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Best Electric Tricycle for Adults over 60

M340 Electric Fat Trike: A Robust, Fat-Tired E-Trike 

$2,999 at 

The 750W motor offers plenty of power to make it over inclines or to carry loads in the front and rear baskets. Even better, the manufacturer promises up to 55 miles on a charge. 


Mountain-bike-style fat tires offer additional cushioning and stability on various surfaces. People enjoy taking fat-tired bikes on city streets, beaches, and some folks even ride in the snow. The robust design and fat tires make this adult trike resemble mountain bikes. Adult tricycles don't make ideal mountain bikes, but this model can help smooth travel over uneven ground, including bumpy streets and rocky paths. The front-wheel suspension adds even more shock absorption to the fat tires.


The M340 adjusts for riders from five feet two to six feet four and who weigh up to 350 pounds. The bike's electronic display comes with a USB-C port for charging phones and other devices. Also, this adult e-trike doesn't just come with an extra-wide seat. The seat even has a backrest for the most relaxing bike ride ever. A step-thru frame and upright seated position also ensure maximum comfort. 



·       Comfortable design 

·       Powerful motor 

·       Relatively easy to assemble 


·       Pricier than some other options 


Reviews: I really like the trike and have only 23 miles on it. Just take care on those turns. 

I'm a 70+ former century rider who had to stop riding after a spinal injury. The M-340 has allowed me to get back in the saddle and enjoy riding. 


R-750Z 750W Rickshaw Electric Trike: Great for Passengers 

$3,425 at 

Some people can't navigate on a bike because of age or infirmity, even if they would like to enjoy cycling. However, any avid cyclist with a friend or partner with an issue that keeps them from riding might enjoy this novel rickshaw-style electric tricycle. The cyclist can operate the electric tricycle, and a companion can ride behind them. 


The R-750Z looks like a high-quality electric bicycle on the front end, but the space over the rear wheels supports a comfortable bench seat for a passenger. This e-trike also offers an excellent way to transport young kids around the neighborhood for active older people who love spending time with younger grandkids. Of course, it's also a perfect choice for older people who want to ride with a spouse, partner, or friend who cannot handle a cycle independently. 


The 750W motor and high-quality Samsung battery can carry up to 400 pounds. The manufacturer says that the battery can last over 50 miles. Fat tires make this bike versatile for various terrain. The cycle's so fun to operate that grandma or grandpa will probably not have trouble convincing an older grandchild to ride in front so they can stretch out on the bench in the back. 



·       Powerful 750W motor 

·       Durable and comfortable 

·       Carries a passenger comfortably 


·       Relatively heavy 

·       Some assembly and tuning required 


Reviews: I am so in love with this thing ! It HAULS, and I can lug my two heavy kids around. I couldn't be happier. 

What is an electric tricycle? To paraphrase an old ad slogan, trikes aren't just for kids. Three-wheeled cycles for adults offer many people an excellent alternative to two-wheeled bicycles. Adding an electric motor to the adult tricycle provides even more benefits. 

In particular:

  • Adult tricycles appeal to folks with balance or agility issues that make typical bicycles difficult or unsafe. 
  • Even cyclists who enjoy two-wheelers often choose three-wheelers because the space between the rear wheels provides room for racks, baskets, or even passenger seats. 
  • Of course, some people never learned to balance on two wheels for various reasons, but they won't need that skill to ride on three wheels. 

Mixing three wheels with an electric, battery-powered motor can combine a perfect form of inexpensive, eco-friendly transportation with fun, low-impact exercise for older folks. These three-wheeled, power-assisted bikes make cycling accessible again for many people who believed they had grown too old or infirm to enjoy all of the benefits of cycling.

For instance, the pedals still offer plenty of heart-healthy exercise, but the motor helps increase speed and eases long trips and hilly terrain. The stability of three wheels makes the bike tough to tip over and makes it easier to carry along cargo or in some cases, passengers. With the benefits of adult e-trikes in mind, explore top examples of electric tricycles for people over 60. 

The Top Adult Electric Tricycles for Cyclists Over 60 

Consider the best examples of adult e-tricycles. They're powered by pedaling and a robust electric motor, making them an excellent choice for older adults or anybody who can benefit from extra stability and power. The electric tricycles can work with pedaling alone, with a motor assisting pedaling, or only with the motor. These examples include ergonomic designs, utility, and good value for the price. 

Are Electric Tricycles for Older Adults Hard to Assemble?

Nowadays, many cyclists find they can get great deals on e-bikes online. Many online retailers offer free or low-priced shipping to encourage purchases. Typically, retailers and manufacturers ship the cycles partially assembled to make packing and shipping more economical. 


The seller should offer instructions to complete the final assembly and have helpful customer service reps on hand to answer questions. Customers familiar with bicycles should have little trouble transforming their package into a well-performing e-tricycle. 


A Local Bike Shop Can Help With Assembly

Mostly, e-bikes weigh more than traditional bikes because of the battery and motor. The motor and wheels make the bike easy to handle when riding, but the weight can provide an obstacle before it's assembled. Still, some folks might find the process of final assembly a little intimidating or do not care to handle this task. Even though the package gets delivered to the door, some older people might find the package difficult to handle after delivery. 


Very often, local bike shops will assemble the products for a reasonable fee. Some online retailers will work with local bike shops, so customers can ship their purchases to a bike shop and pick up fully assembled e-bikes. In fact, customers should be able to ride the e-bike home if they choose. Just be sure to buy a proper e-cycle helmet first. If it's a hot day, don't forget to bring a water bottle. 

Most people should find assembling an electric bike relatively straightforward. At the same time, the assembly shouldn't offer an obstacle to finding a reasonably priced and high-quality electric tricycle online. It never hurts to develop a relationship with a good local bike shop, and this situation provides a good chance to get started. 


If assembling the bike causes concern, ask the online retailer if it already has relationships with local bike shops. Otherwise, call around to find a helpful business in your town. Most bike shops will be happy to accommodate your needs to earn business in the future. 


Benefits of E-Trikes for Older Adults Over 60 

If the idea of adult tricycles or riding an e-bike sounds new to you, take some time to consider some of the top reasons to consider buying one. 


Electric Bikes Offer a Fun Way to Exercise

One of the fastest-growing groups of people investing in all types of e-bikes includes older adults. E-cyclists still enjoy a good workout from this low-impact exercise, but riders say it hardly feels like work. The motor can work as a gentle hand, propelling the cycle over hills or on longer treks. In turn, less strain on backs and joints helps encourage more frequent and longer rides. A high-quality bicycle, designed for comfort, can ease the stress on backs and joints, making this type of exercise ideal for people over 60. 


Electric Bikes Provide Eco-Friendly and Economical Transportation 

Electric bicycles only cost pennies worth of electricity to charge. Plus, the chargers work with typical wall outlets. In addition, electric motors do not release toxic fumes or greenhouse gas emissions. They also run quietly. E-bike riders can enjoy an inexpensive form of transportation that doesn't contribute to climate change or air and noise pollution. 


Electric Tricycles Make Balancing a Breeze 

As people age, they may lack the agility and balance they enjoyed as younger adults. Some folks never mastered the fine art of riding a two-wheeled bike. Of course, many cyclists could ride a two-wheeled e-bike but prefer a three-wheeled e-bicycle that provides room and stability for carrying cargo or even a passenger. For many people over 60, an electric bicycle can even replace their car for many trips. 


Find the Best Electric Trike to Suit Your Goals and Preferences 

An electric trike offers an accessible form of fun, fitness, and transportation, even for people who might think they're too old for cycling. As with any significant purchase, consider your preferences and cycling plans as you compare various electric tricycles. For instance, some people want to ride around the neighborhood, but others may plan to take their e-trike on adventures and need to carry cargo or even passengers.


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