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Best Electric Tricycle for Adults 2023 | Electric Trike for Sale

Finding the world’s best electric tricycle for adults is your mission. We at sixthreezero are here to help you. Our electric tricycles for men and women are designed with power and stability in mind. Stay on the sidewalks and streets with this three-wheeled bicycle. 

Whether you are from New York City or the sunny streets of LA, there are so many places you need to go with your new electric tricycle for adults. Discover the joys and benefits of choosing the best electric tricycles by sixthreezero for your journey called LIFE.

What to Look for: Best Electric Tricycle for Adults

Speed and performance are the bottom lines for any bicycle and tricycle. You are going places on these wheels and you need to be able to get there on time and in style. An electric tricycle is not that different from a bicycle, except for the additional wheel on the rear end.

Therefore, you are going to need to accommodate for a wider rear wheel capacity when driving, parking, turning, and riding. The additional wheel and framing could slow down a tricycle quite easily. 

Check out the sixthreezero EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle, which is streamlined for efficiency. It begins with the visual style of the bicycle. The wheels and frame are all solid black, cream, teal, or navy with the exception of the white wall on the tires. This helps to reduce the visual impact of seeing three tires and wheels on a wider trike. 

Benefits of an Electric Tricycle 

The primary purpose of owning an electric tricycle is to have a three-wheeled bicycle that is motor powered. The sixthreezero electric tricycles are all made with an electric-powered engine. This engine uses electricity, but you also have to use human power to make the e-trike speed up. 

In order to do this, you benefit in two ways. First, when you are pedaling the e-trike to get up to the right speed for the battery power to kick on, you have to work your body. This requires you to do some physical activity on your tricycle. This provides you with that exercise and exertion that your body craves.

To get to the next level, the pedal assist mode has to be activated through pedaling. At this point, the motor on the tricycle kicks into action. Your tricycle starts picking up speed without any additional energy coming from you. All of the sudden, it is moving steadily at a higher rate of speed than you could achieve with traditional trike pedaling.

The result is invigorating and makes you feel more alive. Plus, you get to where you are going without being drenched in sweat. The use of electric energy is cleaner than using gas or diesel. You also do not have the loud noise of a motorbike or motorcycle engine. The e-trike will sound like silence, and allow you to arrive at your destination in the same way.

To sum it up, here is a shortened list of the benefits of an electric tricycle:

  • Electric energy powered
  • Requires minimal human effort
  • Increased speed
  • Gained time
  • Provides a stable method of transporting goods
  • Sounds almost silent

With the newer style of adult electric trikes, such as the sixthreezero EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle, you also gain on a more youthful style. The old school electric scooters for adult mobility lack the upgrade of a bicycle look that is more outdoorsy. With the use of the larger bicycle tires with 26-inch wheels, the EVRYjourney e-trike is more capable of going everywhere you want it to go. 

As the name implies, EVRYjourney is an electric tricycle with the right shape and style of tires and framework to go anywhere your bicycle goes. Get outside and climb on the saddle of your new e-trike by sixthreezero today with a new EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle. See where you can go with this California-inspired e-trike that is made for all ages. 

Stay Mobile as an Adult

It can be difficult to stay mobile as an adult, which is why more people are turning to electric bikes and trikes. These motor-powered bikes are great tools for getting physical exercise. In fact, one reason why more consumers are buying e-trikes is to encourage and increase physical movement. 

Staying mobile is key to living a long and healthy life. When you are able to keep your body moving in a healthy manner, you stand to increase muscle development and bone density. These are essential to vitality in our aging years. By riding an e-trike, you increase both muscle and bone growth, and ensure that your body has more flexibility.

These are all important to your mobility. Continuing to get up and move around is harder and harder for aging adults. By purchasing an electric tricycle, you have no more excuses to stay active. The e-trike by sixthreezero is both a mobility device and a way to transport goods. Keep on the go and continue lifting and transporting your personal belongings with the use of the e-trike. 

What to Consider When Buying an E-Trike 

Next, whether you are buying an electric bike for seniors, women, or men, or even young adults, there are considerations. For example, with younger e-trike riders, there may be a minimum age requirement in your state that varies from other states. To avoid legal penalties or fines, make sure to be at least of legal age when riding an electric tricycle.

What is the Legal Age for Riding an Electric Trike in Your State

There is no federal legal age for riding an electric tricycle in the US for all states. Each state selects and makes legal the minimum age for e-bike riding in that particular state. The minimum age for riding an e-bike is 14 years in most US states. In the following states the legal age to ride on an electric bike is 14 years:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia

In other states, the legal age is 16 years old. In most of these states, you are not required to have a driver’s license or to be licensed to ride on an e-bike in these states. This makes an electric tricycle for young adults a good alternative to owning a more expensive vehicle. You can start out driving on the back of an e-trike and then graduate to a car. 

Some states allow riders to be any age when riding including:

  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska

Other states like Arkansas require riders to be at least 10 years old. Other states require riders to be 20 years old. Check with your home state to see what the minimum age is for young adults riding electric tricycles. 

E-trikes are Perfect for Young Drivers Learning the Roadways

This allows younger drivers to learn the rules of the roads as a trike rider. You are more on the level of a pedestrian, and riding the e-trike gives you the opportunity to navigate busy intersections and to learn street signs without being behind the wheel of an automobile. 

For young adults who cannot afford a car or who are looking for a more eco-friendly mode of transportation, the tricycle is the best alternative. You also gain the cargo capacity of a three-wheeled bicycle. 

Start taking the e-trike to college or to the grocery store right away. The addition of a motor on the tricycle frame makes this the fastest alternative to eco-mode transportation. No gas or diesel, just battery power that involves human power through pedal assist. 

The e-trike has the increased stability to support heavy loads, along with the increased performance and power from the electric motor. Save time on routine trips that involve hauling your personal belongings or even your pet. 

What to Look for in the Best Electric Tricycle

As you shop for the best electric tricycle, there are elements that are going to improve your riding experience. These are:

  • Frame shape and style, both for look and functionality, i.e., step through
  • Tire width and design, as well as white wall
  • Three-wheel style and layout
  • Cargo capacity, i.e., how much it loads, if there is an attached cargo basket, etc.
  • Weight limit of the electric trike
  • Security features, such as a bell, whistle, lights, locks, etc.
  • Handlebars and grips
  • Seat/saddle

As you consider the best electric trike for sale, these are some of the features on all trikes. Here you have elements that will differ based on brand, make, and model. You want to get a good look at all of the e-trikes on the market to see what styles are out there. This will help you determine the right look you want to go for when investing in an electric trike for sale now.

Best Electric Tricycle for 2023

The best e tricycles for sale in 2023 includes one by Sixthreezero–the EVRYjourney 250 Tricycle. This bike features 1.95 inch wide tires, far slimmer than the other winter bike–the fat tire. Here you have a less than 2-inch tire that will keep you steady on the streets. This allows for a more streamlined look of a style of tricycle. 

When you have three wheels and a cargo basket on the rear, it helps to have thinner styled tires. The overall appearance will be more slimmed down and look smaller even though you have a bigger e-bike than most. In fact, most people won’t even suspect you are on an e-trike at first glance when you are on the black and white EVRYjourney 250 Tricycle.

Now is the perfect time to buy a new bicycle, and why not go with a more durable electric tricycle? You stand to benefit from the use of an electric motor to power up your trips. Every journey with the EVRYjourney Tricycle will be easier, more enjoyable, and faster. Gain valuable time on travels with your new e-trike, while still managing to get everything done on your to do list. 

The e-trike generation is moving toward more functionality and standard size tires for these bikes. Instead of smaller tires that you find with fold up e-bikes, the e-trikes come with large tires that keep you up and stable. Forget about falling over when you are hauling a load on your e-trike. This style of bicycle is made especially for transporting goods.

Everything from puppy food to actual puppies can be hauled in an e-trike. This will increase your capacity to manage your home or your office. Wherever you ride your new electric tricycle, you will be able to take what you need on the trip. 

Increase your standard of living and improve your mobility at the same time with a new sixthreezero e-trike. This is the way to go with a new bicycle–both stability and power are upgraded with a three-wheeled electric trike.

How to Buy Adult Electric Tricycles

There are several ways to purchase an electric tricycle in 2023. Of course, we all like to buy products on the internet, and Amazon is a go-to place for many online purchases. If you are interested in buying sixthreezero’s EVRYjourney Tricycle online and on Amazon, here is the link: 

You can also buy the EVRYjourney Tricycle directly from sixthreezero:

This is the way to upgrade your personal mode of transit without spending a fortune. Sixthreezero is a leading US-made brand of both bicycles and tricycles. The brand also features both traditional bicycles, as well as electric bikes and trikes. If you want to purchase from a US brand, sixthreezero hails from California. Spend your money on a bike from a factory that might actually be right downtown from you in CA. 

You can also talk to the company managers directly to discuss any personalization or specifications that you want in your e-trike. This is the best way to get the right e-trike for you or a loved one. Whether you are buying a new e-trike for yourself or a family member, we have the resources to help make the purchasing process quick and painless.

Start with our online fit guide that will help you find exactly the right e-trike for your personal body type, style of personality, and transportation requirements. If you want an electric tricycle with hauling capacity, the sixthreezero e-trike in the EVRYjourney collection has a 59 x 48.5 centimeter wide basket, which is approximately 23 by 20 inches in diameter. 

At nearly two feet wide and more than one foot deep, this is a rear folding basket that comes included with each EVRYjourney Tricycle sold by sixthreezero. Choose your favorite color today and get moving on the best e-trike in 2023.

Why Buy the Best Adult Electric Trikes for Sale

Are you tired of buying a new bicycle from a local department store every season? It is getting to be a hassle finding a place to drop off those used bicycles, for sure. That’s one of the reasons a lot of bicycle owners are moving towards and e-bike or e-trike. 

The old school bicycles are constantly in need of repairs, new tires, or other upgrades. The cost of adding new tires to a $100 bike is not even worth it for most bicycle repair shops. 

What gives? It turns out those mass produced factory style bikes and trikes were not worth the metal they are made with, and it shows. Each time you buy a tricycle that is cheap, it means the trike was manufactured using cheap and thin metal. 

Along with being difficult to stay in shape, these trikes are also more dangerous to ride. This becomes a hazard for bike and trike riders who are hoping for a more stable and safe mode of transit. 

That is why many bike and trike riders are turning over their cheap, mass produced pieces of junk for something better. Take the sixthreezero electric tricycle lineup that has a variety of color schemes and setups. 

Add whatever accessory you want to the perfectly personalized e-trike sold to you right here in the US at CA-based sixthreezero. This will lead to a wonderful shopping experience filled with happiness–that will be the same feeling you get every time you ride on the back of a sixthreezero.

When you buy from sixthreezero, you are getting a good deal on an electric tricycle. This is a newer type of bicycle that features an electric motor. As a result, you have to buy from a business you can depend on, and one that is in the same country as you is easier to deal with. 

Whether you have to contact sixthreezero customer service to schedule your new e-trike delivery or to make a repair, they are easy to talk to and convenient to chat with on the phone or internet. This is going to ensure you keep your new tricycle maintained and up and running. However, sixthreezero also uses better materials and in-house designs that are everything you need in an e-trike.

Why an Adult Electric Tricycle is Safer to Ride

The biggest factors that shoppers want in an adult electric tricycle are the ability to ride a more stable bike with three wheels. Here is where you need the tricycle to have the best quality wheels and tires on the market. These tires also have to be designed for the style of tricycle. A trike is unique to a bicycle in that there are more wheels and a larger rear base. 

Unlike a bicycle, a tricycle is made to sit more firmly on the ground. The intended result is that the rider is less likely to topple a trike. This is why a tricycle is considered to be safer to ride on in comparison to a bicycle. The increased wheel capacity will theoretically keep the person on the trike from falling over. It makes sense. There is also the use of the three wheels to stabilize cargo.

When you are transporting a load of groceries, school books, laundry, or pets, stability is key to keeping the entire trike upright. Anytime you put something in your cargo basket to haul on your trike, there is the chance it could fall out or over. Securing the cargo on your e-trike is important to making sure you and your ride is safe each and every trip. 

How to Secure an E-Trike Load

Here is where it pays to learn how to secure an e-trike load before you buy your e-trike bike. The key to a secure load on the back of your electric trike is size and weight. You have to know:

  • What it is you are loading
  • How much it weighs approximately
  • How tall/wide/deep it will be

These dimensions must not be greater than the size of the cargo basket. As previously noted, the size of the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Tricycle cargo basket is approximately 23 by 20 inches in size. 

Here is where you must make sure your freight load fits well within the basket of the trike. Otherwise, you risk these items spilling out and falling from the tricycle, causing you to lose things you are trying to transport.

Covering the freight is the next step to making sure everything is in your e-trike cargo compartment. Generally, you are dealing with a wire basket, as is the case with the folding wire basket on the sixthreezero EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle. 

This is where having a waterproof hiking backpack cover is a great addition to your trike. You can find these sold individually on places like Amazon, such as this one:

Salzmann 3M Reflective Backpack Cover: 

Stretch this cover over the outside of your cargo basket once it has been loaded up. The cover will serve as a reflective and waterproof barrier from the elements. Protect your cargo and keep it safe from rain, wind, snow, and peeping eyes with this stretchable cover. 

Consider adding a flat bottom or open-topped box to the basket if you are regularly hauling produce, books, or other items that will come out of the wire basket. This will give you peace of mind and help you keep up with what you went out of the house to find. 

If you are hauling high-priced items or are in a thief-prone area, add a cargo box to the basket. Make sure to get a box that fits within the size dimensions and shape of your cargo basket for your electric trike. This will provide you with a place to attach a lock to your box to save goods from going missing.

Whether you are sitting at a red light, parked at a restroom, or have your bike at a beach, there is always a chance that someone could walk by and try to snatch something from your cargo basket. Having a storage box with a lock on it prevents this from happening.

Why Buy an E Trike for Sale 

If you want to save money, now is the best time to invest in an electric trike for adults. The market is hot, but there are a ton of options as more and more styles of e-bikes and e-trikes are coming out. This means there is a great deal of supply and just as much of a demand among riders to find their favorite e-trike. 

What this means for you is that you get the best of both worlds. Everything on the e-bike and e-trike market is made top-notch by sixthreezero. You are able to get any style of e-bike and e-trike that you want, whether you like retro beach cruisers or modern and sophisticated designs. Let 2023 be the year you finally find the perfect e-trike thanks to the wide variety of options out there for sale. 

During Black Friday and the holiday season, businesses are ramping up their efforts to sell as many e-trikes as possible. That means you stand to save the most money on a new e-trike. These are all the rage on the Southern California boardwalks and beach sidewalks, as well as at the state campgrounds in western Washington and the Cascades. I know, because I have seen the riders on them! 

If you want to get a new e-trike before everyone else buys one, now is the time. The use of the electric motor on a tricycle is not new, but now we are coming out with more innovative and youthful styles. Now you do not have to buy an accessibility scooter in order to have an electric tricycle. Adults of all ages–not just senior citizens on Medicaid or Medicare–are buying this style of bicycle. 

There is a fun factor about having a three-wheeler that pedals and also has a motor. Everyone loves the increased stability and the ability to haul their pets in the folding cargo basket. However, if you are a senior with limited mobility or who has a lot of transportation issues, avoid a car and get an e-trike. This is going to greatly increase your ability to manage your daily affairs. 

You will be able to go to the library, corner store, or even the farmer’s market with your new sixthreezero EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle. At half the power of the 500W electric bicycles, also available by sixthreezero, this new e-trike adds just enough performance to haul freight–without sending you flying at high speeds. This makes for the ideal electric tricycle for sale for adults who want to go places but are not interested in racing to get there.

How Big are Electric Trikes by sixthreezero

Are you interested in e trikes by sixthreezero, but concerned that you may be too short or too tall? The e tricycles by sixthreezero including EVRYjourney is made for riders ranging from:

  • 4 foot 10 inches tall
  • 6 foot 2 inches tall
  • Weight limit 300 pounds

This is a women’s bike that works well for a female’s body and lifestyle. The dimensions are designed to accommodate women of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, most women will be able to ride the EVRYjourney e-trike successfully based on their height and weight. 

As for the weight limit of this e-trike, the most that the electric tricycle can hold is 300 pounds. This includes everything you put in the cargo basket, too, so keep that in mind. It will also include the water bottle weight, front basket weight, and how much you have in your backpack. 

Most often, riders aren’t thinking about all of the weight they add to their bicycle or tricycle, which really does add up. By understanding how much you are adding to your e-trike, you can better gauge how well the cycle will hold up to your daily needs and activities. 

If you are regularly going rollerblading, and have to stop at the grocery store on the way home, consider how much more the weight will add to your trike. This is important to protecting the integrity and lifespan of your e-trike. There is no concern about your tires popping or having a bent frame as a result of overpacking your e-trike when you are aware of size considerations.

Customize Your EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle

Now you are ready to build your own EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle to your specifications by sixthreezero. The company has a really nifty tool online that lets anyone size up their dream tricycle. This software on the sixthreezero website lets you determine what will fit you and your ideal e-trike:

  • Speed
  • Color
  • Accessories

The speed that you can choose for your new tricycle by sixthreezero is the seven-speed. As for the color options, you can select a cream, navy, teal, or black e-trike. The color schemes include white walled tires that compliment or contrast the bike color in a cool tone. Finally, opt for about a dozen different accessories. 

Increase the carrying capacity of your e-trike with panniers, which are side bags. These are going to give you more weight on your e-trike, but you also gain the ability to haul more cargo. Whether you have a pet or want to add pockets for small items like tools to your e-trike, the sixthreezero panniers are the perfect option.

This is an accessory branded and sold, like the other accessories, straight from the sixthreezero line. As a result, you get a more streamlined look on your EVRYjourney Tricycle with the same color and style of panniers.

Other accessories that sixthreezero sells for the EVRYjourney Tricycle include:

  • Handlebar bags, which are front facing panniers and also good for holding tire tubes and gear
  • Frame bags, which are similar to panniers but made to hold cell phones and mobile devices
  • Baskets
  • Bells
  • Beam lights
  • Surfboard side racks
  • Baby seats
  • Cup holders
  • Bike lock
  • Radio speaker
  • Front and back lights

All of these accessories can be installed by sixthreezero when you buy a brand new e-tricycle by the brand. This allows you to get exactly what you need and want in your next trike without sacrificing the style and integrity of the e-trike. Find out what all you can add to make your sixthreezero e-trike look exactly how you want it to, and then order the e-trike today. 

Why Choose sixthreezero

Other than the fact that sixthreezero has a very cool name, they are also from a very cool place–California. Where else in the US can you get a bike that is built around the sunny boardwalks and beaches like you can in SoCal? Here is where the bike beach cruiser culture was created, as well as the adult three wheeler tricycle culture for cool custom bike owners. 

Those same bike owners of motorcycles are turning to electric tricycles to pump up their street cred. It is the way to roll in 2023 as electric powered vehicles are gaining a ton of traction. The West Coast is covered with Tesla trucks filled with electric powered automobiles for a reason. 

The electric car generation has warmed up to the idea of using electric energy in other modes of transit. We’ve seen the ride-share electric scooters everywhere, and now e-trikes are coming out in full force. Be one of the first in your neighborhood to have a sixthreezero electric tricycle that is made for everything life throws at you.

Let sixthreezero be the brand and company that carries you around on the saddle of their e-trike. This is the generation where electric power is finally safe and accessible, as well as an affordable means for transportation. It is time to be a part of this with the purchase of an electric three wheeler by the American brand, sixthreezero.

What to Expect in a sixthreezero E-Trike

See what sixthreezero can do for you and your bicycle budget as you spend money on your next e-trike. Here is where the power of a pedal-assisted trike with a folding cargo rack can make your days all the better. You can get to where you need and want to go without strain and sweat thanks to the use of a powerful battery charged using electricity.

Save the planet and stop burning fossil fuels while still staying mobile. You have to get places and sixthreezero knows this, which is why they have created such a strong lineup of electric bikes and trikes. The EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle is a perfect example of this. 

Get on the right track with health and wellness, while staying on board with going to school, work, or the grocery store. It all starts with choosing the right electric tricycle that will work hard for you. Sixthreezero has been around for years as a trusted California company building electric bikes, as well as traditional bicycles. Let sixthreezero be the brand you depend on for your new e-tricycle and see the changes it makes to your life. 

Buying local and American benefits the local economy, and it also makes a huge difference when you are telling others about where your e-trike comes from. They like to believe that maybe somebody they know is back there building hard working electric bikes and trikes, and that they could also have that job one day.

Start with the EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle that is made and manufactured by sixthreezero. Choose the perfect color scheme for your style. Add whatever accessories you want to make this e-trike the ideal match for your needs and personality.

Whether you plan on cruising the Boston sidewalks or boardwalks in Florida, there are a lot of places you can go when on the back of an e-trike. This is the latest and greatest in the electric transportation options. Be ready to ride fast and like the wind with the use of electric power on the back of the coolest looking tricycles out there.

Choose sixthreezero and let the cool California company upgrade your street cred today. You will be happy you went with one of the best brands of e-trikes for 2023. Start customizing your new e-tricycle now and become the new owner of a snazzy looking e-trike by the New Year.

Kick off your New Year's resolutions right and in style with a new bicycle that is a three-wheeled model. This is the year to get healthy and stay in shape without spending a fortune on gas with the use of an e-trike by sixthreezero. See you out there with your new electric tricycle! You will be glad you spent the time and made the affordable purchase on your new e-trike for adults made in the USA and by a trusted company like sixthreezero.  


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