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Best Electric Tricycles for Seniors

Today, seniors are spending their free time on the local bike trails. For some, it may be the first time they have been on a bike in decades. The growing popularity of this sport is due in part to the variety of bike options on the market. There is a bike for individuals who love riding off the trails. There is something right for the cyclist that loves riding on city streets, too.

For seniors, some of the best options have two unique features: they have three wheels and an electric motor. Seniors love the three-wheel option because it requires less balance than the standard two-wheel bike. In addition, the extra wheel in the back stabilizes the bicycle, making it safer and easier to ride even if you have balance or mobility issues.

The second bonus feature is the electric motor. The motor ensures you can ride the three-wheel bike uphill in a strong wind, even if you get tired. An electric bike has a motor that kicks in to help give you a push. With some models, you can even ride the bike without pedaling, allowing the cyclist to go farther.

The question isn’t should seniors ride bikes. There are plenty of clinically-proven benefits. The question is, what bike should they ride? The brand becomes especially important with unique products like electric tricycles. Consider some of the electric tricycles we like best for seniors.


The CozyTrike Adult E-Bike is an effective option for seniors who want to do more than just ride recreationally. With a 1,000W motor, this e-trike will carry everything from groceries to gardening supplies. The bike has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. It also features a recumbent seat for added comfort and cargo baskets in both the front and back of the bike.

One problem seniors have with three-wheel bikes is turning them around. They are larger than a two-wheeler, so the frame can be cumbersome. The CozyTrike three-wheel electric bike has a unique reverse button. If you miss your turn or need to back up for some reason, you simply press reverse and let the e-trike do the rest.

The Reviews: The rider reviews are mostly positive. One buyer comments on the long battery power and another on the weight the unit can carry.

3. Ryder 24” 7-Speed Electric Trike

Ryder’s 24” 7-speed electric trike is coming in third on the list. The wheel size is a bit smaller on this unit than on either the EVRYjourney or the Grazia-Bosch models, but with tricycles, that is less of an issue. The Ryder offers a 350W front hub motor along with a 36V battery. It boasts a maximum assisted speed of 10mph, which is a bit slower than some other models. The range is 20 to 30 miles, depending on how you use the assisted modes.

It comes in just one color –blue metallic and in just one size, so it can be a bit limiting. This model also offers the traditional wire cargo basket between the rear tires.

The Reviews: Rider reviews are somewhat mixed. One person found the construction cheap, while another was impressed by the motor's longevity. Professional reviews were a bit more impressive. They called it a sturdy electric trike with innovative features.

4. Viribus 3-Wheel Electric Bike

For those riders looking for a budget-friendly e-trike, then Viribus offers one with three different wheel sizes. It comes with a 250W front hub motor and a 36V battery. The handlebars are set high, keeping the rider upright for a more comfortable ride.

Viribus provides both pedal-assist and full-throttle riding modes and a variety of colors. It also comes with a wire cargo basket.

Although this bike is suitable for basic needs, it may not be as sturdy as the other bikes on the list, which is why the price is so much lower. In addition, it has a maximum cargo limit of 220 pounds.

The Reviews: The rider reviews are mixed. Most found the bike acceptable for the price. “Let me start by saying This bike is great. And especially the price. We like bikes. But it was not easy to put together. The parts didn't line up right.”

5. Addmotor Grandtan 340 P7 Fat Tire

If you are a senior looking for more adventure riding your electric trike, then the Addmotor Grandtan 340 P7 fat tire model might work best for you. Fat tires are typically the best choice if you want to ride in rougher terrain. The 750W motor with the 48V battery will take you further, too, so you can ride outside the city. Depending on the weight, you can expect this bike to take up to 55 miles on a charge.

This is also a cargo bike, so the design allows you to carry more. They ditched the wire cargo basket for something more solid. The seat also comes with a backrest to keep you comfortable during the ride. It comes in a variety of designs and colors. There is even a recumbent bike for this model.

The Reviews: The rider reviews were primarily positive. “I like the big motor and battery, and there is a footrest for me when I don’t want to pedal.” Another reviewer called this e-trike “the most fun they have ever had.”

Two-Wheel vs. Three-Wheel Bikes for Seniors

Some seniors might ask why they should consider one of these three-wheel electric bikes over a two-wheeler. It is an excellent question. The truth is there is no reason a senior can’t ride a two-wheel bike, and having that third wheel might make them feel a bit old.

Better Stability With Three Wheels

The problem is a two-wheel bike has certain risk factors that make it not the right choice for everyone. For example, some seniors have mobility issues that riding a three-wheel bike can conquer. In addition, the three-wheel bikes offer more stability, so if you are prone to dizziness or balance problems, the frame supports you better.

Even if you don’t have balance issues, you have to consider what a fall might do to you. As a person gets older, their bones get less dense. So, a fall off a two-wheel bike when you are 70 will have more impact than it would when you were 20.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that 36 million older adults suffer injuries from falls every year, and 32,000 of them die from them. These are just normal falls, too. Taking a header off a bike frame could potentially cause much more trauma. It is easy to lose your balance on a two-wheel bike. It is almost impossible on a three-wheeler.

Ease of Use

Also, the three-wheel frames can be less taxing for seniors. Bike riding is a good exercise on two or three wheels because you use some of the largest muscle groups in your body.

With a two-wheel bike, you must climb on and off the seat every time you stop the bike. Three-wheel bikes are self-supporting. In other words, the frame stands on its own. It doesn’t need a kickstand or a pair of legs to hold it up.

For seniors, that means you don't have to jump off the seat when you stop at a light or for a break. Instead, you can use the trike as a seat and take a minute to catch your breath.

A Chance to Exercise

Exercise improves your mood and helps you sleep better. It is also essential for those at risk of chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease.

For some seniors, the opportunity to exercise is limited. They can go to the gym and go on walks, but there isn’t much adventure in either of those options. Bike riding adds more fun to life. You not only get outside, but you get to explore local bike trails and city streets. In addition, bike riding allows you to go further than walking, so you see more.

How To Choose an Electric Tricycle

Once you know you want one, how do you choose the electric trike that will work best for you? Reading reviews like this one is a practical place to start. You can learn much about the tricycle by seeing what others think.


Next, decide how much you can afford to spend on your new e-trike. You will get what you pay for in most cases, so if you go cheap, the trike construction will likely be cheap.

Larger motors and batteries will cost you more, so decide what you need. For most recreational riders, a 250W motor offers plenty of power. You can get larger ones, but they may cost more, and you don’t necessarily need them.

Riding Options

Electric bikes typically come with pedal-assist modes. That means as you pedal, the motor kicks in to give you support. This is helpful if you are going up a hill or riding against the wind.

Some models also offer a full-throttle mode. This comes in handy if you don’t want to pedal. Some riders will go further on their ride if they know they can get back using the full-throttle mode.

If full-throttle sounds like something you want, double-check to make sure any bike you are considering offers it. They don’t all come with full throttle.

Motor and Battery

Motor and battery size are considerations when purchasing an e-trike. Motor size is typically listed in watts. The higher the watts, the faster the trike will go. The difference isn’t as much as you might expect, though. A 250W motor will allow the trike to go 15 to 18 mph when on full power. A 500W motor might boost that up to 20 mph.

If you plan to ride mostly on pedal-assist, you will do fine with a 250W motor. If you anticipate riding full power and want the trike to go a little faster, 500W or more is possibly the better option, although you could still probably get by with 250W.

Know the laws in your area, too. In some places, there may be a limit to what size motor you can take on bike paths. If that is your primary destination, then you need to know what the law says.

When considering battery power, look to see how long you can go on a single charge. A larger battery is critical if you plan to ride for many hours in one trip. The smaller battery size is just as effective if you plan on short rides.

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