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Best Fat Tire Bikes For Summer 2022

Updated On: July 1, 2022

If you are new to the world of fat tire bikes, you should know that these capable bikes are not just for the most extreme riders. They also have many practical advantages for any adult who enjoys getting outdoors and exploring new territory. And yes, you have the possibility of ramping up your rides by tackling dirt, sand, mud and snow trails that were off-limits before, but that is not mandatory.

A quality fat tire bike at your disposal this summer could lead to many adventures with friends and family. At Sixthreezero, we offer several models that offer performance, comfort and versatility.

What Is a Fat Tire Bike?

This type of bike was once mostly used to tackle snow and ice, but now it is becoming a favorite of riders who like to take on challenging topography and difficult surfaces such as sand and mud. The tires typically run about four inches wide. This creates a more stable ride and allows you to go over obstacles with grace.

The frame is likely to be more robust as well so it can stand up to difficult trails. While these bikes are tough, at Sixthreezero we don't skimp on comfort features; your bike will be ergonomically designed to provide an enjoyable riding experience

Benefits of Buying a Fat Tire Bike for Summer

A fat tire bike in your stable of equipment expands your options for the summer. You no longer have to stay on paved paths, but you can strike out on nearly every path or trail that is open to biking. With this power, you will reap impressive rewards:

  • More time outdoors
  • More opportunities to ride with friends
  • Expanded access to the wilderness
  • Bigger adventures
  • More chances to explore

Where Can You Ride a Fat Tire Bike?

Nearly every community has a few options for taking out a bike with fat tires. It is possible that you will need to drive several miles to access the best trails. It is also likely your town will have some events such as races or rides that work well with fat tire bikes. Of course, you can always ride in your neighborhood or at a local park that has some quiet paved or dirt roads.

EVRYJourney Fat Tire Bike

To make this possible, the EVRYJourney FATTIRE for women offers a long list of valuable features. The bike has 7-speeds so you can always ride in the right gear for the terrain and it is available in either navy or teal. Front and rear disc brakes provide reliable stopping power and increase your safety margins, while the bike's ergonomic design enhances comfort on both long and short rides. The model is also available for men.

EVRYJourney Fat Tire 500W Bike

The EVRYJourney FATTIRE 500W is available in both men's and women's models and adds the capability of using electric power on some or all of your ride. The rear hub motor drive operates quietly and unobtrusively and reduces the strain on your muscles. You can ride in pedal-assist mode or fully electric and achieve speeds of up to 28 mph. The fat tires produce a smooth and stable ride even when you are on uneven terrain.

In The Barrel Fat Tire Bike

The one-speed InTheBarrelFATTIRE model comes in black and offers a nice mix of toughness and comfort. While the bike looks serious and rugged and it is capable of taking on many challenges, it has a sweet ride that is enhanced by an ergonomic design. Perfect for both casual and faster rides, this bike offers versatility and performance.

At Sixthreezero, we want you to make the most of this summer. A fat tire back could be just what you need to seize the season.


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