in their pocket or hip pack; a pump can get a bike back to a safe location if the tire deflates out on a remote trail or city street far from home.  

Finding gifts for bicycle enthusiasts is sometimes a trying test. It may seem as though your cyclist friend has everything they need – but there is always a new or improved product to make the biking experience better. If you want to take your gift to the next level, consider gifting your favorite biker with a new bicycle. Here are some popular bikes to consider:

Pave n' Trail Men's 21-Speed Hybrid Bike

Sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s 26" 3-Speed

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